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Odoo Website Daily DealsThe reverberations of the dramatic increase in e-commerce business on the market have provided every business, big or small with the opportunity to make its mark in the market. However, it also brought stiff competition as new brands are coming up every day.

Bringing customers to your store and adroitly enticing them to return can help you to establish your brand in the market.

Featuring sales on your website allows you to provide a monetary advantage to your customer with respect to other stores. They can also help you to offload the old inventory and make space for the new products at the end of the season.

With Odoo website Daily Deals module you can create and display website Deals on Odoo website. A separate deals page allows the customers to view the running, upcoming and expired(if enabled) sales on the website.

The Odoo admin can add configure the sale in the Odoo backend. The desired products can be added with their original and discounted price. The start and end date of the sale are added in the Odoo.

Odoo Website Daily Deals Features

  • The module facilitates running of Sales on the Odoo website.
  • The Odoo admin can run Sales on his/her store to offer remarkable deals on various products.
  • The Odoo admin can design the Sale of his/her choice in the Odoo backend.
  • The sale includes a start and date. The desired products can be added to the sale with their original price and discount price.
  • The module adds a separate Sales Page on the Odoo website.
  • The Sales Page showcases the running, upcoming and expired Sales on the Store.
  • The Sale page can be set to show the products in GridView or though slider.
  • Any number of Sales can be created and displayed on the website simultaneously.

Types Of Deals to Feature on your Website

You can create a number of sales for your website to engage customers through various discounts.

 Weekly/Monthly Sales

  • Weekly/Monthly Odoo website Sales are a great incentive to drive customers to your store. The customer returns to your store in search of any running Sales and can make purchases.

 Clearance Sales

  • Clearance Sales are what most customers look for these days. Clearance sales are run to make space in your inventory or when you need to offload the old stuff in your stock.
  • Clearance sale may allow thin margins but they can help as a customer engagement mechanism for your store.

 Pre-Order/Pre-Launch Sales

  • A lot of businesses offer Pre-order facility on their website/store. Anticipation plays a crucial role in driving the pre-launch website sale for a product.
  • If you expect a great surge in sales of an upcoming product, run Pre-order website Sale to give a taste to a few selected zealous customers and reap the benefits of anticipation marketing

 Holiday/Seasonal Sales

  • These sales run year around. There is always some holiday that is around the corner. Moreover, you also need to make space for upcoming trendy products.
  • Holiday Sales Deals offer a quick opportunity for big sales as you can keep them running all year. Christmas, Halloween or Hanukkah, they work for every occasion.

Separate Website Sales/Deals Page on Odoo website

  • A separate Sales Page is added to the website to keep things organized and avoid hindrance in normal website navigation.
  • The Website Sale/Deal page shows all the published Sales in the Odoo.
  • The Odoo admin can choose to display the expired Website Sale on the website.
  • Each Sale features an appropriate banner and products related to it.
  • The products can be shown in the GridView or using a slider.
  • The original price and the discounted price is displayed for each product on the Website Sales/Deals Page on the Odoo website.

Importance of showing Expired Deals on your website

The opportunity through Missed discount

  • Expired Website Sales displays the message to the customer to make them aware that they cannot participate in the Sale anymore and should come again for another Sale.
  • Though expired website Sales do not allow the customer to purchase the products it can serve an effective strategy to bring back the customers to your store.
  • Displaying website expired deals and sales on the website provides a view in the missed discount window enticing them to come back and check again for another sale.
  • Showing expired Website Sale Banner also provide you with the opportunity to showcase the number good deals you offer to the customer offering another gateway for customer engagement.

Default Configuration settings

  • The default configuration settings are introduced to save time while creating the Odoo website Sales.
  • The Odoo admin can set default values for various fields such as sales expiry message, Sales view, etc using the default configuration settings.
  • The default values are then picked up on creating a new sale.
  • The Odoo admin needs to change only the desired values and create a website Sale quickly.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Website Daily Deals Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Website Daily Deals module.

For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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Posted On - December 1, 2017
Great module
This is the sixth module I have purchased from Webkul. Really happy with this module it works perfectly with our Odoo V10. The service and support from Webkul have been exceptional as always. Very happy customer will buy many kore modules.
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