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Magento Social Connect - This module allows the user to log in to the store using their personal social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. Customers don't need to create a list of usernames and passwords when they can easily log in via social sites. It becomes easier for the customer to sign-in via social sites because this module reduces the lengthy process of first registering the customer to the site then the Login process. The admin can manage the status of the Social Login. Customers can use their mobile devices for social login. Using this module the time consumption of customer will be negligible. The process will be easier, faster and flexible to use.

* NOTE: This Magento module also supports Magento multi-vendor marketplace."

Magento Social Connect Features

  • Customers select one of the preferred social networks to log in.
  • The admin can enable or disable social login status.
  • Customers can do social login through mobile devices.
  • Choose a custom icon for the social login button.
  • The social login users are added to the customer list.
  • Supports Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
  • Works with multi-store and store views.
  • The source code is open for customization.

Highlighted Features

 Preferred Networks

Customer can only select one social media at a time from the preferred social networks.

 Accessible Devices

Customer can social login from their mobile devices too. You are not needed to carry a computer system all the time.

 Manage Customers

Admin can view all the customers who have logged in via social login.

 Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods

This module supports multiple online and offline payment and shipping methods.

 App Creation

The whole process of creating a developer account and applications is described step-by-step in the module.

 Editable Code

The source code can be changed as per the customization.

Why do we need Magento social connect?

Going through a long signup process can be hectic for the customers and can also distract them from your store. Customer satisfaction is important and can only be accomplished when they have to work least at their end. This module makes it easier for the customer in the following manner

  • Login directly via social login networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • No more username and password mug ups.
  • Quick login with minimum steps possible.
  • Multiple ways are available, so no chance for the inconvenience in login.
  • It consumes less time, thus enhancing the productivity.

Admin Configuration

This module provides the admin with multiple configurations to manage the customers. Admin can assign only some features to the customers. Not only the login process, but admin can also manage other features like

  • Customers and the products can be deleted by the admin.
  • The admin can show all buttons at once by setting the All social login status as Enable.
  • The social signup buttons can be hidden or visible, managed by admin.
  • The social signup button status can be set for specific buttons also.
  • The admin can see the list of customer logged in to the store and can also edit the details filled by the customer.
  • Customer's details can be edited by the admin from the back-end.

Easier Login/Signup & Checkout

Most of the time customers are in a hurry to search for a product in your store, at that time things must go smoother and flexible for them. For such situations, your store should be prepared to fascinate the customers to your store in the following ways:

  • This module facilitates a quick checkout process.
  • Customer can change the address at the time of checkout.
  • Once you click on your social network button you will directly move to the store.
  • You can choose the network between four social sites - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.
  • Customer can log in by using credentials provided by Magento.

Various Login Options Available

It is a must for the module to understand and work according to the customer to some extent. Even for the worst conditions possible, this module provides multiple options mentioned below

  • Very well managed processes for login signup and checkout
  • If you forget your credentials then you can go for Facebook.
  • If that is also not available then you can go for twitter.
  • It that is also not available then you can go for LinkedIn.
  • If you don't have LinkedIn then you can easily use Google.
  • After signup customer quickly moves to the store

As mentioned above, Magento Social Connect is available with various possible ways to fascinate the customer to your store.

Minimum Entry Fields Required

In the process of signup/login to any store sometimes customers get bored and decide to choose some better online stores. They don't want to enter fields that ask for the details which are not even connected to the store signup. Magento Social Connect Module provide the customer with the following benefits

  • The customer is not needed to enter the fields like First Name, Last Name, DOB, etc.
  • If the customers are already logged in to any social media account, then they just need to click on social signup button.
  • If the customers are not logged in to any social media account, then they need to enter their social media credentials.
  • The guest users can also use the social signup feature.
  • The entry fields for login is reduced effectively.

Magento Social Connect Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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