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WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin: This plugin allows the customers to become tenants/merchants by using a simple 3 step registration process. The tenant can even set a customized domain and name for their online shop.

Once the tenant request is accepted by the admin then the tenant can start earning by selling products. The admin can create membership plans for the tenant's account. Based on the purchased membership plan the tenants need to pay for activating their merchant account.

Highlighted Features

 Setup Custom Domain

With the help of the custom domain functionality, tenants/merchants may create a shop for their mapped domain name.

 Easy Merchant Registration

The WooCommerce SaaS plugin provides a quick way to register and open a shop for your customers.

 Separate Tenant Dashboard

The tenants have their own dashboard to help them better manage their own shops.

 Create Membership Plans

The store owners can create multiple membership plans with varying time periods and pricing as per their requirements.

Why Incorporate WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin?

This WooCommerce SaaS extension functions similarly to an online store allowing multiple tenants/merchants to sign up and create their e-commerce store using their domain name.

The merchant does not need to install any plugins to set up their store; it is a complete end-to-end solution. Your customers only need to sign up and can begin their online business after store owners consent.

Manage Merchants Check Subscription

The store admin has the access to the list of the merchants/tenants who registered on their WooCommerce SaaS-Based Marketplace.

  • The store admin can check all the types of customers who have registered on their platform.
  • The store admin can visit the tenant’s website if activated from the manage merchant section.
  • Required multiple registered customers can be deleted in bulk.
  • The store admin can check the Merchant's name, Email, language code.
  • Moreover, the store admin can check the purchased membership plan, membership amount, subscription period, status, start, and end date.

Activate Merchant Store Post Owner’s Consent

The customers can register on the store with a request by registering themselves on the platform.

  • The Merchants shop will become active once the admin approves the create store.
  • Moreover, the module helps store admin check and identify if a merchant has purchased a membership plan.
  • Once the tenant shop/store is activated the status will change to site active.
  • The store admin can check the shop registration date of the customer on the platform.

Create Custom Membership Plans For Tenants

The admin of the store can check the list of all the existing membership plans added by them in one place.

  • The admin can manage, edit and delete the membership plans according to their business requirements.
  • The created plans can be viewed by customers on their dashboard menu.
  • The admin can give custom look to each of the membership plans by uploading an image and selecting a color for the plan.
  • The admin can enable or disable a membership plan and can give a name and code to the membership plan.
  • Moreover, the admin can enter a subscription cost and validity period for membership.
  • The feature helps the storeowners to promote and attract more customers to register and open shops helping in increase revenue.

Register & Open WooCommerce SaaS Account

The plugin is so easy to use for the customers as they simply need to register to open their shop.

  • With the custom domain functionality, tenants/merchants may create a shop for their mapped domain name.
  • The most prominent feature of the module is that it doesn’t require customers to download or install any software.
  • The customers can change their password by using the link provided to them on their registered email id.
  • The customer has the access to choose their store language at the time of registration itself.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Quoc Bao Nguyen
Posted On - November 19, 2021
Good Services
Highly recommended, good services, and very professional.
Eakog Com
Posted On - November 3, 2021
Excellent Company with Best Products
Fast, excellent, and helpful service, thank you
Cole Palmer
Posted On - September 17, 2021
Excellent plugin
Excellent plugin and webkul was able to modify the plugin to fit our needs in a very short amount of time, and for a very reasonable price.

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