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Laravel Multi Vendor Wallet System


Laravel Multi-Vendor Wallet System: The Laravel Multi-Vendor Wallet System module introduces the easiest way to do the payment for the products. The customer has a virtual wallet in which they can add the money, transfer it back to the account, and can use it at the time of checkout as an alternate payment method.

Additionally, the customer has a choice to view the complete credit and debit transaction details of the wallet amount and will get a monthly statement email regarding wallet transactions. The customer, as well as the admin, can view the balance in the customer wallet and the admin can also adjust a custom wallet amount to the customer's wallet.

The admin set and create cashback rules for the customer. The cashback rules are based on the product or on the cart.

Note- This module is an add-on to the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed it first.

Highlighted Features

 Highly Secured

The module is highly secured as when money is transferred it asks for the code which is sent to registered mail-id.

 Splitting the Payments

In the module, the customer can pay the amount through the wallet and the remaining amount through some other payment gateway if the wallet doesn’t have enough amount in it.

 Updates for real-time

All the transactions done in the wallet are real-time transactions.

 Shows the Cron

It has the option to enable the cron settings for the module which mails the monthly statement to the customer.

 Faster checking out process

Using the wallet system, the checkout process can be done faster as it doesn’t ask to enter any card details.

 No other additional charges

The customer can transfer the wallet amount to other customers without any other additional charges.

 Cashback Facility

The module supports the 2 methods for credit rules which are based on product/on the cart.

 View the Bank details and transfer details

The admin can view all the bank account details and the transfer details of all the customers under one page only.

Why do we need a Laravel Multivendor Wallet System module?

With the help of this extension, Laravel Multivendor Wallet System the customer has another option for the payment method. The main benefit of a wallet is the same as a credit or debit card. The main objective of Wallet is to make paperless money transactions easier.

And using the wallet amount, the customer doesn’t need to add the details of the cards each time for the checkout process.

Basic Configuration

  • The admin can enable/disable the module by the status.
  • The admin can enable the button to add the amount in the wallet when the amount comes to zero.
  • The admin can set “yes” if he wants to allow the discount when the customer adds a wallet amount to his wallet.
  • The admin can enable the cron settings for sending the monthly details of the wallet on the customer’s mail id.
  • While transferring the amount, the admin can enable validation while transferring the amount with a custom message.

Bank account and Transfer Details

The admin can easily see all the transaction details and bank account details of customers/sellers -

  • The admin can see the credit and debit details of the customers and sellers.
  • The details for the transaction can be viewed with the note and status as well.
  • The admin can also check the additional info in bank account details.
  • The admin can approve/disapprove the “Transfer Request”.

Manage the Wallet Money

The customer/seller manages and transfers the wallet amount under my profile section.

  • The customer can add the amount to their wallets by choosing any payment method.
  • The wallet money will be added, and the amount will be credited directly to the wallet.
  • The customer/seller can even see all the transaction details under managing the wallet option.
  • The admin needs to approve the payee so that the customer can transfer the amount to the payee.

Easy Transactions

  • The customer can easily see all the transactions.
  • All the transactions should be approved by the admin.
  • It has the filter to search for any transaction from all the given ones.

Credit Rules for Wallet

The admin can make the credit rules which are used to manage the credit amount of the wallet.

  • They are based on two types: Cart or Product.
  • There should be some minimum amount in the wallet to have this credit rule.
  • You can set the cash-back amount which will be applied when the following rule is applicable.
  • The admin can even set the start date and end date by enabling/disabling the status.
  • Many rules can be created for different situations.
  • After the order status is changed to complete only then the cash-back will be credited to the wallet.

Adjustment to Wallet

Wherever the word marketplace comes, the orders and cancellations act like the two faces of a single coin. So whenever a product is returned, the admin needs to adjust the amount.

  • The admin can easily adjust the amount of any customer including the note for the transaction.
  • It is done without any extra deduction in the name of it.

Features List

    • The customer has an option to add a payee to the account to transfer the amount to his wallet.
    • Admin will receive notification to approve payee and to approve amount transfer to the account.
    • The admin can restrict the approval required for payees.
    • Admin can restrict for the customer to use discount codes when adding the amount in his wallet.
    • The customer can request a bank account transfer from their wallet.
    • The customer can transfer the amount to other customers.
    • The customer will get a monthly statement mail for the wallet amount.
    • This module offers split payment for sellers’ products.
    • Admin can create cashback rules for the customer.
    • Cashback rules are based on product or on the cart.
    • Admin can deduct wallet amount from the customer’s wallet.
    • The customer can use Wallet Cash during checkout.
    • The customer can easily add credit to their wallet system.
    • Admin can set the credit limit for the Marketplace Wallet System.
    • Admin can view the customer details who are using Marketplace Wallet System for making the online payment.
    • The customer will get an email notification for each transaction.
    • The Admin can configure the Marketplace Wallet System to set the limit (maximum and minimum) for the Wallet amount.
    • Admin and Customer/User can view credit and debit details.
    • Admin can add a custom wallet amount to the customer’s wallet.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to support@webkul.com

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