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QloApps Google Analytics - QloApps Google Analytics is an add-on that allows hoteliers to track user activities (page visits, page clicks, and various events) on the QloApps website.

  • This add-on will display real-time statistics in numbers and graphs about your hotel business website so that you can make strategic decisions.
  • To use this add-on effectively, you have to set up a Google Analytics account and it will generate a Tracking ID & View (Profile) ID.
  • Subsequently, you have to create a Google Cloud Console account which will generate a Client ID and Client Secret Key.
  • Afterward, you have to install the QloApps Google Analytics module available from QloApps and configure the below fields on the module configuration page in the backend of QloApps:
    • Tracking ID
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret (Key)
    • View (Profile) ID
    • Enable user tracking
  • Other QloApps modules can request this module for analytics data for their own usage like most viewed pages list, conversion rate calculation, etc.
  • Afterward, check your Google Analytics Account to view the analytical results (statistics).

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QloApps Google Analytics Features -

  • The hotelier can configure the module by entering the Tracking ID, View (Profile) ID, Client ID, and Client secret key in the QloApps back office.
  • Hotel owners can track guests' activities (page visits, page clicks, and various events) on the QloApps website.
  • Display real-time statistics in numbers and graphs to frame a solid business strategy for better future results.
  • Generate analytical reports of a page view, clicks on pages, and events performed.
  • Capture timestamps when guests cancel booking or they abandon the cart.
  • Retail conversion rate helps you determine the sales report of your business.
  • Get insights about your customers, like their age, gender, interests, and where they are located.
  • Other modules can get information from the QloApps Google Analytics module for updated values of various parameters.

QloApps Google Analytics Module Configuration -

To configure the QloApps Google Analytics add-on, one would need to create his accounts on Google Analytics and Google Cloud Console.

Hotel owners can generate Tracking ID & View (Profile) ID from their Google Analytics account and subsequently, they can generate Client ID & Client Secret Key from their Google Cloud Console account.

Follow these steps to configure it on QloApps back-end:

  • Tracking ID: Feed this space with the tracking ID generated on the Google Analytics page.
  • Client ID: Enter the client ID that is associated with the project. You can get a client ID from the Google Cloud Console.
  • Client Secret: Enter the client secret key associated with the project. You can get a client ID from the Google Cloud Console.
  • View Profile ID: Enter the Profile ID linked with the Tracking ID. You can get a View profile ID from the Google Analytics page.
  • Enable User Tracking ID: Enable to add Google Analytics tags to pages for Analytics data collection.

Then click on the “Save” Button. After that Click on Save and Validate. The Save and Validate button is used to validate the entered credentials and process them internally.

To generate the values of these fields: Tracking ID, Client ID, Client Secret Key, and View (Profile) ID from your Google Analytics & Google Cloud Console accounts respectively, please follow the steps mentioned in the QloApps Google Analytics add-on User Guide

QloApps Google Analytics Support -

To discuss any query or technical issues, please create a support ticket or directly write us your concerns at support@qloapps.com

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