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WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping
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WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping: This plugin allows the suppliers to add their own custom shipping charges. The suppliers can upload the shipping charges information via. CSV files or manual method.

The suppliers can create a table of shipping charges for different regions and can set the charges for those regions based on order weight, pin code, and global shipping.

WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping even facilitates the suppliers to set the minimum and maximum sales of zipcode and weight for the shipping service.

This plugin is an add-on to the B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCoomerce, so you need to install B2B Marketplace first to use this plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Computation of Shipping Charges

Shipping charges will be calculated on the basis of zip code, weight, and global shipping.

 Shipping Rates Addition Using CSV File & Manually

The shipping rates can be added using CSV file upload and manual insertion.

 Zipcode/Weight Selection

The suppliers and admin can set minimum and maximum values of the zip code and weight.

 Global Shipping Calculation

Global shipping rates will be applied if there are no shipping charges selected.

Why Do We Need WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Plugin?

It's difficult to offer the same shipping methods choice for your supplier as a store admin. The table rate shipping plugin in B2B marketplace WooCommerce lets the admin set Table Rate shipping as a shipping method for their suppliers.

Suppliers may simply create the Table Rate Shipping and delivery charges based on weight, region, and global shipping for their items using WordPress WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate shipping.

Basic Options to Setup WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

The admin can easily configure the plugin from the admin back-end panel. The admin needs to make the following configurations:

  • Select the B2B Marketplace Table Rate option from the shipping tab.
  • Enable the shipping method.
  • Enter the shipping method title.
  • Select the tax status and save changes.
  • The admin can configure the Table Rate shipping by uploading CSV file import or manual insertion.
  • The admin just needs to add the zone label, zone region, Select basis; Pincode, weight, or global shipping, Min value, Max Value, and Price to add the shipping manually.

Supplier Settings For B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

The suppliers can make the following settings to add Table Rates shipping for their products:

  • The suppliers can create and import a CSV file.
  • They can directly import a sample file from the Download CSV file option and add the data according to the requirement.
  • Suppliers can also add these shipping charges manually by inserting the rows from the Insert Row option.
  • They have to enter the Zone label, Zone region, select basis; Pincode, weight or global shipping, set the minimum and maximum values for Pincode, and weight, enter the price.

Shipping Insertion To The Products

Whenever a buyer adds the products from different suppliers the shipping gets calculated according to the settings of Pincode, weight, or global shipping:

  • The customer adds the products of suppliers from the same region to the cart.
  • When customers go to the cart there is an option to calculate the shipping.
  • Here the customer has to enter the address to view the shipping options and click on Calculate Shipping.
  • This will open a dropdown list to select the address details like; country, city, state, zip code, etc.
  • The shipping charges will display in the total amount of the order.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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