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Prestashop Marketplace Adyen Payment Gateway -With Prestashop Marketplace Adyen Payment Gateway, the marketplace sellers can allow their customers to pay for their orders via Adyen payment method. Store owner and seller's share gets split as soon as the customer makes the payment. The store owner can easily manage Adyen payout requests, orders and refunds.


  • This module is an add-on of marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install  Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Prestashop Marketplace Adyen Payment Gateway module is compatible with PSD2 SCA(Strong Customer Authentication)

Prestashop Marketplace Adyen Payment Gateway Features -

  • Adyen payment gateway is available on marketplace.
  • Seller and admin share split as soon as payment made by buyer.
  • Admin has to fill their Adyen credentials.
  • Admin can enable/disable the “payment through HPP”.
  • If “payment through HPP” is disabled, then admin has to provide “client encryption key”.
  • If “payment through HPP” is enabled, then admin has to provide “skin code”, “HMAC key”.
  • Admin has to specify the display of payment methods on Adyen site.
  • Admin has to specify the approximate maximum number of delivery days on their site.
  • If payment through HPP is enabled, then customer will be redirected to Adyen site to complete the payment.
  • Admin can allow/disallow sellers to send the payout request to admin from their end.
  • Admin has to provide the credentials for payout request process.
  • To initiate the payout requests, admin has to provide the store payout account credentials.
  • To confirm/decline the payout requests, admin has to provide the review payout account credentials.
  • Admin has to provide their bank account details for payouts in their own bank account.
  • Seller has to provide their bank details to get the payout amount in their bank accounts.
  • Seller can add multiple bank account and make any of them as default one.
  • Seller can view the list of all the payout requests send to admin.
  • Seller can also send the payout request to admin, if admin has given permission to seller to do so.
  • Admin can view the list of all the bank details provided by the sellers.
  • Admin can also add the bank details of any seller from back-end.
  • Admin can update, edit or delete the bank account details added by sellers.
  • Admin can view the list of all the payout requests in “Manage Payout Request” tab.
  • Admin can accept/decline the payout requests as per the need.
  • Admin can also send the payout requests on sellers behalf as well as for himself.
  • Admin can view the list of orders separately in “Adyen Payment Gateway” tab, whose payment is made through Adyen.
  • Admin can refund the full or partial amount to buyers from here.
  • Admin can specify any amount within the total amount paid by buyer for partial refund.
  • The refunded amount will be updated on the order detail page.

New Features Available in Current Version -

  • If a customer is using 3D secure card then he need to authenticate by entering username and password.
  • Module translation is available in these languages: French (fr), Arabic(ar), Spanish(es), German(de), Italian(It), Russian(ru), Japanese(ja), Dutch(nl), Bulgarian (bg), Portuguese (pt).

Secure Payments, Happy customers!

  • Provide new payment method to the customer for making payment.
  • 100% secure.
  • Increase conversions and reduce frauds.

3DS Secure Authentication

The module supports 3D Secure i.e. a customer can pay for the order using their 3D Secure cards. If payed via 3D secure card the customers’ will be aksed to enter the Username and Password again to confirm the order.

Admin Configuration

  • Adyen supports two types of accounts - a Test account and a Live account.
  • Enter Adyen details like: Merchant account, Username and Password.
  • Client Encryption Public Key.
  • Allow Hosted Payment Pages.

Hosted Payment Pages

The Adyen Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) provide a flexible, secure and easy way for customers to purchase goods and services.

You can choose among the following payment flows:

  • Single Page: The single page payment flow consolidates the payment process in a single page.
  • Multi-Page: The multi-page payment flow splits the payment process into two or discrete steps or more.

If this Hosted Payment Page feature is disabled then the customer does not get redirected to any other site instead makes the payment on the store itself by filling his/her card details.


You can also use Adyen Payment integration for processing the seller payouts. The payment made by a customer gets split and admin will pay the amount to the seller through a payout request acceptance.

You can submit a payout request on behalf of the seller.

Separate section given to view the list of all the payout request.

Seller End

Has to enter Adyen Bank details such as:

  • IBAN Number
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Owner Name
  • Country

Note: Seller can enter more than one bank account.

Has to enter details for the Adyen Payout Request like:

  • IBAN Number
  • Payout Amount

Split Payment

Hassle free payment distribution between the admin and the seller with the split payment feature.

Payment will be split between admin and sellers, such that the admin will receive their share and sellers will get their share of the payment.

Easy Refunds

If you want to return the amount to your customer, for example if they visit your website and make a return request then you can easily refund the amount to your customer. There are two ways to refund a payment: 1. Full Refund 2. Partial Refund.

Admin can view the refund details in his Adyen Account.

Prestashop Marketplace Adyen Payment Gateway Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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