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FHIR Connect – Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Integration


FHIR Connect – Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Integration - A Salesforce native application “FHIR Connect” is built to integrate Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR systems. There are 2 EHR systems that you can integrate such as Epic, and Cerner as per the FHIR Standards.

The custom object “Import Clinical Data” can be used to import the health metrics from Epic or Cerner to Salesforce Health Cloud. The information is categorized into categories such as Clinical Encounters, Allergy Intolerance, Health conditions, and many more.

You can use the patient search component to search patients, visualize their information, and can also create the record in Salesforce. The application is easy to use as there is no manual mapping required. It automatically maps the fields as per FHIR standards.

Use a custom component “Import clinical data” from Epic or Cerner to Salesforce. The clinical information you can collect includes health conditions, allergy intolerance, clinical encounters, etc.

FHIR Connect – Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Integration features:

  • Patient Search Component:
    • Users can search for any patient from the EHR system.
    • Visualize complete patient information.
    • Option to create respective patients from the EHR in Salesforce.
  • No headache of custom mapping for Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Integration.
  • The integration maps the patient info and clinical data as per the standard Salesforce health cloud clinical data model based on the FHIR standards.
  • A custom component is built, which can be placed on the patient detail page to import patient-related clinical data from the EHR.
  • Currently, the application supports 2 EHRs:
    • Epic
    • Cerner


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com.

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