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Prestashop MangoPay Payment -Prestashop Mangopay module will allow admin to accept the payment through Mangopay payment gateway. In which Buyers can pay through Credit Cards, Direct Debit Payment, and Bank wire. This module provides the functionality by which the customer can pay by redirecting to the third-party page or can pay without redirecting to the third party page as set by the admin. With this module, admin can manage the Refund process. Admin can even payout the wallet amount to their bank account.

NOTE - Prestashop MangoPay Payment module is compatible with PSD2.

Prestashop MangoPay Payment Features -

  • Customers can pay through Credit Card Payment method.
  • Customers can pay through Direct Debit Payment method.
  • Customers can pay through Bank Wire Payment method.
  • Admin will have the option to allow customers to pay in different Card types.
  • While paying through the Card, a customer can redirect to the third party page or can pay without redirecting to third party page as set by the admin.
  • Admin can view transaction details on the Mangopay account.
  • Wallets will be generated at Mangopay end as per the currency selected in the "allowed currency". A single user may have multiple wallets.
  • Enable/disable field to delete the Mangopay data at the time of un-installation of the module.
  • Admin can manage refund as well as payout process through the module.
  • Admin can add multiple bank account details.
  • Admin will have the option to deactivate their added bank account details.
  • Using "Mangopay Payout" tab, admin can transfer the wallet balance to their account. Admin can select any of the added accounts.
  • As per the allowed currency selected in the configuration, the available wallet amount will be shown to the admin on the payout page.
  • Admin can see the list of transactions that are done by Credit Card, Direct Debit and Bank Wire.
  • List of transactions in "admin's wallet & "PayIn wallet" will be available to admin.
  • Depending on the "transaction order status" selected, the order amount will be added in the list of transactions of "admin's wallet" and "PayIn wallet".
  • Admin can refund the admin's wallet amount to PayIn/customer wallet from the module.
  • Admin can also refund the full/partial amount from PayIn wallet to customer account.
  • Admin can use the module for test as well as live mode.

Mangopay Technical partner

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Payment options through Mangopay payment module

Customer will have various option to pay through this module as given below:

  • Mangopay Card payment: In this, the customer will have the option to pay through the Credit card of different types.
  • Mangopay Bank-wire payment: By this, the customer will have the option to pay by transferring the amount to the admin's account.
  • Mangopay Direct Debit payment: Customer will have to fill their account detail in order to make the payment.

Credit Card types that are available for the customers

In the Card payment, option customer will have various types to choose the card type as listed below:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Carte Bleue
  • Maestro
  • Diners

Configuration to redirect at the time of card payment

In the Card payment option, you can allow customers to whether they will have to pay by redirecting to the third party page(PayIn Web) or they can pay without redirecting to any third party page(Direct Payment).

Refund Process for Card Payments

You can refund the money to the customer wallet(Mangoapay wallet) or refund the money directly to the customer card(account).

Refund Process for Direct Debit payments

Transfer the amount directly to the customer account or can also transfer the amount to the customer wallet. To make the transfer the amount from admin wallet to customer wallet, admin will have to transfer the amount to his/her waller once the the order has been placed.

Payout Functionality

Store owner can transfer the Mangopay wallet amount to their bank account that is added in the back-office.

Prestashop MangoPay Payment Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Posted On - May 29, 2020
Great support
Great support. Thank you !
Posted On - May 16, 2020
Posted On - May 1, 2020
Posted On - March 3, 2020
Quality module and assistance
I bought the MangoPay module and the assistance service in the event of a problem and indeed the support is very competent and the problems are resolved on average within 24 to 48 hours. The development team does a marvelous job so congratulations
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