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PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App - As a survey, on average, a user spends more than 30 hours/month in using the app. User prefers mobile apps to know, to find and to purchase the products with an easy checkout process.

With PrestaShop marketplace, mobile app admin can easily launch their running marketplace website as a mobile app for android users. Sellers can easily go through their dashboard, order history and can manage their products and orders. Buyer can also purchase seller products using default functionalities of PrestaShop and can even contact sellers easily.

Please Note - PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App is fully compatible with our Prestashop Advanced Marketplace Module. To use this Mobile App, you must have installed Prestashop Advanced Marketplace module.

PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Features

  • Sellers can view their products list.
  • Sellers can visit their own collection page.
  • Seller can view their own Profile.
  • Sellers can view their dashboard.
  • Seller can check Order History.
  • Seller can contact to admin.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.
  • Sellers can view their products list.
  • Seller can view the reviews provided to them.
  • Seller details and contact option from the product page.
  • User can review seller profile.
  • User can add seller’s products to their wishlist.
  • User can view the list of all the products of the seller at one page.
  • Support GDPR compliances to protect and control data of the app user.

Open Code and Highly Customizable

It is an open source application so that you can easily customize your application as per your need. You can edit everything like: application color, layout, page design, logo, etc. as per your business requirements. The benefit of open code-

  • Transparency of code
  • Easily check all the codes and change it as per your requirement.

Please Note- It is a paid feature. If you want the Mobikul Mobile Application with the source code then you need to select the option “Mobile App with source code” in the source code option during the purchase of the Mobikul Mobile App on the Store.

Dashboard and report

The dashboard contains various elements like recent order history, account information of the seller and reviews & ratings.

  • Reports on the dashboard is an easy way of analyzing your last five order, which can be adjusted by date and view.
  • By use of the dashboard, one can easily find the real-time result by extracting value.
  • With the dashboard, admin can check order data, interact with reports to see changes over time, and even it allows to manage reviews & ratings.
  • It provides a dynamic experience to the seller that will help to check out the comprehensive report of your business scale(sale & order information) whether it's going down or up.

Feedback and Review Management

Feedback always improve product performance as well as sale, so this app allows to collect review and feedback from shoppers.

  • This is a unique feature where customers can submit the review and give feedback to the seller and products with interactive star ratings.
  • Buyers can choose the vendor from the marketplace on the base of review.
  • Admin can easily manage feedback and review from the backend.
  • This can increase the productivity of the business, as we can manage the quality.

Push Notification

Push notifications are very much beneficial for the customer as well as for the admin.

  • The customer can be benefitted by getting an informative notification about the launch of new products, deals & sale, festive offers, etc.
  • Admin can send different types of push notifications like - product, category, discount, others. For example - starting with special price, deals & sale, auctions etc.

This helps in uplifting your business sales.

Layered Navigation

Mobikul PrestaShop marketplace module offers layered navigation feature which is a user-friendly navigation system in order to search the desired product.

  • By using this feature customers can browse product catalog in the most convenient way.
  • Use this feature to provide your customer with an easy and comfortable way to sort and display various brands.
  • Attractive and ordered website view.

It will reduce the searching time by filtering the products, customers can easily set their requirements in layered navigation and the products will be filtered according to their needs at the same time.

Interactive Theme

Easily capture client attention by having an amazing theme which offers by default in Mobikul marketplace module.

  • Equip your store with an interactive theme that will increase uses to browse your brand.
  • Enhance your store’s appearance with this feature.
  • You don’t have to install any module or addon to your Mobikul, we are providing it by default.
  • Supports on your Android / iOS mobile phones as well as your tablets.

Vendor Profile and Collection View

Every seller/vendor will have their separate profile page as they have in the normal Marketplace.

Mobikul Marketplace makes the marketplace landing page simple, modern and uncluttered and enhances the beauty by incorporating an alluring banner with high-quality content to inspire confidence among your customers.

  • Customer can view seller’s profile page by this application and can buy products from sellers collection page.
  • Customer can even submit a review and give ratings to vendor and vendor products.

View Product Search by Image

This feature will allow you to upload an Image to find similar products available in the store.

  • Users upload an image by their smartphone(Android & iOS) of the stuff they are looking for and find visually similar products on the online marketplace.
  • This App will help you to enhance customer experience.
  • One can upload the image whether from Android and iOS device.
  • Find a similar product which you wish by uploading an image from the smartphone.

Offline mode

This module comes with major functionality that allows users to work, also when data connection is low.

  • This app will run smoothly without internet because it supports offline mode functionality.
  • This will allow the customer to keep app data/records on their phone when it’s required to access the app without an internet connection.
  • With this feature, users can visit the pages which were earlier visited by them.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance is similar to primary fundamental data rights provided to the customers who are living in the EU that define whereby their data can be used and protected.

  • The GDPR feature can be enabled from the admin end.
  • Enable or disable the set of terms and conditions can be accepted or decline as per the choice of app user on Sign up Page, Account Information Page, Address page, Shipping page, Payment page, and on Review Page.
  • State the terms and Condition for the above pages.
  • You can implement GDPR is your website using the Prestashop Module for GDPR Compliance | Data Protection & EU Cookie Law.

Native App built on Java and swift

The app is fully native in nature to extract the advantages of the device on which it is running. They are built for a dedicated operating system so render better performance. The app is build as following-

  • Android app is codes are written in Java on Android Studio framework
  • iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode.
  • With the advantage of a native app, this app can give its user a better user experience and enhance the interaction with the app.

Customer Success Stories

Mokkedo - Mokkedo made their vendor experience simpler and smoother through a Mobile App. They can easily approach the target audience by offering discounts & announcement for sales, monthly and seasonal deals.

Display the latest product using a mobile device available for both whether sellers are using iOS or Android device. Prestashop Marketplace mobile app offers sellers to the more convenient user experience and enables all available options at your fingertips.

Love4shop -This is one of our satisfied client names is Love4shop who utilize PrestaShop marketplace mobile app and allow a vendor to contribute to selling products without moving from the sofa.

The Love4shop app not only offers to sell in ease way but also make your work too simple and smart, even helps to generate more engagement plus drive more traffic towards your business.

Triploca -Transforming your Marketplace into a superior mobile app can improve in boosting sales to huge revenue. The Prestashop marketplace mobile app has bettered Triploca to meet tourist expectations. As they're providing the service who wants traveling around the world.

With Prestashop mobile app, Now they have easily allows customers to make own store and sell more with Triploca by simply downloading the app from the app store without the use of laptop and desktop.

To know more about our valuable clients, click here.

PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Franklin Kyayima
ekonzomiz.com/ (BE)
Posted On - June 1, 2020
Result Oriented Services
Excellent customer and results oriented services
Posted On - October 16, 2019
Professional Developer Team
Webkul offers excellent technical support. Keep the good job going!

Posted On - April 10, 2019
I wish I had more than five stars to evaluate this team
I wish I had more than five stars to evaluate this team. I was watching all their moves through Google Analytics. They were present. They did a lot of attempts all the time. For the success of the work. In order to function as required and as appropriate. They were not worried about how to get the money. To the extent that they are concerned that the work is provided correctly and smoothly and free of any errors or problems or sudden exit when using the application. I thought they were only two people. But after what I dealt with. I monitored their behavior. I learned it was a huge team. I admit that the amount you paid them. Is little compared to the services they have provided over 25 consecutive days!
Very briefly
great team. strong. Has high confidence. If you're looking for some reviews to see if this is the place to build your site. I'm telling you through my evaluation. Treat them immediately and be confident that you will get a result to live up to what you wish and imagine

Ammar Al Badri
www.zervinco.com (ID)
Posted On - December 28, 2018
Mobikul Prestashop Android and iOS App
Mobikul team was giving us a great products and service, they always understand what the requirements we are need and giving us a full support in any issue we are faced. With the app they are build our company now can serve our customers with a good online shopping experience that ever been.

Thanks Mobikul for this 2 years professional service...
Posted On - September 4, 2018
5 stelle sono poche
Purtroppo la valutazione ha solo 5 stelle, io ne avrei messe almeno 10, in questo caso farò una recensione decente della situazione:
L'APPLICAZIONE: veloce, fluida, graficamente perfetta, ha tutti i requisiti che un portale può richiedere, anche i più esigenti, davvero ben fatta ottimo lavoro degli sviluppatori.
ASSISTENZA: quì è il punto forte della situazione, assistenza con personale super esperto, specializzato, cordiale, preciso, tempestivi nel risolvere i problemi, praticamente risolvono i problemi in tempo reale. Davvero una bella esperienza aver conosciuto WEBKUL, tempo fa avevamo avuto rapporti con altre aziende per lo sviluppo delle app ma purtroppo i problemi principali erano le assistenze molto lente, abbiamo conosciuto WEBKUL una azienda che nonostante la distanza (6.500 kilometri!) è stato come avere il l'assistenza sotto casa!, Abbiamo aperto una partnership con WEBKUL ed abbiamo praticamente acquistato tutti i loro plug-in perchè rispecchiano tutte le nostre esigenze.
Consiglio vivamente questa azienda per l'affidabilità, la serietà, la professionalità.

www.unppar.com (EG)
Posted On - October 6, 2017
App with this price and support!?
our company pay a lot of money to many other companies, Webkul team give our business the all missing support, flexible policy, professional developers, fear price against our requirements.
After all unppar.com come fresh and more attractive with Webkul team, they make sure of our business needs will professionally done, Now our profit increase and unppar.com became more globally, We recommend this App not just for awesome price but also for after selling rapid support.
Nestor T.
Posted On - May 18, 2017
Great App.
Webkul Prestashop Market Place Mobile App is a Great App, it will make your Prestashop Site to the next level. Webkul technical people are expert in their field specially with Prestashop and Mobile applications. Nitin and the customization team are easy to dealt with and always delivers the customized product based on agreed specification. I highly recommend Webkul when selecting modules and App for your prestashop.
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