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Opencart Multi Level Marketing [MLM] Extension: Grow and Earn as your Affiliate network expands, and manage your network marketing in Opencart with multi-level marketing extension. It allows you to handle multiple-tiers of affiliates(parents) and their sub-affiliates(children). The admin can manage the tree view from the backend. The affiliates can earn the bonuses for their first child affiliate and keep earning subsequent bonuses for the affiliate's tree-level completion as their network grows. The admin can view and approve the transactions for all the bonuses earned by affiliates.

Highlighted Features

 Expand Business by MLM

Opencart Multi-Level Marketing comes up with the opportunity to increase the customer base. Also, it brings a wide interface for affiliates and sub-affiliates.

 Manage MLM Activities

This module provides you with a set of specialized tools. Thus, they help you to manage and organize Opencart MLM accounts.

 Multiple Commission Levels

The admin can set and manage multiple levels of commissions for the affiliates and sub-affiliates.

 Affiliate MLM Tree

The affiliate can check the MLM Tree that shows the sub-affiliates. Admin can also check the same for any affiliate.

How this Module Works?

The key goal of any business is to increase its sales conversion and turnover. Opencart MLM is the perfect solution for the enterprise that wants to grow. In fact, companies that use multi-level marketing. Indeed, they encourage existing affiliates to recruit new affiliates.

The module allows the main users to have multiple affiliates and distribute the respective bonuses uniformly to each affiliate. Also, the transactions and affiliate information are trackable easily. The MLM tree gives the proper view to the main user of their affiliate user.

Basic Options for MLM Setup

The admin will be responsible for managing the affiliate configuration.

  • Multiple functionalities that will be visible at the affiliate end are managed from here.
  • From here the admin can add the MLM content and bonus settings.
  • The admin can set the membership amount.
  • Also, the admin can decide that for how many affiliates, the referral code will be applicable.
  • The admin will also mention the content for the referral code.

Multiple Level Commissions

As MLM is all about having your binary affiliates. So the affiliates will also have their respective commissions.

  • Here, the admin can enter multiple levels of commissions in a tabular manner.
  • Every level will have a specific commission amount given by the admin.
  • The admin will decide whether the commission matrix type will be fixed or percentage.
  • Moreover, the admin will also decide bonus for the parent user when the first or second affiliate will be added.

Reference ID Affiliate Registration

Users can simply register as an affiliate without any hassles.

  • The affiliate will be added under a specific parent user by adding its referral number.
  • Moreover, the affiliate user also needs to provide basic details like address, contact information, and payment information.
  • The referral number will be unique for every member available in the MLM.
  • Also, the registered user will get their own referral number, using that number other referrals will become their affiliate.

Affiliate MLM Tree

After connecting with multiple affiliates one should have a proper track of their affiliates.

  • This Opencart MLM module allows the affiliates to track their affiliates.
  • All the affiliates are easily visible under the MLM affiliate tree.
  • It seems like a binary tree with every node having two branches.
  • The admin can also check the MLM tree for any user from the backend.

MLM Received Bonus

The admin will manage the transactions for all the bonuses received.

  • The admin can manage the bonus for affiliates from the backend easily.
  • After adding the affiliates, the bonus will be visible in the backend to the admin.
  • The admin will release those transactions, only after then, the bonus will get added to the previous balance of the affiliate.
  • Once the transaction is released, the affiliate can check in the frontend.


  • This extension allows the affiliate to view the total child affiliates and other details as well.
  • Also, the admin can set the commission for the affiliate tree.
  • The admin can view the entire affiliate tree.
  • The admin can create different levels for the affiliate membership.
  • Affiliates can check their child users by checking the MLM tree from the frontend.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

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PSS Evolution forever life
Posted On - January 19, 2022
Satisfied with the products and services offered by WebKul
As a company (PSS Evolution Forever Life) we are satisfied with the products we purchased from WebKul. And the best thing is the support that this company offers us since in the end they always solve our concerns.
Michael Thomas
Posted On - February 24, 2021
Superb developer of Opencart extensions
Superb developer of Opencart extensions and the after care support they offer is fantastic - fast, efficient and polite.
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