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With the help of CS-Cart Category Management, the admin can export or import category data. The admin can create a category template and assign it to multiple categories. Apart from that, the admin can export it into CSV and .txt format.

Note: The admin can import category data in only CSV format.

Highlighted Features

 Import Category Data

The admin can enter the required fields such as parents' ID, category ID, category name, and category type. After that, the admin can import it into the CS-Cart store.

 Export Category Data

The admin can export all category data in a CSV format or a .txt file.

 Export/Import File Format

The admin can import category data in CSV format and export data in CSV or .txt format.

 Manage Category Template

The admin can edit and create templates and assign multiple categories for bulk export.

Why do you need CS-Cart Category Management?

In an eCommerce store, online retailers have to manage multiple category data. Managing category data is the most vital part of any e-commerce business. As we know, eCommerce store has an increased number of products and categories.

So it's impossible to upload and manage them one by one. By default, there are no such features for exporting or importing category data in CS-Cart. So, this extension helps the admin export or import category data in bulk and saves the store owner a lot of time.

CS-Cart Category Management Configuration

The admin needs to enter the required fields to configure the CS-Cart extension.

  • The admin needs to enter the prefix name.
  • The admin can choose the export type file format.
  • The admin can export CSV files and .txt files.
  • The admin needs to enter prefixes.

Category List Management

The admin can manage all category lists that they created for export. He can execute various functions such as editing and deleting as an individual or bulk deleting in CS-Cart.

  • Now, the admin can edit category lists.
  • The admin can enable or disable the category.
  • The admin can delete the categories in bulk or individual level.

Category Template Management

A new category template name can be created by the admin and assigned multiple categories as required. And can export/upload in bulk for the CS-Cart website.

  • The admin can decide on the category name.
  • Now, the admin can assign several categories to new category templates.
  • After category template creation, the admin can export data in bulk.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Posted On - February 27, 2023
Excellent service with proper assistance
Great customer support! Very nice and helpful. Fast reaction and feedback:)
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