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Odoo Theme Stylesheet Marketplace - Kickstart your Odoo Marketplace by improving the appearance and features via Odoo Theme Stylesheet!!

You can selectively customize your Odoo Marketplace with the theme to make it look more attractive to the customers.

The module helps you choose custom fonts, colors, button types etc. To design the Odoo Marketplace as per your wish. It also showers with multiple features on the seller page and seller profile page.

This newly introduced theme is highly responsive and enhances your marketplace in the eCommerce market to attract good sales and profits.


Odoo Theme Stylesheet Marketplace is dependent on the following module. You need to install these modules first for the theme to work properly in Odoo.

 Odoo Theme Stylesheet Marketplace Features

Customize the look of your Odoo Marketplace with the theme stylesheet

  • The module provides you with attractive Home Page Snippets. It provides you with 6+ Mega menu Snippets, 20+ Static snippets for website pages, and 7+ Dynamic snippets for product animation.
  • The snippets work on all pages to make customization highly flexible.

 Work with refurbished Account page in Odoo

  • The theme provides you with a Refurbished My Account Page. You can change the password directly from “My Account Page“.
  • You can also add multiple addresses in the “Shipping Address” page and easily Change the Billing Address too.

Manage your profile in a different section conveniently

  • The Odoo Website Theme: Stylesheet provides you a separate section to manage your Profile. You are also provided with New Product Promotions Carousels for your Odoo website.
  • You can design 4 different types of product promotions. The New arrivals, top-rated products, top-selling can be featured for the promotion.

 Provides multiple carousel design snippets in Odoo

  • The theme provides you 5+ carousel design snippets to display promotions.
  • You can arrange the promotions vertically or horizontally on the home page.
  • A separate snippet for brand promotion on your website has been added on the Odoo website.

Create the brand carousel from the Odoo backend

  • You can create the brand carousel from the backend. You can choose and add the brands to display to the visitors.
  • The theme has added 6+ Snippets to design Mega Menus for your website.

 Create sub categories for improved navigation

  • You can use Mega Menu to display hierarchy on product categories and subcategories and Improve customer’s website navigation.
  • Moreover, you can customize the Navbar look directly from the website.

Leverage the new shop page design and functionalities in Odoo

  • The New Shop page Design and Features are added via this theme. It also adds filters and new sorting options.
  • There is a quick view and comparison feature added for the website products. The ‘Add to the Wishlist‘ option is now available for customers.

 Adds a checkout button on products directly

  • Firstly, it adds Quick Checkout Button on products. The Discount ribbons on each product show current discount deals for that product.
  • A newly Designed Checkout Page has been added for a user-friendly experience of the customers.

Provides well-designed payment acquirers options

  • The theme provides you a Well designed way to show payment acquirers.
  • You can even easily edit addresses from the checkout page and add Shop page filters to the website to improve customer’s convenience.
  • This theme makes it easy to find what you need just in seconds.

 Set the price filter range easily in Odoo

  • You can set the price filter range from the backend.
  • The theme provides you with an In-built Clients Testimonial Section.
  • The Odoo website theme style sheet module increases the credibility of your website.

Work with 3 new different layouts in Odoo Marketplace

  • Moreover, it provides you with 3 new shop page layouts – grid, list, and table view.
  • The Descriptive and Interactive Product pages are provided under this theme.

 Work with the ‘Show product information’ feature in Odoo

  • The ‘show product information‘ feature has been added to new product description tabs through this theme.
  • The New Layout for displaying product variant options has been added. The theme adds a review and rating section on the product page.

Provides new interactive designs on product pages

  • The new interactive design for recent and similar product carousels on product pages.
  • The New Hover Over Cart View Pop-up feature has been added by this theme on your website.

 Showcase the product quantity and other details in Odoo

  • You can see the cart product’s quantity, variants, and other details from the popup.
  • It provides you with quick access to various My Account section features.

Adds a new feature to the profile page

  • The Odoo Marketplace Theme: Stylesheet adds a new change password and My profile feature to My Account page.

 Loaded with new features to choose fonts separately

  • The Marketplace has been loaded with new features to choose fonts separately for different sections.
  • You can set different fonts for NavBar, buttons, page body, and title.

Add new fonts to the Marketplace

  • The option to add new fonts to the Marketplace has been provided in addition to available ones.

 Choose colors for different parts of the Marketplace layout

  • Likewise, it facilitates you to choose colors for different parts of the website layout.
  • You can create your own color mix from an in-built color palette.

Give a fresh look and feel to your Marketplace

  • Set the Google map settings from the backend.
  • Set the Google map either in auto or in manual mode.

 View the locations of store at the frontend

  • As shown, customers can see the store location at the frontend.
  • Customers can even locate the location at the Google map itself.

Odoo Theme Stylesheet Marketplace -

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