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Multi Vendor Group Buy for WooCommerce
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With the help of Multi Vendor Group Buy for WooCommerce plugin, the admin can give the privilege to their customers to buy the product at a discounted price by creating a group or by joining an existing group. The customer must be logged in to the store to buy the product by creating the group. They can also join the existing groups or create new ones.

The customer can also share the group through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Send By Email. The admin can add the product to the group buy from the back end which will display under the Group Buy category at the front end and can decide the group size for that particular product. Sellers can also create group buy deals for their own products and can decide the group size, start date, expiration date, etc.

To use this plugin you must install Webkul's Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce first.

Highlighted Features

 Product Price Reduction

The product will be available at a lower cost using the WooCommerce Marketplace Group Buy.

 Group Share Functionality

The customers can share the groups within the WooCommerce marketplace or over social media.

 Create Several Groups

The users can create multiple groups for a product for Group Buy.

 Seller Product Addition

The sellers can also create their products as Group Buy items.

 Wallet Payment Support

Customers can purchase Group Buy products using their wallet amount.

 Wallet Manual Transaction

The admin and seller can also manually credit the amount to the customer’s account.

What is the Need for this WooCommerce Marketplace Group Buy?

The plugin is advantageous for website users who want to purchase the product at a reduced price from the WooCommerce store. It allows them to create a new group or join an existing group to buy the product in a group. The joined group members get the lowest price of the product.

Therefore, the WooCommerce Marketplace Group Buy not only gives the benefit to the customers but also the store merchant by increasing the product sale. It enhances the sale of that particular product and also generates brand awareness for it.

Group Management by Admin

The store admin can manage the groups from their profile in the Group Buy section.

  • The admin can edit or delete the groups from their dashboard.
  • The store admin can perform various actions on the group such as processing, qualifying, disqualifying, and refunding.
  • Refunds can be processed by the admin if the group gets disqualified.
  • The admin can mark the group as disqualified if the group member count does not reach its defined limit.

Product Creation at Seller End

The sellers can create their products as Group Buy for group purchases to increase the specific product sale.

  • The product name, group price of the product, group duration, and group start and end date can be decided by the store admin.
  • The seller can decide the number of members in a group while creating the Group Buy product.
  • The seller can view the list of groups created for the products.

Group Sharing Process View

The customers can share the joined groups with their friends and social networks to purchase the product in the group.

  • The invitations can be sent within the WooCommerce website as well as on social media platforms.
  • The group joining requests can also be sent through email.
  • The groups can be shared on social media through invitation links or by just selecting the user to share it on the website.

Customer View for Joining Group

The Group Buy products will display on the product page in the Group Buy menu and the customers can join the groups from here.

  • The users can create a new group for that product by clicking on Create Group Buy button.
  • There is also an option to join the existing group by clicking on the Join Existing Group Buy option.
  • The invited members can view the invitation request on their dashboard.
  • The invited customers can accept or ignore the group joining invitation as per their preference.

Configure Group Buy Wallet by Admin

The admin can configure a group buy wallet and enable group buying on an online marketplace

  • The admin can enable wallet functionality for the group buy.
  • Set the configuration of accepting virtual orders, the minimum and maximum wallet credit/debit amount.
  • For extra security, the admin can also enable OTP verification via email for processing payment.
  • The admin can view customers’ wallets and add money to them.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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