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Odoo Website Internal Notes On Order
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Leave a message with Odoo Website Internal Notes on Order!

Internal order notes help a customer in a lot of ways. It helps keep track of every item delivered to customers. The module further allows knowing customers' preferences and choices, making it easier to supply products and reducing the chance of missing the delivery.

Odoo Website Internal Notes on Order permits customers to add a note or a message with the order. It enables customers to convey messages to the Odoo website admin for a better shopping experience. In addition, it helps you to understand the customers' requirements and serve them properly.

The module allows customers to buy a product online and convey their requests, which helps them understand their requirements and provides them with a better experience.

 Odoo Website Internal Notes On Order Features

Add Message or Notes to the Placed Order in Odoo

  • Odoo Website Internal Notes on Order permits customers to add a message or note with the placed order.
  • You can also add a note or message to the sales order from the Odoo backend.

 Read the Messages Under Quotation in Odoo Backend

  • You can read all the messages under the quotation in the Odoo backend.
  • Admin can also view the message on the stock picking or delivery validation page.

Read the Message on the Invoice in the backend

  • The internal note module allows you to read the message on the order invoice.

 Add Delivery Details in the Order

  • The customer can the desired delivery date while placing the order.
  • The Odoo admin can view the desired delivery date on the quotation.

Read or Check the Message Under the Quotation

  • The website order notes module permits you to read or check messages under quotation.
  • You can effortlessly know the customer requirements and offer a better shopping experience.
  • The module helps you to understand customer preferences about order delivery etc.
  • You can check other information about the customer from the invoice page.
  • The website order notes are also available on the delivery validation page.
  • Odoo admin can also view the entered note on the order invoice page.
  • The quotation shows the desired delivery date if the customer has entered it.

 Adding a Message for Internal Reference on the Odoo Website

  • The website order notes module allows adding a message on an order.
  • On the Odoo website, customers can convey their message while placing orders.
  • They can also select the desired delivery date for the product order.
  • Customers can not cancel the order before a specific date.
  • The admin can also configure the minimum and maximum number of days for desired delivery.
  • Customers will see a message on clicking Pay now if the desired delivery date is less or more than the configured minimum and maximum days, respectively.
  • Customers can also add requests, such as gift wrap, etc., in the order note.

Odoo Website Internal Notes On Order

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Nikos Spyropoulos
www.thebeautyshop.gr (GR)
Posted On - April 22, 2020
definately the best developer.
definately the best developer.
i co-operate with them again and again and everytime i am more satisfied.
thank you for simplifiyng my tasks by submittiing great software solutions for my company.
the developer is fast and reliable. it is all i need!!!
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