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SAP Magento 2 Connector -SAP B1 Magento 2 connector delivers real-time integration in minutes. This integration incorporates e-Commerce(M2) with the SAP B1 platform seamlessly.

Provide a hassle-free environment by configuring SAP-centric concepts. It provides faster, more accurate access to customer data( Business partner).

SAP Magento 2 Connector based on a direct connection between the Magento2 and SAP B1 to transfer the data. It means that no third-party servers are involved while transferring your data, preventing the risk of the data being compromised or lost.

Additionally, the code is open source, also allowing you to look into the code and make sure it fits your business security model, and customize the code if required with your business processes.

SAP Magento 2 Connector Features -

  • You can export all categories, products, customers(business partners) and orders from Magneto 2 to SAP B1.
  • Option to select "Price List" and "Currency" for product creation at SAP B1.
  • Option to select default warehouse while product synchronization, and real-time inventory update at SAP B1 end.
  • You can select "Shipping Method", "Sales Employee" and "Due Date" for order(s) sync.
  • Option to choose pre-existing "Business Partner" or create a new "Business Partner" in the configuration view to sync orders
  • Tax mapping option is available.
  • Real-time sync for categories, products, orders and customers.

Prerequisites at SAP Business One end -

  • SAP Business Service Layer
  • If you are having DB-MSSQL then the SAP B1 version should be 10.0 at least.
  • If you are having DB-HANA then the SAP B1 version should be at least 9.2 or 9.3
  • Service layer configuration compatibility may change in future. It entirely depends on SAP policy. Please contact Webkul support before purchasing.

 SAP Magento 2 Connector - Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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