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PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission
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PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission - Till now admin was not capable of setting different commissions on products or categories. With the help of PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission, admin can set commission categories wise ie. if admin sets x amount of commission on any category, then that commission will be deducted on all the seller products under that category. Admin can also set commission product wise i.e. each product can have their own commission rate.

Remember, that with the help of this module total three type of commission can be set in marketplace i.e. category, product or default marketplace commission and most importantly at a time either one of the commission can be applied on marketplace orders.

Note: This module is an add-on to a marketplace module. To use this module, you must install PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.

PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission Features

  • The admin can set the commission percentage on various categories.
  • Admin can decide different commission percentage for different categories.
  • Admin can set whether to receive the minimum or maximum commission rate, if a product is under various categories on which commission is set.
  • Decide which of the commission type i.e. category commission or product commission or default marketplace commission will be applied on orders.
  • Set commission rate for single or multiple categories altogether.
  • Update/delete the added category commission.
  • Admin can set the commission on products also.
  • Set commission rate for single or multiple products altogether.
  • Update/delete the added product commission from the list.
  • The module is multi-shop compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.

Charge commission from the sellers

You can apply commission in either of the three ways:

  • Set commission on Categories.
  • Set commission on Products.
  • Set Default Marketplace commission.

How to apply commission on category?

  • Select one or more categories in one go.
  • Apply commission rate in percentage.
  • Update/edit the added category commission.

How to apply commission on products?

  • Select one or more products in one go.
  • Apply commission rate in percentage.
  • Update/edit the added product commission.

Thinking of what if a product falls under more than one category?

Here is an answer to your question:

If any product lies under various categories on which admin has set the commission, then in this case the specified commission during configuration (i.e. minimum or maximum) will be applicable on the product, despite the product being purchased from the category with lowest commission or highest commission.

How can you BENEFIT from this product?

  • Get commission on each product sold.
  • View commission rate in the back office.

PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission Support

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 1 reviews
Posted On - November 28, 2017
Extremely useful
Our marketplace manages different categories in level of complexity. Being able to adapt commissions per category is exactly what we needed. This module works like a charm for that. No bugs at all, install and ready to go
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