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CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking
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CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking: The extension provides the functionality of tracking the shipment carriers with a separate tracking Id number on the respective portal of that shipping carrier. If the customer wants to create any new shipment they can create and use it as per their requirements.

Although the extension 75 carriers configured if needed to add some, certainly it is possible by users. Thereby using this extension users can choose their own carriers for the store from multiple carrier methods.

Highlighted Features

 Custom Shipment Carriers Addition

The user can add custom shipping carriers in the extension from their panel.

 Multiple Shipping Carriers

Although the extension supports 75 carriers including 7 Indian carriers by default, the users can create a new one as well.

 Easy Setup Shipment Carrier

The admin can active, edit and disable the shipment carrier.

 Shipment Tracking

The user can track his shipment on the respective portal of that carrier with a tracking ID.

Why do we need CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking?

If any customer is situated in the US and ordered something for his family in India, with CS-Cart custom shipment carrier tracking they can easily track the shipment at any point in time and know the exact status of the order.

The tracking service makes it easy for users to expedite the shipment tracking flow and delight the customers. The plugin already supports 75 shipping carriers and users can create more according to the requirement which enhances the user experience.

Shipping carrier addition

The extension supports 75 default carriers and the user can also add a new one in the panel.

  • New shipments can be created anytime.
  • The admin can enable or disable the shipping carriers from the backend.
  • The admin and seller both can edit the shipment process.
  • A separate URL needs while adding the new shipping carrier.

Tracking of the order

The user can check their order status by the given URL, that URL provided while the customer places the order and choose the shipment.

  • Each shipment carrier has its own tracking URL which will receive while the customer chooses that carrier.
  • Order id will also add while choosing the shipping with the help of that ID users can track their order.
  • A mail is provided after successful order which consists of details of the carrier and tracking URL of shipment.

Order status

The admin and vendor both can check the order status on their panel.

  • The admin can check the order status and the shipment information which displays the method, name of the carrier, and tracking number at the admin panel.
  • The tracking number is clickable which redirects to the shipment carrier page.
  • The customer can check the order details on his customer panel in the order section.
  • The admin also can check the previous order history.

CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking Features:

  • 75 default carrier methods are provided.
  • The functionality of including other shipment carriers apart from 75 default carrier methods is being provided at the admin end.
  • Supports both CS-Cart and Multivendor.
  • The functionality of tracking the shipment is provided to the admin, seller, and customer.
  • The functionality of editing of shipment process can be done both by vendor and admin.
  • Customers can track orders via the shipping carrier tracking information link provided on the order detail page.
  • Option of mail system is provided which consists of details of carrier and tracking URL of shipment.
  • Give customers the ability to track their orders directly from the shipment email.

CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking Video Tutorial :

For a detailed video tutorial please click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvRDV7PwqgY&t=23s

CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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based on 5 reviews
Posted On - March 9, 2021
Great addon
Does what it's supposed to do. Excellent support from Webkul on customization. I recommend.
Posted On - March 8, 2019
Excellent Support
The module works perfectly and complies with what has been described. In addition, the developer has adapted the add-on to my specific needs quickly and effectively.
Excellent support service
Posted On - March 8, 2019
Excellent addon
Excellent addon, does what was required. I even got additional integration done to work with this addon. Excellent job so far, highly recommended.
Austin G
Posted On - February 21, 2017
Excellent Addon!
I spent a long time trying to manually add carriers to CS Cart without success. I found this excellent Add-on which was easy to install and work perfectly. The price and support is also excellent.
Nigel R
www.freeprawnracing.co.uk/ (GB)
Posted On - January 20, 2017
Awesome addon & fantastic support!!!
This is awesome , the way it should be out the box.
I struggled a little to get the standard carriers removed, but, they were gone in hours after I asked them for help.
What more do you want? Great add-on, great price, fantastic support.
Win, Win Win!!!!!
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