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Cs-Cart Twilio SMS Notification: SMS Notification using Twilio For Magento 2, text SMS may be sent directly to the customer during seller approval, disapproval, product approval, disapproval, order status cancel, invoice, delivery, credit memo, and even after the product has been sold.

The admin or vendor simply enter the recipient phone number, the Twilio service you're sending through (phone number, short code, Messaging service, etc.), and the message content (text, pictures, links, etc). This can be done in reaction to a prior incoming message or on its own.

Highlighted Features

 Updates of Order Status

The admin can notify clients about changes in order status such as order placed, processing, on-hold, canceled, the order failed, and refund details.

 New Review Notification

The specifics of the reviews that consumers submit for the items will be sent to the administrator.

 Updates to My Profile

After registering with a store, consumers may manage their profiles.

 Notification of New Account Registration

When a new account is established in the shop, users will receive SMS alerts.

Why do we need CS-Cart Twilio SMS Notification?

Text messages are read at a higher rate than any other type of communication. By providing text message order updates, you can ensure that clients receive the information they require. Customers can sign up for SMS notifications by clicking a box during the checkout process.

When customers are opt-in, they will receive an SMS notification. When the status of their order changes.

Twilio SMS Notification Plugin enables the administrator to send SMS notification messages to clients. Informing them of the status of their orders.

Customers and administrators will receive SMS messages on the order placed, order processing, order on-hold, order dispatch details, order cancellation, order failure, and reimbursement details. This plugin provides an excellent platform for communicating with consumers.

Basic Setup for Notification

Twilio SMS plugin has a number of beneficial features. That will keep your clients coming back to your shop. It is an effective technique to reach out to and remain in touch with your consumers.

  • Customers will receive SMS notifications on the progress of their orders.
  • It is an efficient method of providing a speedy answer to clients.
  • The order status is communicated to both admin and customers.
  • When a new order is placed, the administrator is alerted.
  • Customers will remain loyal to your business, and engagement levels will be high.

Vendor Information for Notifications

  • Admin can enter the vendor information like the contact number on which notification is sent.
  • The status of the vendor can be set accordingly.
  • The language can also be used for SMS notifications.
  • Vendor details can be edited at any time.

Setup Options for Twillio SMS Notification

  • The new order has been placed.
  • The new customer has been registered.
  • Product quantity is less than zero.
  • Only send when the order total amount is more than or less than any given amount.

Cs-Cart Twilio SMS Notification Features -

  • Seller/vendor will receive an SMS notification for Product Low Stock Inventory.
  • Customers will receive SMS notifications for registration on the store.
  • Admin of store will get SMS notification of Order Status.
  • Customers will get SMS notifications of Order Status.
  • Customers will get SMS notifications of Shipping Status.
  • Easily Configurable.
  • Twilio API Used.

Cs-Cart Twilio SMS Notification Video Tutorial -

For a detailed video tutorial please click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT2JayjOGBk&t=171s

Cs-Cart Twilio SMS Notification SUPPORT -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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