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Captivate Customers with Visuals in Quotations via Odoo Website Quotation Images!

The module represents a transformative solution that redefines the way quotations are presented and perceived. This capability opens up a world of possibilities for businesses to communicate product offerings more comprehensively, appealing to visual learners and bolstering overall customer engagement. Consistency in visual communication enhances professionalism and leaves a lasting impression, setting the stage for a positive customer experience.

Images bridge the gap between virtual browsing and in-store experiences, building a bridge of understanding and aiding purchasing decisions. It empowers businesses to convey product information more effectively, foster customer confidence, and present a professional and engaging face to their clientele. A toggle option is also provided to disable the display of images when creating a quotation, particularly useful in cases where there are no images available to showcase.

For instance, in scenarios where certain products lack accompanying images, this toggle allows for a clean and streamlined quotation creation process without the inclusion of empty or irrelevant image placeholders.

 Odoo Website Quotation Images Features

Displaying Product Visuals within Sales Orders

  • The module designed for quotation images enables the display of product visuals within the context of sales quotations.
  • Both you and the customer have the capability to view these images within the sales orders.

 Issuing Quotations or Sales Orders with Visuals

  • The quotation/sales sent also encompasses the inclusion of product images.
  • You have the option to decide whether to incorporate or omit images in the quotations or sales orders.

Quotation in the Odoo Backend

  • Product picture needs to be uploaded upon product creation.
  • Customers can view the list of products along with their photos.
  • This enables customers to understand the specifications of products.
  • Helps in visualizing the products they are considering.
  • Request modification or decline quotations on specific products.
  • They can accept or decline quotations with ease as well as request modifications.
  • Clicking on the product redirects customers to the website where they can review its specifications.

 Customer Email Quotation

  • Pdf Attachment sent to customers via email along with the product list and images.
  • Sending a quotation by email caters to a broader range of preferences and technological familiarity.
  • Pdf quotations and images can be kept for documenting purposes
  • It can be accessed offline.
  • Customers can go through a pdf easily rather than navigating through a website.
  • Customers can share with colleagues who might not have access to the website.
  • Can be used to verify products with the help of pictures at the time of delivery.

Odoo Website Quotation Images

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