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    QloApps Google Analytics

    QloApps Google Analytics: QloApps Google Analytics is an add-on that will display the real-time statistics in the form of graphs and charts of your QloApps hotel booking website on Google Analytics.

    • Using Google Tag Manager, hoteliers can capture these events: Room type view, Add to Cart, Remove from Cart, booking confirmation, and booking cancellation.

    • It helps hoteliers to analyze the real-time traffic, and clicks on each page on QloApps website to implement their business strategy as per the user actions.

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    QloApps Google Analytics - QloApps Google Analytics is an add-on that allows hoteliers to track the user activities (page visits, clicks) on QloApps website.

    • This add-on will display the details in numbers and graphs about your hotel business at a place so that you can make sound decisions.
    • First, you have to set up a Google Analytics account and it will generate a Tracking ID.
    • Subsequently, you have to install the QloApps Google Analytics module available from QloApps and configure that Tracking ID in the backend of QloApps.
    • Afterward, check your Google Analytics Account to view the events’ statistics using Google Tag Manager.

    If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click here.

    QloApps Google Analytics

    QloApps Google Analytics Features -

    • Upload the module file and install it.
    • Set up Google Analytics account and get a Tracking ID
    • Configure the backend of the module by entering Tracking ID.
    • Better understand your metrics like the number of visitors currently viewing your website.
    • Time when guests book a room.
    • The time when guests cancel booking or they abandon cart.
    • Retail conversion rate helps you determine the sales report of your business.
    • Get insights about your customers, like their age, gender, interests, where they are located.

    QloApps Google Analytics Module Configuration -

    To configure QloApps Google Analytics module, one would need to register and create his Google Analytics account to get Tracking ID. Follow these steps to configure it on QloApps back-end:

    • Tracking ID: Feed this space with tracking ID generated on the Google Analytics page.
    • Enable user ID tracking: Enable it, to track the user ID.
    • At last, save it.

    Creating Google Analytics Account: Hoteliers should follow below steps to create their Google Analytics account:

    • Create a Google Account
    • After sign up on Google, Search for Google Analytics
    • Click on the “Start Measuring” button to fill the required details of your Google Analytics account.

    Account Setup tab: Fill required fields information like Account Name (required), Check the boxes of options given in ‘Google products and Services’. Now, click on the next button.

    Property Setup tab: Fill the details of below fields:

    • Enter the property name;
    • Select reporting time zone;
    • Select country;

    Now, click on ‘Show Advanced Options’ button and perform below actions:

    • Enable ‘Create a Universal Analytics Property’
    • Enter website URL. For Example:
    • Check this option: ‘Create a Universal Analytics Property only’ and click on Next.

    About your business tab: Enter below details about your business.

    • Select Industry
    • Select Business Size
    • Check the boxes that applies with your business

    Now, Click on the Create button.

    Tracking Code: You will see a Tracking ID is generated under the ‘Admin’ tab.

    • Moreover, to view the statistics. On the left-hand side, go to ‘Reports’ and in that select ‘Real-time’ and then ‘Events’.

    QloApps Google Analytics Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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