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Multi Company SaaS Module for Magento 2
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Multi Company SaaS Module for Magento 2: Using this module the admin can create subscription plans for vendors to become SaaS tenants. The admin can also enable the recurring payment methods (PayPal & Stripe) for the payment of subscription plans.

The vendors can select the desired SaaS tenant subscription plan to become a tenant after purchasing that plan. Once the duration of the plan for any SaaS tenant is completed then the plan automatically gets refreshed and payment will be deducted as per the plan from the tenant's account.

This is an add-on of Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so you need to install Marketplace modules first. Also, you need to install Magento 2 Vendor Subdomain module for subdomain settings.

Highlighted Features

 Recurring Payment Methods

The module only supports two recurring payment methods Paypal and strip.

 Seller Subdomain

The seller can create a separate subdomain where users directly purchase the product (If the vendor subdomain module is configured).

 Easy To Setup

The admin can enable or disable any payment method and membership plans from the admin end.

 Membership Plans

Multiple membership plans can be created that will display to the vendor accordingly they can become the tenants after purchasing the membership.

Importance of Saas In E-Commerce Industry

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry Saas (Software As A Service) is also gaining popularity as every store owner is looking for an online e-commerce store to expand their business. As Saas is getting in demand by the store owners, the e-commerce industry has its importance.

  • Saas helps the store owners to create their e-commerce store.
  • With the use of saas, business merchants can start their online store within a few minutes.
  • In saas, the store owner does not require any further installations and maintenance as it is a cloud-based service.
  • The major benefit of saas is the store owner does not require any technical knowledge to open their e-commerce store.
  • As saas has a multi-tenant space so the cost of saas is low.

Basic Options to Setup Magento 2 Multi Company SaaS

The store owner will have to configure the module by making general settings:

  • The status of the module must be enabled.
  • Select the allowed payment methods for membership.
  • Similarly in the Global vendor subdomain settings, the status of the module must be set as Yes for the Enabled option.
  • Now enter the prefix for the store view.
  • The store owner can make the display settings for the seller’s public page visibility on the seller’s domain.
  • Also, the store owner can set the admin’s product visibility on the category page.

Create Membership Plans For SaaS Tenants/Vendors

The admin can create or reset multiple membership plans for the tenants as per the requirement. The store owner has to make the following settings to create a membership plan for a tenant:

  • Enter the Duration/Membership title. The number of days for the membership plan.
  • The subscription amount or charges for the plan.
  • The status of the plan must be enabled.
  • Sort order for the membership plan.
  • The payment for the membership plan will be only made by Paypal recurring payment method and stripe recurring payment method.

Vendors Purchase Membership Plan to Become SaaS Tenant

The vendor can purchase the membership plan from the Pay Membership Amount option.

  • Under that, the tenant can choose the membership subscription plan from the dropdown menu.
  • Now add it to the cart from Add Subscription button.
  • The product will add to the cart and the cart details will be visible to the tenant.
  • The tenant will now proceed to checkout to place the order.
  • This will redirect him to the payment page.
  • The tenant can make recurring payments to purchase the membership plan.
  • The tenant will choose the payment method and place the order.

Vendor Subdomain Setting

The vendor can create his own separate subdomain in Magneto 2 Multi-Company SaaS module and categorize their products accordingly.

  • Sellers can create subdomains as per their requirements.
  • The customer can purchase the products from the URL connected with the seller domain.
  • The admin can choose to make the vendor's public page visible on the vendor domain URL.

No Admin Commission Distribution for SaaS Tenants

Commission management is the most important part of any business module, In the SaaS, module vendors can decide if they want to pay the commission to the admin or not.

  • With the help of SaaS, module vendors can become the tenant of the store and they are not liable to pay any commission to the admin.
  • Without a membership, the plan vendor will pay a certain commission to the admin.
  • In both ways, the admin gets the benefit, If a tenant purchases a membership plan so the admin commission gets 0 which will help tenants to get more profit on the other hand admin gets a one-time payment in the place of commission from tenants for a particular time duration depending upon the plan.

Subdomain Theme Setup by Tenants

The vendor can set the theme for his subdomain from the seller's end.

  • Theme can be selected from existing theme.
  • The seller’s subdomain theme will change after the setting.
  • The Vendor can check the theme from the seller profile.
  • Theme can be changed multiple times.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 3 reviews
Sandra Segura
Posted On - March 25, 2022
Delighted with the platform and customer service
After searching for other applications we found Webkul and decided to try it out to fulfill our dream of setting up a marketplace.

The application far exceeded our expectations. As we have no programming knowledge and not much budget to start with, we wrote to them asking for help to insert some codes and they were available and attentive to help us at no cost.

We are still starting and we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have no doubt that we will continue with Webkul to accompany us in the process. We hope that in a couple of years we can already be activating the web with the unlimited seller's plan, something that would be unthinkable that we could afford on other platforms.
Posted On - March 25, 2022
Professional & Experienced Team
Very good professionnalism.
I recommend

Omkar Deshpande
Posted On - March 25, 2022
Quick Response, Nice Support
Great and quick response from the team. Hats Off to the support Team for resolving issues and delivering as expected.
No Showcase.
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