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Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-on
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Magento2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping: Shipping in Magento2 marketplace module is a much-needed feature for the sellers that’s why we created an add-on for Table Rate Shipping. Marketplace Table Rate Shipping For Magento 2 module is useful allows the seller to add the shipping rates through the CSV files from their end. This shipping module is helpful for order confirmation, tracking number from seller and print invoice. Marketplace Table Rate Shipping module helps the seller to manage the shipping table rate in an easy way.

This module is an add-on of Magento2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Magento2 marketplace module first Magento2 Marketplace Module

Magento2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Features -

  • Sellers/admin can add shipping rates using CSV file for table rates.
  • Admin can assign shipping rates to any seller by entering the seller id.
  • Seller and admin both can create sub-methods for Table Rate Shipping.
  • The admin and the sellers can create Super Shipping Set.
  • Shipping will be calculated based on ZIP and weight of the product.
  • Shipping cost will be calculated as per the seller or vendor.
  • The seller can confirm the order and can set the tracking ID for the order.
  • Shipping rates will populate based on CSV during checkout.
  • Option to export shipping CSV file from the back-end.
  • The seller can add Invoice & Packing slip address, VAT, TAX information.
  • Ability to download Invoice & Shipping slip easily.
  • The codes are open so it can be customized easily.
  • Marketplace Table Rate Shipping supports alphanumeric zip codes.

 What is the use of this module and why should use it?

In the marketplace, it is very tedious to manage the shipping based on the vendor location, the weight of the product and the customer's destination. But now this problem is solved by Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-on extension. The sellers will be able to create different shipping rules that will be used for the price calculation according to the table rates.

The entities involved for calculation the shipping cost depends upon- Country code, Region code, Weight, Zip Code Range, Numeric Zipcode, and the Alphanumeric Zipcode. The sellers can also create supersets that will allow the price calculation based on the price of the products. Shipping method and charges will be shown on the invoice as well.

 Marketplace seller / Vendor Order management

Magento2 Marketplace table rate shipping addon ( All the marketplace shipping addon) is super useful in order management from vendor panel . Vendor / seller will be able to manage the shipping , generating invoice and putting tracking id . Here are some salient feature of marketplace table rate shipping extension

  • Vendor / Seller can Download all invoice slip
  • Vendor / Seller can Download all shipping slip
  • Vendor will be able to ship the order by adding tracking id , which will be viewed by buyer as well .
  • Vendor can put their address and VAT information like sale tax / service tax information e.g TIN number

 Usercase for Magento2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

Table rate shipping is an integral part of magento2 shipping management but when you are using magento2 marketplace module and as a store admin if you want to add  the very same option for seller / vendor its hard to implement so thats why we create this addon by which seller can also add table rate shipping management  . shipping is an integral and a must have feature for any e-commerce marketplace , table rate shipping give seller tons of options from managing order to invoice generation.

 Admin Management

Magento2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping add-on allows the admin and seller to define shipping / fright price as per their need. Shipping / fright price are calculated based on csv entered by admin and seller and shipping cost is calculated based on weight, postal code, region, country, state and many more options.

  • Allow to enable/disable this add-on from the back-end.
  • Admin can add/delete shipping rates.
  • Include alphanumeric zip codes.
  • Admin can give sub-method names for Table Rate Shipping.
  • Admin can assign any shipping rate to any seller using CSV file.
  • Allow to view the matrix of CSV.

 Seller Management

Under the “manage shipping”, seller will upload the CSV file containing “country code”, “zip from", “zip to”, “price”, “weight from”, “weight to” and many more. After the order is placed, seller can go to “my product list” and view the “quantity sold” for that particular order. On clicking on the “quantity sold” number, seller can see the product with “invoice” option.

  • Seller can upload the table tax rate via CSV file.
  • Seller can give sub-method names for Table Rate Shipping.
  • Include alphanumeric zip codes.
  • Allow to add Invoice, Shipping address, VAT, TAX information.
  • Availability to download invoice and shipping slip.

 Super Shipping Sets

The admin and the sellers can create super shipping sets for the customers. If there are two or more shipping methods are available to a customer. The super shipping method will get the priority.

  • Specify cart price bracket (min. & max.)
  • Enter shipping method name
  • Select super set type as - free or fixed
  • Set the cost of the shipping method
  • Edit/delete super shipping sets
  • The admin can create super sets for sellers
  • The admin can export super shipping CSV

 Buyers End Benefit

Using this module seller can provide the Table Rate Shipping to their buyers. Shipping price are calculated based on csv entered by seller and shipping cost is calculated based on weight, postal code, region, country, state and many more options . Buyer will have this shipping method on the check out page, if the buyer's shipping address matches the CSV ( zip code, country, weight).

 Generating Invoice & Tracking Id

After the approval of the order seller can generate the invoice. After generating invoice, seller can set the tracking number, shipping details and save it. Now the order status will be “complete”.

Seller can download the invoice slip and shipping slip for that particular order and can even print both the slips. Even the seller can download the bulk invoice and shipping slips.

  • Seller can set the tracking id and shipping detail.
  • Seller can download/print the invoice and shipping slips.
  • Seller can download many shipping and invoice slips just by entering date.

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Magento2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Posted On - May 12, 2017
Great extension!
This shipping extension is the best! Not only does it give sellers the ability to manage their own shipping costs very easily, it has bulk CSV upload features too. Does what it says...
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