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CS-Cart 3D Product View helps the admin and vendor showcase their product’s images in 3D Model view by that the buyers will get a view of all sides of the product. The 3D image will be shown in the Cart, Product 3D view, quick view, and Search views except the checkout page. It gives the buyer a realistic and appealing view and allows them to make more precise decisions. Module works on the 3D model that helps to give a 3D view of an image. It will increase the number of precise decisions.

Highlighted Features

 3D view of the product image.

Customers will get a 3D view of the product image which will help the customer to take more precise decisions.

 Visibility of 3D Model

The 3D image will be shown in the Cart, Product 3D view, quick view, and Search views except on the checkout page.

 Supports .glb file format.

Admin and vendor can add the .glb file in the new and existing products.

 Reduce Product Returns

CS-Cart 3D Product Display will help you to reduce your customer’s return requests on the CS-Cart store.

Why do we use CS-Cart 3D Product View?

The CS-Cart 3D Product Viewer helps customers or buyers to make precise decisions regarding purchasing items. As the customer get a 3D view of all the side of any product it makes him relate to the product more. By CS-Cart 3D Product Display, the customer makes better decisions and the chances of returning a product will reduce. This looks more appealing than the normal images.

How to Upload 3D Image

Admin and vendor have to upload the .glb file from the back end for showcasing the product in 3D model view.

  • After installation of the CS-Cart 3D Product Showcase, you have to enable the module.
  • The image will be uploaded in the .glb format by the admin only.
  • The .glb file can be updated from sources like a local drive, URL, and Server.

3D Product View

This will help the customer to get a view all over the product from all sides in a 3D model. It will give a 3D experience to the customer.

  • The customer can see the 3D view of the product.
  • The 3D view will be all over the store whether it will be added to the cart page, quick product view, or search view.
  • Customers can zoom in and out by using the mouse cursor to see more details about the product.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com.You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

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