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With the help of this Adobe Commerce module, sellers/admin can import their eBay products to their Magento account. The admin will be able to map store categories with the eBay categories.

Admin/Seller can assign a category to the products that are left unassigned at the time of import. The admin can manage his own and the seller's eBay products from the admin backend panel.

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on to the Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.
  • You need to run the command “composer require webkul/ebayconnector” before the installation in your Magento root.

Highlighted Features

  Real-time inventory

The inventory is updated when the sync product is purchased on either of the stores.

  Import Category

Admin can map all the eBay categories to the marketplace categories from the back-end.

  Sync product

The module allows syncing the product from eBay to the Magento store.

  order auto sync

The admin can configure the cron on Magento2 server for auto synchronization of orders.

  Reflect changes

If any changes in the product's price and quantity occur then it will reflect on both stores.

  Custom option

The module does support the simple products with custom options

  eBay Authentication

The seller/admin will be able to add only the authenticated eBay accounts.

  Platform Event notification

The admin can select the events for which update can be provided on the Magento store.

Why Should Integrate eBay with Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace?

Ebay is no doubt the leading marketplace in the world. That’s why sellers want to sell their product on this e-commerce platform. eBay Connector Marketplace Add-On bridges the gap between the Seller's eBay store and Marketplace Store.

It reduces the effort of adding one by one product from eBay to Marketplace. The seller can import the products in bulk from eBay to Marketplace in less amount of time.

Admin Management

The admin can configure the various options from the backend. Some of the following options that the admin can change are:

  • The admin can set the eBay global site.
  • The admin can also enter the various authentication details of the account like - ( User Id, Authentication Token, Developer Token, Application Id, Certification Id).
  • The admin can select the events for auto updation on the eBay store.
  • The admin can set the updation based on the inventory only or order creation for the item sold the event.
  • The admin can select mode as a sandbox or production mode.
  • The admin can import the categories from the eBay.

Multiple eBay Accounts

The admin can add multiple accounts of eBay with this help of this module. The admin can also configure some of the following settings as mentioned below

  • The admin can add/edit or delete the account.
  • The admin will be able to set the details of the eBay account like the store name, Attribute set id, Global site, and Postal Code.
  • Admin can authorize the eBay account.
  • The account-based import can be set either to import all products or to import mapped categories of products only.
  • The admin can map the products for each eBay account.
  • The admin can change the category of imported products.
  • The admin can import the simple and configurable products from eBay account.
  • The admin can configure the cron for the auto synchronization of the orders.
  • The admin can export simple, configurable, bundle, and grouped products.

Listing Configuration

The admin can create different listing templates for the eBay. Some of the following options that are available for the listing templates are:

  • The admin can map the product’s attributes in the templates.
  • The admin can set custom content for the templates.
  • The admin can select the product types that are supported in the eBay listing.
  • The admin can configure the duration of the listing of the products.
  • The admin can configure the shipping details like cost, priority, min & max time.
  • The admin can set the return details for the exported products like the return time, policy, pay by, and other information as well.

eBay seller configuration

In this module, the seller can register their eBay account and can edit the following information as well.

  • The seller will be able to authenticate their eBay account.
  • The seller can select the eBay Marketplace in which they want to sell their products.
  • The seller will be able to add the listing configuration for their products.
  • The seller can set the shipping details like the shipping method, shipping cost, additional cost, server priority, and delivery time range.
  • The seller will be able to add the returns for their products.
  • The seller can also add the Return Policy, Return duration, and other information as well.

eBay Sync Products

Using Magento 2 Marketplace eBay Connector module, the seller can import their eBay products from seller account and synchronize the product using eBay connector.

  • The sellers can import products from their eBay seller account.
  • The seller can synchronize the products.
  • For all the synced products, the inventory gets updated when you purchase the products in either of the stores.
  • Admin can export product information like name, image, SKU, price, and quantity.
  • The seller will also be able to export the products to eBay.
  • Seller/admin can import product information like base image, name, SKU, price, and quantity.
  • The module does support simple products with custom options.
  • The seller can import the orders from the eBay by configuring the start and the end date.

Compatible With MSI Feature

The admin and seller can sync the products from the eBay store to your Magento 2 Marketplace store.

  • While managing the admin configurations, the admin needs to select the eBay Inventory Source.
  • From this selected source from which eBay’s account inventory will get synced.
  • For providing the admin with multiple sources and choices, the MSI feature can help.
  • The admin can create multiple sources from the inventory section.
  • The created list of sources will be visible to the admin under the configuration while selecting the sources.

Complete Features list

  • The seller can import product from their eBay seller account to their marketplace store.
  • The products are imported with their images, price, quantity, SKU etc. 
  • Admin can map their store categories to the eBay categories.
  • Admin /seller can assign a category to the products that are left unassigned at the time of import. 
  • Admin can also manage his & sellers eBay product from admin account panel. 
  • Admin can sync products from eBay to his marketplace store. 
  • The module export simple, configurable, bundle and grouped product types.
  • It supports real-time inventory sync for products.
  • The module does have real-time automatic order import feature
  • Admin can set the eBay configuration settings for the sellers from his panel.

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Jonos Sutuda
Posted On - December 3, 2019
Great products and support by Webkul team
Very nice company and de support team. i had some issues due to the confliction of the modules. They solved all the issues very politely. Hope for this type of good supprt always in future.
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