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Prestashop Adyen Payment Gateway - Does accepting payment by bank wire or by cheque takes too long? Try our Prestashop Adyen Payment Gateway module and receive the payment in minutes.

Prestashop Adyen Payment Gateway:-  Adyen payment gateway is a popular globalized payment method. With this module, admin can easily provide a new payment gateway named as "Adyen" to their customers for standard as well as subscription based products.

Adyen payment gateway is a popular globalized payment method. With this module, admin can easily provide a new payment gateway named as "Adyen" to their customers for standard as well as subscription based products.

Prestashop Adyen Payment Gateway Features -

  • Online payment via Adyen Payment Gateway.
  • Reliable, Secure and Easy to use.
  • Different payment methods are available for the customers to pay.
  • Admin can configure the module for test purpose or for live mode.
  • Admin has to provide the API keys as per the mode selected.
  • Admin can view the list of orders placed through Adyen separately in a new tab named as "Adyen Payment Gateway".
  • Admin can also view the order detail by clicking on any of the order from the list.
  • Admin can refund either full or partial amount to buyer.
  • Admin can specify the amount for partial refund.
  • The refunded amount will be updated on the order detail page.
  • Admin can enable/disable the “payment through HPP (Hosted Payment Pages)”.
  • If payment through HPP is enabled, then customer will be redirected to Adyen site to complete the payment.
  • If “payment through HPP” is disabled, then the custom form will open on the website itself to make the payment.

Recurring Features 

  • Admin can create the Adyen plan and specify the plan name.
  • Admin need to specify the amount & the duration of the subscription plan.
  • As per the subscribed plan, the subscription amount will be deducted from the buyer's account.
  • Admin can assign plans to products in two ways.
  • Admin can view the list of subscribed customers.
  • Admin can also cancel the subscription of any customer.
  • Buyer can view the subscription details on product page.
  • Subscription is only possible through Adyen payment gateway.
  • Customer can view the list of subscription in a new tab named as "My Adyen Subscription".
  • The amount displayed in the cart is only the product amount. The subscription amount will automatically deducted while paying through the Adyen gateway.
  • The detail of full payment made by “Adyen payment gateway” will be displayed on the order confirmation page.
  • Admin can view the subscription details in the buyer's order detail page.
  • Add chosen option for creating product subscription in Back office.

New Features (Available in Current Version) 

  • Admin must use notification settings in his/her CA account for getting order as 'Payment Accepted'.
  • If customer is using 3D secure card, he/she need to authenticate with username and password also.
  • Module can be translated into multiple languages - Arabic(ar), German(de), Spanish(es), French(fr), Italian(It), Japanese(ja), Dutch(nl), Portuguese (pt), Romania(ro), Russian(ru).

Note -

Admin has to enter the Notification URL on the Adyen Payment site in order to generate the orders with the order status as “Payment Accepted” otherwise order will be created with the order status as “Awaiting Adyen Payment”.

Admin can add notification URL by following the path written below : CA Account -> Settings -> Server communication -> Add Standard Notification.

*The notification will work only on your Live site URL*

Prestashop Adyen Payment Gateway Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com


based on 1 reviews
Posted On - January 4, 2018
Module works perfectly and customer service exceeded my expectations
I needed an Adyen payment module for use with my store. This module works perfectly.

I requested some customisation and all was sorted in half a day. Fantastic service! I would happily recommend this company to anyone.
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