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WooCommerce Stripe POS Terminal Connector
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WooCommerce Stripe POS Terminal Connector: This plugin provides a facility for the POS sales agents to connect the card swipe device to the stripe payment gateway. The plugin works as the stripe payments can be made from the POS using cards. The POS agents can generate the order receipt for the placed order after payment.

The admin can also set this payment method as the default payment method. The simulator option is available for the test payment via stripe. This plugin is an add-on to WooCommerce POS System. So you need to download the WooCommerce Point of Sale System first.

To connect Stripe Card Swip terminal (Machine) With POS Outlet, you need to have a BBPOS WisePOS E type of card reader. You may check Stripe Card Swipe terminals. Stripe terminal supports specific countries and currencies, you may check stripe terminal country & currencies.

Highlighted Features

 Set Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

It connects the POS terminal to the card swipe machine.

 Simulator Mode Availability

The test mode can take place using a simulator.

 Support with All Card Types

The module supports all types of cards.

 Order Receipt Function

The order receipt can also be printed when the order gets placed.

Why Do We Need WooCommerce POS Stripe Card Swipe?

If you have a POS outlet and want to use stripe payment through a card swipe terminal then this plugin will be helpful for you. It assists POS agents to connect the card swipe device and stripe payment gateway. With the help of this plugin, POS merchants can add the widely used payment gateway to their stores for payment purposes.

Stripe is already well-known for its ease of use, all payment options, and card support. As a result, POS store merchants will benefit from the ability to accept card payments via Stripe. This plugin also made the payment process easier for both POS agents and customers.

Integrate Stripe Card Swipe To WooCommerce POS

The POS agent can make the following settings in the plugin:

  • Enable the POS stripe terminal payment gateway.
  • Select the checkbox to make the POS stripe reader a default payment gateway.
  • Enter the title and description that will display during checkout.
  • The admin can select the simulator mode to test the payment through the terminal.
  • The live and test keys can also be generated.

Payment at POS Using Stripe Card Swipe Terminal

To use the plugin at the customer end, the POS agent will proceed as follows:

  • The POS sales agent can use it to make the payments through cards.
  • The POS stripe card swipe can be used as a default payment for POS payments.
  • POS agents can use the simulator mode to test the functionality initially.
  • They can only use the BBPOS WisePOS E device to use the plugin.
  • The POS sales agent has to select the POS stripe reader as a payment gateway during checkout.

Billing & Order Related Details

The POS agent can generate the order receipt at the same time after billing. The Stripe payment gateway will reflect in the order receipt too.

  • The plugin supports some specific countries and currencies that the stripe payment gateway supports.
  • It is secure and easy to use.
  • The order receipts can be printed through the card swipe machine for the order.

Multiple Card Swipe Machines

The POS agents can easily add multiple card swipe machines to the POS terminal hardware system.

  • The plugin supports multiple device connections.
  • Auto connection is available.
  • POs Users can deactivate all the stripe devices if they want.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Daniel Grund
Posted On - September 7, 2023
Excellent service and support
The plugins work great. After a few adjustments from Webkul to the Swiss currency, we are very satisfied.
Every request was answered within a very short time.
Professional and targeted support.
thanks, guys
Daniel Grund
Posted On - September 5, 2023
Great Plugin and support
The plugins work great. After a few adjustments from Webkul to the Swiss currency, we are very satisfied.
Every request was answered within a very short time.
Professional and targeted support.
thanks guys
Humberto Maureira
Posted On - January 10, 2023
Everything was perfect for us
Webkul's strong support service provided significant help to the client. They worked professionally and quickly, earning them positive feedback for their work. They implemented an efficient ticket system to coordinate. Overall, the collaboration was a fruitful one.
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