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Opencart Marketplace Mobile App Opencart marketplace mobile app will convert your marketplace store into a native/ hybrid mobile app with all feature well synchronized. Using this application customer can easily purchase products in just one click using their smartphones. The app can provide small-scale retailers to showcase their products in a marketplace. 

This app is useful for all the sellers in the marketplace, the store owner and the customer who is using the app. Our Opencart Marketplace Mobile App is fully compatible with our Opencart Marketplace Module.

Note - To use this Mobile App, you must have installed Webkul's Opencart Marketplace Module. With the help of REST API, all the customizations, features, functionalities available on opencart marketplace store can also be replicated on the Mobile App via customization paid service. Further, mobile app source code is available for purchase.

Why Do We Need Opencart Multi Vendor Mobile App?

If one is having a web-store based on the e-Commerce platform, then it's time to convert it into an app. Opencart Multi Vendor Mobile App converts an e-commerce website into an app that operates on both Android(on Kotlin) and iOS(on Swift). They have played a great role in the globalization of the e-commerce industry. The major factors are-

  • The sellers/ vendors will have access to their roles and responsibilities.
  • The separate seller/ vendors dashboard will allow the sellers/ vendors to manage their store sales and revenue.
  • Sellers/ vendors can manage their orders using the mobile app anywhere, anytime.
  • The customers can easily access their favorite sellers/ vendors.
  • Sellers/ vendors can make their profile more attractive to showcase in the storefront.
  • Sellers/ vendors have the leverage to add/ edit the products in their store.
  • Customers will find many offers and vouchers for the purchase.
  • Marketplace sell page is available to show the list of sellers/ vendors in the store and other store details.

Highlighted Features


The app has a set of the interactive banner, set of carousels- category carousel, featured product carousel, and new product carousel.

 Optimization Of Search Result

The search results can be filtered via the Layered Navigation of collection page.

 Easy Configuration

The app can be configured from the admin panel, with all the basic setting like a banner, notification, category icons and banner, and other sections.

 Multilingual Support

The app can be converted to the desired language. Just the language must be enabled on the store. Note- The app supports RTL layout for languages having RTL formats like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and others.

 Deep Linking

The opencart multi vendor mobile app helps in improvising the time on the store of customers by weaving the functionality of deep linking in a product linking.

 Easy Order Management

The order placed by the customer will be efficiently managed by the customer from the app.

 Multiple Payment & Shipping Methods Support

The marketplace mobile app supports multiple payments and shipping methods, including offline and online.

 Seller/ Vendor Profile Management

The sellers/ vendors can manage their profile details that are visible in the storefront.

 Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your customer for providing regular updates.

 Rapid And Responsive Interface

This provides an interface between sellers/vendors and customers that is convenient to operate and understand.

 White Label Solution

Custom design mobile application development available to showcase your company's brand.

 Fully Native Application

Leverage from the hardware device capability to deliver the ultimate shopping experience from the mobile app.

Major Features Of The Mobile Application

Opencart Marketplace Mobile app Features

Seller/Vendor Centric feature

  • Seller/ Vendor list available to view all the sellers.
  • Seller/ Vendor Collection to view all the products sold by the vendor.
  • Seller/ Vendor Profile management from the app.
  • Seller/ Vendor Dashboard to track sales and revenue.
  • Seller/ Vendor Order History to manage and fulfill orders placed.
  • Seller/ Vendor Location is mentioned on the map.
  • A seller/ vendor can view the information about the Total Orders placed/Total Sales done
  • A seller/ vendor can monitor the insight of total buyers for the seller/ vendor & Sales Analytics.
  • A seller/vendor is able to add the product and it has the facility to edit/delete the product.

Customer-Centric feature

  • The customer can contact the seller.
  • Sell Page.
  • user can review the seller.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.
  • Multiple currency and multiple languages are supported including Arabic RTL.
  • Reward Point, gift voucher and coupon code functionality present.
  • Users can apply to become a seller.
  • Voice product search
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • A customer has an option to add the product to my wishlist.
  • Support Multi-language
  • A customer can view the list of sellers selling their items at the marketplace and check their profile as well.

Marketplace Landing Page

Opencart Mobikul Marketplace provides a ravishing Landing Page where the user can see information about the latest sellers & the latest products that have been added to the Marketplace.

  • The customer can check the profile of the seller or can go through the products listed and can add those products to the shopping cart.
  • The Seller page display details about the latest sellers & the latest products.
  • From the seller page, the user can check the Seller profile and check the listed products.
  • The user can add the products into the cart or can add them to the Wish List.

Seller/Vendor Profile

In the Seller Profile page, the customer can get all the information related to any particular seller like Seller Name, Rating of that seller, Seller profile details, About Seller shop and the collection of seller's products.

  • The customer can leave their reviews about the seller also. Seller location is also displayed using google maps.
  • The customer will see details like Seller Name, Average rating of that seller, Profile details, About Seller shop and the collection of seller's products.
  • The customer can also check Seller Location by Google Map.

Seller/Vendor Dashboard

The app gives the ability to store sellers to review the activities being conducted on products related to them. Here the seller can see.

  • The Total Orders placed,
  • Total Sales did.
  • Total Buyers for the seller.
  • Sales Analytics showing the graph for orders v/s customers.
  • The latest orders have been placed for the seller's product.

This will allow the sellers to easily manage the products being sold. Thus, helping in better sales and attraction of maximum customer in the store.

Seller/Vendor Order

In Seller Order, the seller can view and manage their orders in a very efficient way.

  • This section has a list of all the orders that have been placed by the customers.
  • The seller can view any order and can see different information like Order id, Shipping address, Payment method used, description of the item ordered and the Order status with the date.
  • The seller can add comments to their order and can send it to the customer or the admin. The seller can also “Add History” for an order if the history exists for that order.
  • The seller can filter the order list by Order Id, Date Added, Order Status, & Customer name.

Multi-Merchant Android and iOS App

Opencart Multi-vendor mobile app is a revolution in the E-commerce industry. With this app, customers can easily access the application. The native app works natively on the device which can be published on Play store for Android Phone users and App Store for iOS Phone users.

  • The App gives the functionality of the Seller side also. So, be it any type of user now the store owner can make its store easily accessible and can increase sales.
  • This app is easily accessible.
  • Seller and store can take advantage of the based app to attract more customers.

Multi-Seller/Multi-Vendor Mobile API

This Multi-Seller app with the help of REST API can extend the seller based features to the app. That is, now the seller-centric features can be used in the app.

  • The app features here use API to get reflected in the app.
  • The seller can accomplish multiple purposes here- Adding products. Editing Products. Become a seller. View the orders.

Multilingual and RTL Support

The localization of the app is one of the most important features of any e-commerce based app. The app can become a much more efficient mode of attracting the customer.

  • With the ability of translation, it can prove to be an even more advanced form.
  • Not only translation the app is quite responsive and will change its layout from LTR to RTL if there is a modification in language type.
  • Better Customer Interaction
  • Optimized UI
  • Effective conversion rate

Through Fingerprint

Fingerprint scanner scans & record the fingerprint, It is used to open the door or turn the device, It is limited by the quality of technology used in its construction.

  • Fingerprint scanners are unique and highly secure
  • They are used to lock/unlock the devices and apps without needing to remember the passwords.
  • They are easier, cheaper and faster to set up.

Machine Learning (Coming Soon)

Mobile app developers have a lot to gain from innovative transformations that Machine Learning (ML) is offering across the industry. The opencart App can facilitate its customers to conduct an optimized search process. The app uses Google's Machine Learning Kit which makes the app personalized. This feature can optimize the search process by two cases-

  • Text Detection- This will read the text on an object via camera and show the related result in the app. Currently, the text detection works for English language only.
  • Product(Object)Detection- This will identify the object via camera and machine learning the result related to the object will be displayed to be selected by the user. This will help the user to search the product more efficiently.

Social Login (Paid)

Opencart Social Login module allows the users to sign up into Opencart site using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn.

  • The admin can manage settings for social networks on the back end such as App ID, secret key, etc.
  • It allows users to sign up using social networks.
  • Customers select one of their preferred social networks to sign up on the site.
  • Customers can choose one among the various social account to log in.

Push Notification

The Push Notification feature helps both customers and store owners. They are the instant messages that pops-up on the application user's mobile screen.

  • Push Notifications are said to more effective than any other mode of communication like mail or messages as the traditional SMS and Emails can end up in the spam/junk section.
  • The app users can click on the tab to view information related to offers, new arrivals, exclusive collections, etc.

Augmented Reality (Coming soon)

With the advancement in the e-commerce industry, new technological changes are emerging. These changes will allow the store to achieve multiple functionalities virtually to ease the customer. The Augmented Reality technique is implemented in two ways

  • Virtual Try-On- This will allow visualization of virtual product in reality, in order to enjoy the product look and feel in reality. These AR-Products will allow the app user to get how the products being sold will appear when they will be in reality. Usability of the feature in areas like the automobile industry, architects and interior decorators, fashion industry and many more places.
  • Virtual Measurement-
  • This feature will allow the detection of the object and calculation of the size of the object. This will allow customization of the product as per the recorded size of the object. It uses AR core and AR kit for the implementation of the feature. This feature is highly helpful for the reduction of the errors in the fashion industry and many other such places where recording measurement is important.

Customer Success Stories

Krushikendra Online Agriculture Mega Store: Krushikendra India’s first Online Agriculture, Mega Store Selling Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilisers, Agri Machinery, Agro pumps, Plant Growth Regulators, Solar pumps, Agriculture books and Cd's and various Agri Inputs with free shipping facility. The Opencart multivendor mobile application has helped Krushikendra to generate more revenue by increasing the accessibility of the store via the app. Their customer can now view the best products from an app without the requirement of visiting the store or any website. They can look and purchase the desired products from anywhere and anytime. Check out the mobile app for Android here.

Dondolo Shop: The mobile application has created a benchmark in attracting maximum customers. Converting your simple website into an advanced mobile app can help in increasing sales to high gradients. Dondolo has converted its opencart multi vendor website into an application. Using which they have generated efficiently deal on phones, tablets, gadgets, and accessories in Uganda. Now with the introduction of the native app, it has made the process more convenient and friendly. Check out the mobile app for Android here.

Vlebazaar- Another name from the multiple lists of the satisfied client is the Vlebazaar. Vlebazaar is a special website for village level entrepreneurs for providing the goods at a cheap rate. Converting Vle Bazaar website into an advanced mobile app can help in increasing sales to high gradients. Vlebazaar provides Goods and services to vle for enhancing their business and earns more. The app is specially designed for vile users of CSC, Emitra, Digipay, Saral, Jan Seva Kendra. we especially focus on the development of vile. Check out the mobile app for Android here

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/

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