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Opencart Marketplace Seller List: This extension allows the customer to see all Seller List. Using this module customers can see seller list with seller name, location, and total product if these fields will be enabled by the admin side. Seller list add-on will display, list of sellers in the marketplace with filter option as well as it will display the products from those sellers. The buyers can also search the marketplace seller store alphabetically. After searching the seller, buyers can visit the complete collection of the seller.

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed the Webkul's Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Module.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller List module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Highlighted Features

 Simplify the Search Process

This module helps the customer to simplify the process of the sellers.

 Show the Seller Details

The website users can view the seller name, location, and total product.

 Sellers Sorting by Alphabets

The customers can search the sellers by sorting them alphabetically.

 Seller List on Various Layouts

The users can see the list of the seller on various layouts of the website such as home page, category page, sell page, seller list page.

Why use this module?

To search for sellers in the marketplace is not easy and convenient as well. If the website users want to look for any particular seller products, then it may be a tedious job for them to search the particular seller in the huge marketplace.

The store owners need to make this work easy for their customers. It helps to enhance user convenience and hence increase their retention. By using this extension it will be an easy way for the buyers to eliminate a hassle process of searching. The buyers can now see the list of the seller on the selling page, category page, and on the home page.

Also, they can view all the sellers in a list under the marketplace along with their name, location, and the total number of products. The buyers can also search the marketplace seller store alphabetically. After searching the seller, buyers can visit the complete collection of the seller.

Facilitate Seller Listing

Since the marketplace is huge, so if the customer wants to search for any particular seller on the marketplace then it can be a bit tedious job for them.

Here, with the help of the Opencart Marketplace Seller List module, the admin can sort this problem out for the seller.

  • For customer convenience, the admin can display the image of the seller on the front-end.
  • Along with the image, the store owner can decide whether to show the location and the total number of the products associated with the seller on the front-end or not.
  • The admin can also decide to display name in the list which will be visible to the customer on the front-end.

Alphabetical Seller Sorting

Since we already know that if you are running a marketplace then there are lots of sellers that must be available on your marketplace.

In this case, if you provide the sorting facility to your customers then it helps you to gain customer attention because sorting always makes things easy.

With the help of this module, the customer can sort the seller list by the alphabets. This will help them to search their desired seller very conveniently.

The customers will see the sorting option on the marketplace seller list page on the marketplace.

Exhibit Seller List on Category Page

For making the search more trouble-free for the customers, the admin can provide the seller list on the category page. On the category page, the product-wise seller list can be enabled.

  • It helps the customer to see the list of the list whose products are available under a particular category.
  • The customer can see the seller name with their images, location.
  • Also, they can see the total number of products of that particular seller.
  • The customer can be redirected to the profile page of the seller after clicking on the name of the seller.

Manifest Seller List On Sell Page

In the marketplace, the customer comes and register themself as a seller so that they can sell their products on the marketplace. Before becoming the seller the seller can also see all the already existed sellers on the marketplace.

  • This will give them the idea of what their profile will look like after creation.
  • Also, they can visit the profile page and see the layout, design, and various things of the seller profile page.
  • All the sellers which are existing on the website for a long time can be shown on the top list. Once the customer will click on the View Seller List button, they can see the whole list of the marketplace seller.

Mount Seller List on Home Page

The home page is the very first thing that any customer can see on your website just after landing. So the admin has an option to add the list of the seller on the home page also.

  • The marketplace owner can decide the location to show the seller list on the layout of the home page.
  • From, here the customer will get an idea that they can explore the various option of the products as there are many sellers registered on the website.
  • As we all know the home page of the website gives the first impression of your website, so having an option there to show the marketplace seller list will be a plus.

Opencart Marketplace Seller List Features

  • Customers can see the Seller list.
  • The admin can enable or disable the module.
  • The admin can also display the seller list on different layouts.
  • The admin can enable or disable the image, location, product display at the front end.
  • Customers can search the marketplace seller store alphabetically.
  • The Customer can see the seller list at the Sell page.
  • Customers can also see the product-wise seller list on the category page.
  • Customers can see the product list of a particular seller.

Opencart Marketplace Seller List Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 2 reviews
Posted On - March 7, 2019
Quick service
Hi, We appreciate their service.. We stuck around one small problem but their backend team solve it very quick.
Good service n also their software is running with no error..Good Job.
Posted On - February 28, 2019
Opencart Marketplace Seller List
Very useful for the presentation and easy way to find of the SELLERS.
And even more, it gives a classic tone to the look of the Marketplace.
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