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Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
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Odoo Return Merchandise AuthorizationCustomer's experience is valuable not only at the time of purchase but also in proper post-sale services returns and exchanges.

RMA is an integral part to handle the returns/exchanges by increasing coordination between manufacturing, testing, and invoice departments. Odoo RMA module helps you to put an effective system in place.

Each return is handled using a unique RMA number thus helping in tracking, testing and authorizing appropriate action to serve the customer better. The customer can fill the RMA form from his account.

The return policy can be set and displayed to the customer on the form. The requests show up on the Odoo backend and can be handled by the admin accordingly. The buyer can see the RMA status at any point to know the progress of the process.

RMA generation history is also available on the backend for the admin.


 Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization Features

 Added RMA menu in Odoo

  • A separate space to manage returns and exchanges in Odoo.
  • The RMA menu is added to keep things organized on your end.

 Designed for Both Website & Backend

  • The customer can generate RMA requests from their website accounts.
  • Alternatively, the Odoo user can create an RMA request in the Odoo backend.

 Simple RMA Form

  • Easily legible odoo RMA form is designed for customers’ convenience.
  • A unique RMA# (number) is assigned to each RMA request. The RMA stages are visible on the RMA form for the customers.

 Define RMA Stages

  • Designate the progress of RMA process with stages.
  • Create representative stages for different product inspections in your RMA process.
  • Separate individual stages can be created for returns & exchanges respectively.

 Define your Return policy

  • The user can add return and exchange policies to the RMA form.
  • They are displayed to the customer while creating the RMA request.
  • Similarly, the terms & conditions can also be displayed in the RMA form.

 Customer-Odoo User Communication

  • The customer and Odoo user can chat with each other through the Odoo chatter.
  • Both the parties can exchange queries and update to fast track the RMA process.
  • The chat facility curtails any delay due to communications.

 RMA options in Customer website account

  • The customer’s website account now allows creating the RMA request.
  • He/she can create and view the status of his/her RMA request.

 Set RMA Reasons

  • Create a variety of RMA reasons for the customer to choose from.
  • The RMA reasons are used by customers to fill RMA form.
  • Add apt reasons to better understand the customer’s issues.


 How RMA can help to streamline your business management?

RMA- Return Merchandise Authorization forms an essential part of the reverse logistics process. Benefits of introducing RMA in your business are two folds:

  • First, it helps you to manage, monitor and track the product.
  • It increases coordination between the different departments thus increasing their efficiency of the entire process.
  • Second, it helps you to lay down a great experience for the customers.
  • Since the process is pre-defined in the system, different stages like repairs for faulty products, authorizing returns or exchanges, inventory management and invoicing can be carried out smoothly.
  • Automation also ensures the process is cost-effective, efficient and fast.
  • The products can be easily segregated at the initial stages as repairable, defective beyond repair, for exchange etc and then can be sent for further processing as required.


 An Entire Separate Menu To Manage Returns & Exchanges From The Same Screen

Odoo RMA Requests:

  • Information about all the Odoo RMAs generated can be viewed from the RMA sub-menu. No need to search for concerned order when the information is available on the screen.
  • The description of the reason for return by the customer, product name, customer's details, the sales order, stage of the RMA process the item is in and much more. You can overview all the details with one click,
  • You can update the status of the RMA request.

RMA Stages and RMA Reasons:

  • Create different stages for the entire Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process as per your requirement to monitor RMA request status. The status would be visible to all the departments to decide the next stage of the processing of the product.
  • Similarly, you can create a whole list of appropriate reasons for the customer to choose from while filling the RMA form. It would help you to fast-track the testing and processing time and in turn resolve the customer's issue at the earliest.

RMA Settings:

  • Take control and outline all the aspects of your Odoo RMA form and process.
  • Mark your Return policy for the customer to see while filling the RMA form. Allow customer to see the RMA stage on the Form.
  • Design and Display the terms and conditions for returns and exchanges to the customer.
  • Assign a Repair Location for the defective Products.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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Posted On - February 15, 2018
it is v.good addons and help full for custmer
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