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Laravel eCommerce Multi Vendor Auction


Laravel eCommerce Multi Vendor Auction: This module enables seller to auction their products. One of the most effective methods of selling is an auction. The admin can also set the auction option as Automatic, Reserve, or Incremental Auction for the seller’s product. The module offers the buyer notification via mail on the auctioned product when the buyer's bid is outbid or wins an auction. The seller can also assign the number of days till the buyer can buy the product.

Important Note - This is an add-on of the marketplace, so you need to install Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Module first for using this add-on.

Highlighted Features

  Seller Notification

There is an option of sending email notifications to the admin, the seller, and the outbid buyer using this feature.

  Multiple Auction Type Supported

Specify automatic auctions, reserve auctions, and incremental auctions for the seller's product.

  Multiple Product Types Supported

Sellers can add simple products, downloadable products, and virtual products.

  Set Auction Date & Time

During a product's start and end, the seller can set the date and time at which the product will end.

Why do we need Laravel eCommerce Multi Vendor Auction?

By using the Marketplace Auction module for Laravel, you will be able to convert your marketplace into an online auction place. You can gain maximum sales profit by marketing your products this way. By bidding on your product at an auction, you will be able to determine its true market value from the buyers.

The customer can bid on your products and purchase the product at the bid price. It is possible for both sellers and admins to add an auction for the products. Online auctions allow sellers to sell expensive items, antiques, paintings, and rare collectables. It is even possible for the seller to add/edit auctions and manage auctions easily.

Auction product page

On the auction product page, customers can see the details like the – Current bid amount, count-down timer for the auction to end, minimum and maximum quantity that can be purchased, box to enter the bid amount, and the bid now button.

Also, the customer can see the bid details like – Available time for the offer, the Bid rule applicable to the product, and a normal and automatic bid list is also visible to the customer.

  • Bid amount.
  • Count-down timer for the auction to end.
  • Minimum and maximum quantity.
  • A box to enter the bid amount.
  • Available time.
  • Normal and automatic bid list.

Winner Message

When customers won the bid, they will be getting an email with the confirmation. Now the customer can buy the product with the bid amount.

  • The winner will receive an email confirmation.
  • The customer can purchase the product for the Bid price.
  • Customers can see the Winner message on the product page.

Standard Auction

Laravel Marketplace Seller Auction module provides the standard Auction. This type of auction is often used by auctioneers. In this, the auction will be very simple bids will start and the highest amount bidder will win the auction.

  • Admin can enable/disable the Auction.
  • The admin can show/hide the bidder's name, auction price, and current bid price.
  • Store Owners can show/hide auction details.
  • The admin can show the winner message at the front end when the winner has been decided and the bid will end.
  • The admin can enter the Auction rule, which displays on a bid report page.

Automatic Auction

The sellers can enable or disable the Automatic Auction option with automatic bidder details, price, bidders, and outbid messages.

  • The customer can place an automatic bid with the maximum amount that other buyers want to pay for the product.
  • Using automatic bidding the chances of winning increased.
  • The other bidders don't know about the other bidders' automatic bid if it is disabled by admin.
  • If another bidder places the same maximum automatic bid or higher, then the customers will be notified by mail, so that they can place another bid.

Features List

  • Allows the auction feature for the marketplace sellers and admin products.
  • Incremental, Automatic, and Reserve Auction Option set by the admin.
  • Admin can enable or disable the Email notification option to Admin, seller, and outbid buyer.
  • If the user bid will be outbid then the user will notify automatically by mail.
  • Winners will be notified by email via Admin.
  • Date time picker for date and time selection for admin/seller.
  • Edit and delete feature for product auction for admin/seller.
  •  Support Simple, Downloadable, and Virtual type products only.
  • The winner message can be set by the admin.
  • The customer can check complete bid details such as bidder name, bid amount, and bid status on the product.
  • Both admin and seller can view the bidder list from their panel


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to support@webkul.com. You may also check our top-quality Bagisto Extensions.

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