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Prestashop Preorder - With the Prestashop Preorder Module, buyer can preorder any product that is available for preorder by the admin. Buyer can either make the full payment, partial payment or dynamic payment as the payment option provided by admin with the product.

Highlighted Features

 Sell upcoming items

Sell the products you don't have yet.

 Set Maximum Quantity For Preorder

Define the maximum allowed quantity for the customers to purchase the preorder products.

 Display countdown timer

Show a countdown timer and keep your customers notified about the time left in ordering the products.

 Analyze Product Demand

Helps you to evaluate the demand for certain products.

 Display custom message

Show custom message according to the payment type on the product page.

Preorder Partial Payment

Requesting full payment in advance may not be a very good idea because many customers don’t feel comfortable doing this. With this extension, you can allow customers to make partial payments at the time of preorder. Set a pre-defined amount in terms of a fixed amount or percentage that a customer needs to pay upfront to preorder the product. Once the product is available, the customers can pay the remaining amount and complete the preorder.

Preorder Dynamic Payment

PrestaShop PreOrder allows you to set the minimum expected amount for preorder. When customers visit the product page, they can view a field where they need to enter a custom price. Customers can fill any amount between the actual product price and the specified price to preorder the product. Allowing customers to pay a fraction of the product amount to preorder a product instead of paying in full will encourage them to make the purchase.

Display necessary information on product page

Grab the attention of customers by showing them the exact date when the product will be back in stock. Keep your customers informed about the days and time left in ordering the product by displaying a countdown timer on the product page. Customers can view the price they need to pay in advance to preorder the product right on the product page. Including the relevant details about preorder on the product page will help you eliminate customers' doubts and gain their confidence.

Manage Preorder Orders

With the PrestaShop Preorder extension, you don't have to go through a list of orders to filter out preorders. A separate tab is added to the PrestaShop back office where a list of preorder orders is maintained. View customers' names who have preordered products, the status of the preorder, or the amount to be paid to complete the preorder.

Complete Preorder

Once the product is available after the preorder, a Complete Preorder button gets available on the order details page. When customers click on this button, they get redirected to the shopping cart page. On the cart page, customers can view the remaining amount that needs to be paid for completing the preorder.

Prestashop Preorder Features -

  • Allow customers to order out of stock products.
  • Offer multiple payment types for preorder – full, partial, or dynamic payment.
  • Allow guest users to preorder products using the partial payment option.
  • Restrict adding a preorder and regular product in a cart.
  • Show the preorder product availability date on the product page.
  • For partial/dynamic payment, choose to show preorder price, original product price, or both on the product page.
  • Set custom message to be displayed for full or partial/dynamic payment on the product page.
  • Set preorder for individual combinations separately or all the product combinations at once.
  • Display countdown timer on the product page.
  • Set the quantity that will be available once the product becomes available after preorder.
  • Set the availability date on which the product would be available in stock for purchase.
  • Complete preorder before the expected date.
  • In case of partial payment, set the price in terms of a fixed amount or percentage.
  • Conveniently manage all of your preorders from a single grid.
  • View a list of orders placed for preorders and their status from a single tab.
  • Customers can also view a list of preorder orders and their status from their accounts.
  • Set the number of days within which the customer needs to complete the order once the product becomes available.
  • Select countries and user groups for which you want to allow preorders.
  • View preorder order details on the order details page in the back office.
  • Display preorder label on the cart and checkout page.
  • Show the product's original price along with preorder price on the cart and checkout page.

Prestashop Preorder Support

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 53 reviews
Posted On - September 20, 2023
Very good module for the sales and pre-orders management
Easy to install and integrate and above all with an excellent and a very agile support that has been able to adapt the module and solve our specific needs. 100% recommendable!
Posted On - March 10, 2023
Good module and great support
The module works correctly and allows you to increase and forecast your sales with pre-order products. We had a problem with the configuration and the supplier solved it quickly and with excellent communication and good service.
Posted On - February 8, 2023
Nice product & nice support
Very nice support !
The plugin is working good. I recommand the module without hesitation !
Posted On - February 2, 2022
Good module and support
Very good module and great support from the Webkul team. This module allows our customers to reserve some selected products.
Posted On - April 17, 2021
Posted On - April 17, 2021
Very good module
Very good module - You can configure many options. And quick reaction to solve our problems.
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Jesús Jiménez Benítez
www.pixelatoy.com (ES)
Posted On - March 12, 2021
Fantastic module
The module is fantastic and the developers are the best I've met at PS Addons. They know what they do. 100% recommended. Thank you!
Posted On - February 5, 2021
Addon works correctly. I recommend!
Addon works correctly 1.7 (without stock management active in the shop). The dev team answered very promptly during pre-sales, and helped us out very fast and effective to finalize configuration, after buying the addon. I recommend!
Posted On - February 5, 2021
Posted On - January 16, 2021
Great module
The module is great. Everything is explained in the documentation, the team is happy to help in case of problems. We commissioned additional customization and everything went well.
Posted On - December 15, 2020
Met Our Expectations!!
Le module PREORDER pour Prestashop 1.6 a nécessité des corrections pour fonctionner correctement sur mon site mais après une semaine il répond exactement à mes attentes. Support très réactif. J'utilise principalement le module pour encaisser des acomptes afin de réserver les articles qui sont déjà en cours d'acheminement.
Posted On - December 9, 2020
Posted On - December 9, 2020
El modulo es realmente genial. Lo recomiendo al 100%.
funciona correctamente y te permite que tus clientes puedan realizar pre-reservas de productos. Tuve algunos problemas pero el equipo técnico fue sencillamente rápido y eficaz, me resolvieron mi problema en muy poco tiempo y ahora mismo tengo el módulo funcionando al 100%.
Posted On - December 8, 2020
Module idéal pour encaisser des acomptes sur des articles qui ne sont pas encore en stock
Ce module me permet d'encaisser des acomptes sur les articles qui ne vont pas tarder à être en stock. Ceci avec tous les moyens de paiement disponibles sur ma boutique en ligne. Quand je l'ai acheté il faisait beuguer mon tunnel d'achat. 48H plus tard le support avait régles les problèmes. Une semaine plus tard, tout est configuré comme si ce module avait spécialement été développé pour moi. C'est exactement ce que je cherchais mais 10x moins cher que le moins que j'ai vu.
Par contre j'ai communiqué en anglais avec eux, je ne sais pas si c'est le même service en Français car j'ai corrigé pas mal de traductions erronées.
Posted On - November 5, 2020
Awesome Module
Excellent product. Is was just what we needed. Above all, support team is very fast and professional.
Overall very good investment .
Thank you
Posted On - October 20, 2020
Perfect module
Posted On - October 13, 2020
Perfect customer service
If you're looking for a pre-order module, don't waste time. You can just choose this product. I tried other developer's pre-order module, but I wasn't satisfied. I only buy and use this module, and the customers are satisfied. You'll be satisfied, too.
Posted On - October 1, 2020
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