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PrestaShop Buy Products via WhatsApp - The use of social media platforms has increased multi-fold in the last few years. The user-friendly interface & easy to use functionalities are some of the highlighting features that are making them so popular among the new users. And, the increasing user base is one of the prime reasons for businesses that made them seriously evaluate their pros and cons of use. After varying degrees of research & analysis, many businesses agree that social media platforms bring some serious benefits with it indeed. Even many people outside of eCommerce also unanimously agree that the right use of social media can reap some noticeable profits in the long run. That's why we thought to use one of the popular social media platforms i.e. WhatsApp & provide merchants with a chance to benefit from it. And, the result of that thought is PrestaShop Buy Products via WhatsApp module.

The basic aim of coming up with such a module is to empower customers to buy the product even via WhatsApp. Along with it, we also added the functionality to let customer even initiate a general chat with the admin regarding enquiries/issues. It will also bring transparency in the resolution of issues as the chat would always be available at the customer end even if the admin deletes it afterwards.

Highlighted Features

 Facilitate Chats

Customers can initiate a chat with store owners to raise their queries & concerns.

 Share Products

Customers can share products on WhatsApp to enquire or show interest in them.

 Customize Share Message

Customize the message that will be sent by customers while sharing the products.

 Apply Vouchers

Let customers apply available vouchers even on WhatsApp orders.

PrestaShop Buy Products via WhatsApp Features -

  • Offer your customers to buy products via WhatsApp.
  • Show WhatsApp share button on product tiles as well as product page.
  • Choose to show contact via the WhatsApp button on the header & footer.
  • Customize the name of the WhatsApp contact button.
  • Also, choose to customize the name & view of the WhatsApp share button.
  • Customize the message for product share on WhatsApp.
  • Select the categories to show the product share button.
  • Choose the product share message format.
  • Allow customers to either send cart details or order details.
  • Customize the name of the checkout popup title & checkout button name.
  • Also, customize the view/look of the checkout button.
  • Select the default WhatsApp order status.
  • Enable the product details that you want your customers to send in cart details or order details message.
  • Choose to show WhatsApp contact button, share button & checkout button only on mobile.
  • Offer your customers to apply voucher in their WhatsApp orders.
  • Also, create vouchers from the configuration page itself, if there exists no voucher.

Why should you consider using this module?

The first & foremost thing to consider using this module is WhatsApp. The integration of such a social media platform would only benefit your business in the long run. Cause of such a large user-base of WhatsApp, you would almost always get a user/potential client that is using WhatsApp.

Nowadays, not everyone likes to spend hours searching for products & place orders. Everyone is having a scarcity of time & they want things to spin off as fast as possible. That’s where this module comes right into play. In case, if you would already be using this module, then your customers can even directly send their queries about the product on WhatsApp. And, rest of the process can also be completed there. Additionally, a functionality to order on WhatsApp makes the process even easier. Customers would find it easy to just share the details of the product so that accordingly fulfil their order.

Order via WhatsApp

In this module, an admin basically gets two ways to receive orders via WhatsApp. Let’s understand each one of them in detail.

  • Send Cart Details Only: If the checkout type is selected for this particular method, then cart details are only sent by the customer to admin on proceeding to order via WhatsApp. This will allow the admin to know that an order is placed by the customer & as per the configuration customer can only send the cart details. Hence, the admin will now proceed to create the order by himself/herself to fulfil the requirement of the customer.
  • Create Order & Send Order Details: Even, in this case, a customer does not know whether he/she is sending cart details or order details. But on getting the message with product details, an admin will start the process to fulfil the order at the earliest. As admin only knows whether he/she is allowing customers to send the cart details or order details.

PrestaShop Buy Products via WhatsApp Support -

For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here: http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 3 reviews
Posted On - January 30, 2024
Very Helpful support
Thanks to the modifications made by the support department, the module works perfectly. Efficient and collaborative team, I recommend it. Thank you very much.
Posted On - January 30, 2024
Very helpful support
Thanks to the modifications made by the support department, the module works perfectly. Efficient and collaborative team, I recommend it. Thank you very much.
Alessandro Manocchi
Posted On - July 16, 2021
prestashop modules are great and works perfectly.
Had a great experience with them, their prestashop modules are great and works perfectly. I asked for a customization and their customer service was always very kind, prepared and fast in the feedbacks, very reliable
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