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Opencart Split Payment - Now you can split a payment up in two or more transactions and capture smaller parts of the amount one at a time. You can keep capturing until the full amount has been captured. Using this awesome Split Payment module, admin can enable 'split payment option' for his customers and can get payments in parts. Admin and customer both can manage & view the payment history of all the orders.

Highlighted Features

  Customer Group Payment

The admin can set the split payment percentage as per the customer groups.

  Variable Percentage

The admin can add the different amounts for individual customer groups.

  Order History

The customer and the admin both can check the order history from their panel.

  Decrease Payment load

It will decrease the payment load from the customer’s end by splitting the amount.

Why do we need Opencart Split Payment?

The split payment option in the eCommerce store provides additional benefits to the customer as they can pay the amount two times. If a customer wants to purchase a product that costs 100$ and he has only 50$. So they can choose this payment method and breaks down the amount.

Some amounts they can pay at the time of placing the order (based on the entered percentage at the time of checkout) and remain after delivery. So it will ease the process of purchasing and build the trust between owner and buyer. The Opencart split payment plugin helps the admin to configure this method to their store.

Split Payment According to Customers Group

The payment can be split into parts either for all the orders or for particular individual customer groups.

  • The module also gives the provision to set different 'minimum split percentages' for different customer groups.
  • Select type as Order.
  • Select type as a customer group.
  • The customer group member can only mention the assigned percentage as per the admin.
  • The admin can create multiple groups and separate percentages for them.

Split Percentage

The feature states that the minimum percentage needs to be mentioned for enabling the split payment method.

  • The admin fixes a minimum percentage for it, and then the customer will enter the percentage on which he's going to split the payment (which should be at least the minimum percentage required).
  • This percentage amount that the customer fixed will be paid off from the Paypal account of the customer.
  • If the customer enters less percentage then an alert message will display on the checkout page.

Manage the Payment History

The Payment history can be viewed and managed from the front end & backend.

  • In the front, the customer will be shown Order details, status, date added, total amount, and Left amount to be paid.
  • Similarly in the backend, the admin will be able to see the left amount under the Sales>Order section and is enabled to enter the payments made by the customer manually also.
  • The customer can check the history for any particular order and check the left amount and paid amount.
  • The admin can add more payments for orders from the order history section.

Paypal Based

The module works only when the payment method chosen is Paypal.

  • It means only Paypal enables the customers to pay the total amount in installments.
  • It also gives an option to split the payment into two or more transactions.
  • The customer can use their existing PayPal account.
  • They can also create a new one to complete the payment.
  • The customer can check the transaction history in PayPal as well.

Opencart Split Payment Features -

  • Admin can set split payment for all orders or for individual customer groups and can set the percentages accordingly.
  • Split Percentage needs to be mentioned, i.e. minimum percentage of amount which is mandatory to pay at the time of making a purchase.
  • Customer can see all the payment history for individual orders.
  • Admin can see all the payment history for individual orders and can manually add the payments.
  • The module is only Paypal based.
  • The splitted amount will be displayed in 'Confirm order section'.
  • The left amount, which needs to be paid will be shown in Order History in front end and under Sales> Order at backend.

Opencart Split Payment Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 2 reviews
Posted On - September 8, 2014
High quality support
I'm a bit of a novice so really appreciated the very prompt and high quality support I got when I ran into a bit of bother during installation. Thanks. It works really well, does exactly what it says, and is incredibly simple to install when you know what you're doing! Nice work...
Posted On - September 8, 2014
A1 Product and Support
This product did exactly what it said it would with no trouble at all. When I had a conflict problem with another module Vipin offered to fix it for me immediately. The price is great for a no hassles integration of your opencart split payment.
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