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CS-Cart Make An Offer: This module gives your customer the easiest way to negotiate for products or services. This module helps your customer to place an offer and negotiate on the product price. The customer can quote their own price, later that can be accepted or rejected by the admin.

Once accepted, the admin and customer can discuss and keep to negotiating via the discussion panel. The module is effective for stores providing custom products or personalized services.

CS-Cart Make an Offer helps to boost sales and customer satisfaction by providing them with amazing offers. It also helps you to avoid losing sales and convert your store visitors into loyal customers.

Highlighted Features

 Inquiry for Offers

Users can inquire or request an offer from the front end.

 Customize Make an Offer Form

Users can create and customize the Make an Offer form page.

 View List of Offers

Customers can view the list of offers with all the latest estimate requests sent within the "offer" page of the registered user.

 Email Notification to Admin

An email is sent to the admin on every occasion when the user makes any suggestion.

 Email Notification to Customer

Customers will receive an email notification when the offer gets accepted or rejected.

 Auto Promotion Link Generation

Auto promotion code/link advent upon accepting the offer.

Why do we need CS-Cart Make an Offer module?

Online businesses always focus on customer pleasure. CS-Cart Make an Offer module provides the easiest way to negotiate for the product price and make their own offer. Letting your customer make a purchase at lower prices help to convert store visitors into a loyal customer.

The admin will not only get a loyal customer but also get increased customer satisfaction, better customer engagement, and increased sales. By way of choosing “Make an Offer” on the product detail webpage, the consumer can enter and put up new prices as per the quantity of their choice.

The admin receives the offer through email and a suggestion is generated. The offer may be accepted, rejected, or countered based on the quotation.

Make an Offer for Product or Category

The admin can enable the choice for proposing selected categories.

  • Make an Offer can be enabled for single or multiple categories.
  • It can be enabled for a single product as well.
  • The admin can disable Make an Offer for the selected product.

Make An Offer Form

In the Make an Offer form, there are three fields include customer email, price per product, quantity, and offer price.

  • In the Make an Offer form, the customer can provide their email address.
  • Customers can provide the number of quantities in the purchase quantity field.
  • A customer can see the offer price of the product.

Discussion for An Offer

The admin and customer can chat regarding an offer. The discussion can be initiated by any of them.

  • After accepting an offer the admin can initiate the discussion regarding an offer if required.
  • The customer can initiate the discussion regarding a suggestion to the admin.
  • A customer can manage all requests and view respective offer requests.
  • All the offers displayed are provided by the admin.

Manage Vendor

The admin can manage vendor profiles, edit vendor information, contact information, and shipping address.

  • The admin can view vendor products.
  • Admin can view vendors and users.
  • The admin can view vendor orders.

Unixmo- Building Cutting-Edge Online Auction Marketplace Platform for New Zealand

Unixmo, a thriving e-commerce platform, serves as an online shopping destination and auction website, facilitating the exchange of diverse goods and services between individuals and businesses. Unixmo achieved business goals by utilizing Webkul's CS-Cart Marketplace solutions, including Auction, Make an Offer, Wallet System, Booking Reservation System, and various Payment Methods.

  • Unixmo managing their eCommerce store on CS-Cart.
  • Unixmo admin and vendor can easily post their product for auction and customers can bid on that auctions products.
  • The customer of Unixmo can easily request to make an offer on products.
  • Read out the full Unixmo Case Study to know more.

CS-Cart Make An Offer Features:

  • Request for an offer from the front end.
  • Create and customize make an offer form page.
  • The offer is restricted to a single product based on price and quantity.
  • Option to view the list of offers with all recent estimate requests sent in the "offer" page of the registered users.
  • A separate section of the discussion panel is provided to both admin and users where they can haggle related to the offer.
  • The option to accept, reject or counter the offer is provided to the admin.
  • Redirect users that accept quotes to the CS-Cart checkout page via reference link/promotion code provided by mail.
  • Manage offers with expiration dates.
  • Option to disable communication tab at admin end accordingly.
  • Option to re-create and manage quote requests from the admin end against the response of an offer.
  • Rejected offers can be accepted in future if the admin changes his mind.
  • Ajax-based process ensures users cannot place multiple offers for the same product simultaneously.
  • The option of captcha is provided to ensure that spammers cannot overload the server.
  • Email sent to admin each time user makes an offer.
  • Email sent to users who made offers when it get accepted/rejected or countered.
  • Once an order is generated in response to the offer accepted then further it can not be rejected.
  • Auto promotion code/link creation upon accepting the offer.

CS-Cart Make An Offer Additional Features:

  • Admin can enable the option for making an offer for selected categories.
  • Functionality to allow vendors to manage offers at their end.
  • Admin can show make an offer option for selected Features and Variants only.
  • Admin can disable a particular product for customer from making an offer.
  • Option to display the offer form in a product tab at front end.
  • Admin can enable/disable the offer handling process at vendor end.

Features Added in Version 2.0:

  • Functionality to enable/disable offer for a particular product.
  • Option to enable/disable offer for any particular category.
  • Functionality to enable/disable offer option for all the products of a particular vendor on the basis of the vendor plan.

CS-Cart Make An Offer-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 5 reviews
Arnold De Veth
www.merchandisewear.com (NL)
Posted On - March 16, 2023
Excellent product and services
Good service and nice addons

Posted On - March 6, 2019
Good addon
Can you add RFQ to your addons so the customer can send "an offer" or "request for quotation "
Posted On - March 6, 2019
Nice addon
A well developed addon that works very well on my website. It seems to pick up customers that would otherwise not buy a product based on pricing issues, who would otherwise leave the store, but instead have a go at making an offer. Works well for me.
Posted On - September 1, 2017
Perfect tool
Perfect tool for approach to your customer. It can be recommended to all stores for goods and for services. Only positive outcomes.
Posted On - February 21, 2017
Very friendly and supportive services!
Today market is very slow, price is very important, such too to negotiate price, send offers is must have for every store. Recommending this addon and Webkul developer, very friendly and supportive.
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