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Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping -Best described as a process that optimizes all shipping costs. Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping Module is useful to increase the efficiency of the store and have the right products in stock for customers, properly identified and available to ship quickly to customers. In Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping Module, all the Warehouses are managed by the admin. Admin can add/edit or delete warehouse if needed and Buyer can select shipping method according to Warehouse.

This module is an add-on to the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed the first webkul Marketplace Module.

Magento Multi Vendor Drop Ship Features -

  • Easy to manage Store.
  • Increase store Efficiency.
  • Easy to Ship products from various warehouses.
  • Order shipping is easy using this module.
  • Works in all custom Magento templates.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete warehouse.
  • Admin can change the status of warehouse enable/disable.
  • Buyers can select the shipping method according to Warehouse in the same order on the checkout page.
  • Shipping will be calculated according to the warehouse origin address.
  • Warehouse manager can see their warehouse products.
  • Vendors Can also define which product belongs from which Warehouse.

Magento Multi Vendor Warehouse Management

Magento Multi Vendor DropShip Extension provides complete warehouse management that means admin can manage the warehouse edit them and can change the attributes for warehouse-like available shipping methods with many more options

  • Warehouse Code
  • Warehouse Title
  • Warehouse Description
  • Warehouse Origin city, street, postal code, the country city
  • Email
  • Contact Name
  • Available Shipping Method

Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping Configuration

After the installation of this module, the admin from the backend will do the configuration of this module so that this module can work properly. In the configuration, the admin can set “global commission” for all the sellers, set “attribute set id”, set the allowed products on the store as simple, configurable, virtual, downloadable.

  • Admin can set the global commission.
  • Allow admin to enable/disable the auto-approval of products and partners.
  • Allow setting supported sample file type and link file type.

Warehouse Management

Magento Multi-Vendor DropShipping Module is useful to increase the efficiency of the store and have the right products in stock for customers, properly identified and available to ship quickly to customers. In this module, the admin can manage all the warehouses. Admin can edit, delete or add any warehouse.

To create warehouses admin will provide the name, title of the warehouse, description, street, latitude, longitude, email, contact. Admin can also assign shipping methods for that particular warehouse at the time of creation.

  • Allow admin to add/edit/delete any warehouse.
  • Admin can select the shipping methods for any warehouse.

Product Management In Multi Vendor DropShipping

If Product Approval will be required in Multi-Vendor Dropshipping Configuration Panel, then in this case every product added by the seller will need to be approved by admin.

  • Admin can approve the product, if in the configuration “product approval” is set to “yes”.
  • Availability to see product preview.
  • Various filter options for searching the product.

Commission Management

Using the Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping module admin can manage the commission as well. Admin can manage the individual & global commission of all the vendors/sellers. There is a “pay” option, by which the admin can notify the seller that the commission payment is done. No payment occurs by that “pay” button. It is only for record purposes.

  • Allow managing commission.
  • Allow seeing the list of seller's commissions.

Vendor Management In Dropshipping

Admin can approve any seller/vendor to the Multi Vendor DropShipping, if in the configuration “vendor approval” is set to “yes”. Admin can also unapproved any existing seller from the marketplace too.

Under Customer > Manage Customer, the admin can view all the info about the seller. Here admin can add individual commission to that particular seller, can add new products, can see the payment details, and can remove that seller too. Under shipping, “warehouse” for that seller can be selected.

  • Admin can approve any seller/vendor to the marketplace.
  • Admin can view all the info about the seller under “manage customer”.
  • Admin can select the warehouse for any seller.

Manage Feedback

Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping extension also provides feedback management. Admin can manage the whole Feedback system. Admin can delete/approve the feedback & review provided by the customers and then approved feedback will appear on the seller's profile.

  • Manage Feedback like Approve/Unapproved/Delete.
  • View list of all feedback.

Vendor's sign-up

From the front-end, users can register to become a seller/vendor for the store and can sell their products from the warehouse. There will be an option that will ask the user for “seller” or “buyer”. If chosen as “seller”, a shop URL will be asked and if the user wants to be a buyer then no shop URL will be asked.

  • The user will be asked for the seller or buyer option.
  • If chosen as seller, a shop URL is needed.
  • If chosen as a buyer, then no shop URL will be required.

Seller/Vendor Profile

The seller can enter all the details like profile info (Twitter id, Facebook id, shop URL, company banner, company logo). The seller can enter the locality & country. The seller will also enter the payment details so that amount from the buyer can come to the seller's account.

After entering all the profile and payment info, the seller can click on “view profile” and then the seller can be able to view the complete which will include products, profile info, banner, logo, feedback & locality.

  • The seller can add the profile info.
  • The seller can enter the payment details, logo, company name.
  • Seller location is also displayed on the Google Map.

Seller/Vendor Dashboard

On the dashboard, the seller can view total sales in the graphical form, the latest orders, reviews made by the customers. The seller can ask any question to the admin through the dashboard.

  • The seller can view Income.
  • The seller can view the latest order.
  • The seller can see the latest reviews and comments.

Manage orders from the back-end

When an order is made from the front-end, then the admin will have to login into the warehouse with the login details where the admin can manage the shipment and order. Under the shipment setting, the admin can upload the CSV file with shipping rates and in the “manage order”, the admin can ship the product and make the order complete.

  • Admin manages all the orders.
  • Admin generates the shipment.
  • Admin can cancel the order.

Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 3 reviews
Brian Shin
www.midasbay.com (US)
Posted On - October 14, 2014
A Must Have for every Magento store owners
I was initially skeptical, but it turns out to be a solid extension.
A well though out and well built extension with all the sweet features such as split warehouse shipping,
Vendor marketplace and warehouse management all packed into one. You won't find any other extension like this even after hours of researching other extensions on magento connect or google.
Despite facing numerous problems after installing the extension, a dedicated and experienced support team went above and beyond to fix all the bugs and errors in the extension. One memorable instance was when Webkul pulled out one of their senior technician to fix my fatal error issues even during their national holiday, the "Gandhi Jayanti"( a sacred holdiay celebrate by all indians).
One con is that their tech team is in India, but that is offset by the extension's great features and great support team.
Posted On - September 19, 2014
Great support!
(Webkul) provided splendid support with an issue we faced within our site. We arranged a login to our test environment where he solved the problem after which we transferred the changed file to production. Really great! Paul
PVentures Group
Posted On - September 17, 2014
Outstanding Experience
Recently I bought the Magento Multi Vendor DropShipping extension from Webkul ... I am new to building stores , and was a bit concerned on how to add warehouses , marketplace and display them.
My experience was totally outstanding ... the extension loaded immediately, and was intuitively easy to understand how to configure. Within minutes I had warehouses showing on my website ... and then came the "icing on the cake" -- I needed to adjust the shipping API to best match my magento store ... WebKul was readily available via email and Skype to help, and was even open to a bit more work to add extra functionality to the program so that seller could use the shipping channels.
Outstanding experience ... I wished all the other extensions that I will need will be as easy to buy, Install
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