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Akeneo Mobile App: A variety of features have been added to the homepage of Akeneo Mobile App such as featured items, categories, and banners. Users may navigate to the website of any category and look at the products available by clicking on it.

Users may also view product information in their chosen language and currency with the multi-language and multi-currency support options.

For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

Highlighted Features

 Search Engine Optimization

It provides a search function to assist people to locate what they're looking for.

 User Friendly

The app has an interactive banner as well as many carousels, including a category carousel, a highlighted product carousel, and a new product carousel.

 Easy Configuration

All of the fundamental settings, such as a banner, notification, category icons and banner, and other parts, can be customized via the admin panel.

 Customizable App

To alter the user requirements, the app can be updated from the code end.

Why do we need an Akeneo Mobile App?

Because of their usefulness and accessibility, mobile applications are dominating the e-commerce market. They have contributed significantly to the internationalization of the e-commerce business. The following are the most important factors:

  • Better User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Mobility
  • Loading time is reduced
  • Device-based functionalities are fully utilized.

Interactive Home Page

The application's homepage is designed to attract as many users as possible, which can help increase shop sales. The homepage is enhanced with a variety of features-

  • Category Carousel - The categories are shown in the form of a horizontal carousel at the top of the app's homepage.
  • Multiple Sets of Carousels - The app's main page provides its users with an excellent user interface.
  • Featured Product Carousel - A variety of unique products will be shown on the sliding carousel.
  • Banner Slider - To show information about the shop, a sliding collection of various banners is presented.

Publish on Google Play and the Apple App Store

The Akeneo Mobile App can be effortlessly released on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, allowing users to install it whenever and wherever they want.

  • The admin can publish the Akeneo Mobile App to the official app markets.
  • A QR code can be used by the admin to promote the website with a mobile app.
  • Install the mobile app on as multiple smartphones and tablets as you can.

Storefront Customizations

The app can be edited from the code end to meet the needs of the user. Under the Mobikul Tab, the admin panel gives a code for the shop owner to change the app as needed.

  • Customers may customize the color, text, image, and so on.
  • The app is fully customizable, with options such as a banner, notification, category icons and banner, and other parts.
  • It may be customized to provide clients with exactly what they desire.

Optimized for User Experience

Your online eCommerce business's success will be determined by the features provided to customers on your mobile app.

  • Our Akeneo Mobile App can offer a wide range of features that make a user experience more enjoyable.
  • The Akeneo Mobile App is jam-packed with features that make using your application a breeze.
  • The Akeneo mobile app is faster, more entertaining, and easier to use.

Akeneo 6.0.x Compatible

  • In Akeneo PIM Version 6, you can manage your multidimensional data [CE, EE].
  • Tailored Exports can help you advance your product exports [EE only].
  • Improve Your Productivity with a New Category Screen [CE, EE].
  • The System Menu in Akeneo PIM Version 6 has been completely redesigned. It's divided into two sections: System Navigation and User Management Navigation settings [CE, EE].
  • Navigate between your choice codes and their translations more simply, and manage your attribute options more effectively [CE, EE].
  • As your media collection expands, Akeneo PIM Version 6 can keep up by supporting up to ten million assets per asset family [EE only].
  • Users are now able to choose several assets from the same family at the same time in the Akeneo PIM user interface [EE only].
  • Because of an upgraded process tracker area, you can keep track of your tasks and jobs [CE, EE].


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 4 reviews
Josh Arnold
Posted On - December 21, 2022
Nice Work
When the company's mobile app was first launched on both iOS and Android it was downloaded approximately 2,000 times. Thanks to the efforts of the Mobikul team, the app now averages 400 downloads per week. The company was most impressed by the team's capability in creating an affordable product.
Vivek Ganapathi
Posted On - October 27, 2022
Excellent Work By Team Webkul
Webkul is a wonderful team and very systematic. Response time is very less with timely support. We purchased marketplace solutions with mobile apps which works perfectly as they promised. Joining hands with Webkul to kick start our business.
I appreciate and wish Webkul to reach more heights.
Petra I
Posted On - July 16, 2021
Such a great app
I use one of their apps and it is priceless! The support is second to none and whenever I have a question, they immediately answer it and give me screenshots to help me understand. Such a great service!
Ahmed H Aldweek
Posted On - June 23, 2021
Excellent product
Excellent product. And I Thank Webkul Mobile Team for their support, responsiveness and professionalism. it is a very good Experience .

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