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Multi-Company SaaS Module for CS-Cart


Using the Multi-Company SaaS Module, the admin can manage and create multiple membership plan for tenant. Tenants can register on the storefront by selecting a suitable plan and entering their domain or subdomain if they do not have an existing domain name. When the tenant membership plan expire, the tenant automatically disables, and the tenant needs to upgrade or renew his membership to continue the service. The tenant can renew their existing plan, or he can buy a new membership plan.

Highlighted Features

 SaaS Ecommerce Membership Plans

The Tenants can select the desired SaaS tenant membership plan to become a tenant after registration in a storefront and choose a suitable membership plan.

 Upgrade Membership Plan

Tenants can renew and upgrade their membership plan and control their store's categories, products, filter options, and other related aspects.

 Send Email Notifications

The admin can manage email templates for tenant plans, plan expiration, renewal, and other related templates within the add-on settings.

 Ecommerce Tenant Subdomain

The Tenants can make a different subdomain where customers directly purchase the product. The CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain add-on lets vendors make a different subdomain for their stores.

Why do we need a Multi-Company SaaS for CS-Cart extension?

A multi-company SaaS (Software as a Service) solution will be a valuable choice for creating platforms like Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and faster time-to-market.

Using the CS-Cart Multi Company SaaS extension, the store owner requires no further installations and maintenance as it is a cloud-based service, and they can generate revenue through membership fees charged to online businesses using the platform.

You want to provide multiple commission options to vendors for a plan. Then you can use the CS-Cart Plan Modification add-on enables the administrator to create various options for the single membership based on the number of products and commissions as Plan Type.

Setup Multi-Tenant SaaS E-commerce in CS-Cart

The admin will have to configure the module by making general settings:

  • Enter the number of days, and the email will be sent to the tenant in advance based on the number of days entered by the admin.
  • If the box is checked, the customer can only log in to the store where they created their account.

Tenants Subdomain Setting

If the tenant does not have a domain, then the tenant can create a separate subdomain in the CS-Cart Multi-Company SaaS module and categorize their products accordingly.

  • Tenants can create subdomains.
  • The admin can register and configure the tenant's domain or subdomain on the server's end.

Create Multiple Membership Plans

The admin can create and manage multiple membership plans tailored to their requirements. Here the admin will -

  • Plan Name should be entered under 15 characters.
  • Actual Price for the membership plan to be entered.
  • Set the value for the discount price for the particular membership.
  • Set the number of days, and the limit entered should be within 365 days.
  • Enter the number of products for the membership plan, and the product limit should be 10k.
  • Similarly, Assign the number of categories under 10k to the particular membership.

Membership Plan Payment

By selecting a suitable plan and entering the domain or sub-domain, tenants can register themselves on the storefront. If the tenant does not have a subdomain, then the tenant can use any subdomain using multi-Company SaaS Module functionality.

  • Click on the Select button to choose any Membership plan.
  • After selecting the membership plan, enter the store details like email and domain/subdomain.
  • Tap on the next button and submit the store details.
  • After that, proceed to the checkout process.
  • The tenant can pay the amount through any payment method - Hipay, Visa MasterCard, etc.

Upgrade Membership Plan

Admin can track and display the status of the tenant's plan, whether it is active or expired. So, the admin can set up reminder emails for tenant plan management in advance so tenants can upgrade and renew their plans if needed.

  • Tenants can only purchase one Membership Plan at a time.
  • Renew your subscription by choosing the renew button.
  • Your membership will extend from your ongoing membership end date.
  • If the tenant chooses the Upgrade option, the old plan will expire immediately, and the new membership plan will be active.

Send Email Notifications

The admin can set up reminder emails also manage email notifications for tenant plans, plan expiration, renewal, and other related templates for the tenants in advance within the add-on settings.

  • Enable or disable the email status from the configuration.
  • Buy membership email notification sent by the admin to the tenant.
  • Admin can send the email for the expiration of the membership plan using the Tenant membership expired template.
  • Set the remainder of the email to remind the tenant in advance to renew or upgrade the membership plan.
  • Set up the rest of the email to remind the tenant in advance to renew or upgrade the subscription plan.

 Multi-Company SaaS Module for CS-Cart-Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com.You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

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