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Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
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Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) makes returning easy!

The user experience is valuable for pre-sale as well as post-sale. Returning a product is challenging for both the company and the user. Companies can increase consumer profitability by implementing appropriate return policies.

You may manage product exchange with this module to make returns easier.

The Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization module lets you manage product returns with ease. Customers can place return or refund requests on their own using this module.

Customers can also attach a file(s) as proof (picture or video). Customers can also check the status updates on their RMA requests.

You can contact the representative by sending messages. Each request has its own RMA number, which helps with different return processes.

The customer can access the RMA form using his account. The admin can also view the history of RMA generation on the backend.

 Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Features

Add RMA menu in Odoo

  • In Odoo, there is a distinct area for managing returns and exchanges.
  • To keep things organized on your end, include the RMA menu.

 Designed for Website and the Backend

  • Generate RMA requests for the consumer through their website accounts.
  • The Odoo user can also create an RMA request in the Odoo backend.

RMA Request Form

  • Create a legible Odoo RMA form for the benefit of your customers.
  • Each RMA request has its unique RMA# (number), and stages are visible on the RMA form for the customers.

 Establish RMA Stages

  • Mark the progression of the RMA process in stages.
  • In your RMA process, provide representative stages for various product inspections.
  • Create distinct stages for returns and exchanges.

Establish Your Return Policy

  • The user can customize the RMA form by adding return and exchange policies.
  • Display to the customer while filling out the RMA form.
  • Display the terms and conditions in the RMA form in the same way.

 Customer-Odoo User Communication

  • The consumer and Odoo user can communicate via the Odoo chatter.
  • For a faster RMA procedure, both parties can share questions and updates.
  • The chat feature eliminates any communication delays.

Customer Website Account RMA Options

  • Create The RMA request from the customer's website account.
  • Users can create and track the status of RMA requests.

 Set RMA Reasons

  • Create many RMA explanations from which the client can choose.
  • Use the RMA reason to complete the RMA form.
  • Add relevant reasons to help the customer comprehend their problems.

View RMA History

  • Users can access RMA history with the apt button.
  • Show all the RMA for the return, exchange repair, etc.

 Manage RMA return

  • You can manage your RMA order With Lot number.
  • You can also Manage through serial Numbers.

Check RMA Request from Customer’s Profile in Odoo Backend

  • For the user's RMA history, a Smart button is available.
  • This module allows you to see all the requests under this option.
  • You can access the request as per the need.
  • You may also remove the odoo backend repair dependency.
  • There is No more need for extra installation.
  • You can control both the RMA return and the serial number.
  • You can also manage RMA returns for shipped orders with this module.

 How RMA can help to Streamline your Business?

RMA: Return merchandise authorization is a key component of the reverse logistics process. The advantages of implementing RMA in your firm are twofold:

  • First, it assists you in managing, monitoring, and tracking the goods.
  • It improves cooperation across departments, boosting the efficiency of the process.
  • Second, it enables you to provide an excellent customer experience.
  • A pre-defined process in the system leads to several stages of completion.
  • Automation also ensures that the procedure is inexpensive, efficient, and quick.
  • Classify the product as repairable, defective beyond repair, for exchange, etc.
  • After classification, the product moves for more processing as needed.


 An Entire Separate Menu To Manage Returns & Exchanges From The Same Screen

RMA Requests for Odoo

  • Generated Odoo RMAs Display the RMA sub-menu, which displays information.
  • There is no need to look for relevant orders as it shows information on the screen.
  • You can see the reason for returning, product name, customer data, RMA stage, and much more.
  • You can update the status of the RMA request.

RMA Stages and Reasons

  • Track the status of RMA requests with different phases of the RMA process.
  • The status would be available to all departments, allowing them to decide on the next stage.
  • You can build a list of explanations for the consumer to select from while filling out the RMA form.
  • It provides testing and processing for the customer's issue as soon as possible.

RMA Configuration

  • Take command of your Odoo RMA form and procedure by outlining every detail.
  • While filling out the RMA form, state your return policy for the customer to view. Customers should be able to see the RMA stage on the form.
  • It provides the terms and conditions for returns and exchanges.
  • Choose a repair location for the faulty products.

Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE. Also, check our extensive range of Odoo Apps.

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it is v.good addons and help full for custmer
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