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Auction for Magento 2: Magento 2 Auction module will enable the auction feature for your shop by which admin can add auction for their product and the buyer can bid on that product. Admin will be able to update and delete the auction. Admin can set Automatic, Reserve Price, Incremental Auction for their products. Magento Auction works with simple, virtual & downloadable product types.

Please Note - The expiration date of the wallet amount will be set according to the wallet setting, the admin has to setup cron. Just run this command php bin/magento cron:run The cron is in default group and after enabling the cron it will run automatically every day at 1 am.

Auction For Magento 2 Features -

  • This module adds the auction feature for your shop.
  • Incremental Auction Option can be set by the admin.
  • Automatic and Reserve Price Auction option set by the admin.
  • Admin can enable or disable Email notification option to outbid buyer.
  • Enable Email Notification for Auto bid to the owner from the backend.
  • If user bid will be outbid then a user will receive email notification automatically.
  • Date time picker for date and time selection.
  • Edit and delete feature for product auction.
  • The admin can enable a wallet system, for receiving security for the auction applied which will be the percentage of total bid amount.
  • The deducted amount can be refundable or non-refundable.
  • The customer can add money to the wallet thought simple checkout process.
  • The customer gets notified before the expiration of the wallet.
  • The expiration date the wallet amount will be set according to the Wallet setting, the admin has to setup cron.
  • Fully admin management. Multi-Lingual support / All language working including RTL.
  • Compatible with the Multi store.

 What is the use of this module and why should use it?

Auction for Magento 2 extension will add online auction feature to your ecommerce. Any product can be auctioned using four sorts of auctions - standard, incremental, reserve, and automatic. Online auction allows the store owner to sell the products at the current market prices. It also helps in selling out the lying stock rapidly. The customers will be placing their bids for the products. The one who offers the highest bid can buy the product in the stipulated time.

Standard Auction -

After the installation of the module, admin can see “Auction” in the admin panel and can do the configuration. This type of auctions is often used by the auctioneers. In this, the auction will be simple. The bid will start with a base amount and the highest amount bidder will win the auction. The admin can set the Auction Rule and show a warning message.

  • Admin can enable this Auction.
  • Admin can choose to display Current bid price, Auction details, Bidder name.
  • The admin can set the Auction Rule.
  • The admin can show a warning message.

Increment Auction -

In case of incremental Auction, bid raises each time. It is a predetermined bid, based on the current high bid. If any bidder places a bid, then the current price will increase with incremental price. Like if you are the first bidder and place a bid of $30. Then current bid becomes $40 ($30 + $10 incremental price). No one can place a bid less than $40. The Increment bid is the amount by which a bid will be incremented each time the current bid is outdone. Increment bid amount setting is done by the admin.

  • The admin can enable or disable the incremental auction.
  • The admin can fill incremental price.

Automatic Auction -

The admin can also enable or disable the Automatic Auction option. The admin can set automatic bidder details, price, bidders, outbid messages.

  • When you (buyer) place an automatic bid with the maximum amount that you want to pay for the product.
  • The other bidders will not know about other’s bidder automatic bid if disabled by admin.
  • The other bidders will place bids based on the current high bid.
  • The bid will be placed until the bid meets the reserve price or it expires.
  • If another bidder places the same maximum automatic bid or higher, then you will be notified by mail, so that you can place another bid.
  • If Your maximum bid is not exceeded by another automatic bidder or current bid, then you will win the bid at the current bid.

Reserve Auction Option and Email Notification Option -

In the Reserve Auction, any item which is on auction will be sold only after its bidding amount exceeds or matches with the Global Reserve Price. In the email notification option, admin can allow email notification. The admin can enable email notification to the outbid buyer and email notification to auto bid buyer.

  • The admin will enter the Global Reserve Price for the Reserve Auction.
  • Through email notification, admin can enable email notification to the outbid buyer and auto bid buyer.
  • Admin can set the template to notify the customer of any debit/credit in the wallet amount, or when the wallet amount is getting expired. The template for admin to get notified of any transfer request.

 Product Page

On the storefront, the customers will find the auction details on the product page. The following information about the bidding will be visible. The customers can even purchase the product without bidding by clicking Buy It Now button.

  • Bidding time left.
  • Current bid amount.
  • Bids placed.
  • Min. & Max. Quantity.
  • Option to place an automatic bid.

 Auction Wallet Management

The admin can enable Wallet, to receive security against the bid raised by the customer. The customer can easily add money to the wallet as simple product checkout process. When the customer wins the bid they can pay the amount through wallet money also which could save them from any payment complexities.

  • The Security amount will be a percentage amount of the total bidding amount.
  • The amount can be refundable or non-refundable.
  • The wallet amount notification mail can be sent to the customer before the expiration of wallet amount.

Auction For Magento 2 Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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