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CS-Cart Multi vendor Mobile App: This flutter native app will help the store owner to achieve the marketplace functionalities in a mobile app. It helps the attraction of multiple customers as now they have a wide range to shop from. The app has multiple features that make it a utility for the store owner. It keeps the customer engaged and increase sales.

This ready-made solution can sort lots of issues caused by access loss. The Offline mode support feature will help the customer to browse even when no internet is there.

Note -

  • CS-Cart Multi vendor app is built on the Cs cart multi vendor solution which provides customer functionalities. However, if you wish to achieve seller-centric functionalities you can get the CS-Cart Vendor App.
  • You may also view the admin panel demo of CS Cart Marketplace Mobile App.

Highlighted Features

 Product Search Optimization

The app allows the user to look for the products and checkout with it easily.

 Unlimited Push Notifications

The store owner can share any number of notifications with the customers.

 Supports all Major Shipping Methods

The customer can accomplish the checkout by selecting the desired shipping method.

 Offline Mode Support

Encourages continuous browser in absence of internet with Pre-loaded pages.

 Multiple Profile Creation

The app allows the customer to create more than one profile at the choice of the store owner.

 Vendor Listing

The customer can collectively view the list vendors in the app and shop from the favorite one.

Why use the CS-Cart Mobile app for a multi-vendor website?

The app-based solution will help the multi-vendor customer and sellers to sell and buy goods and services in a better way. The app allows the sellers to showcase there product to attract customers.

It gives the customers to purchase products with options. The app gives easy accessibility to the store and leads to more conversions. The app even gives advanced features which will process the checkout at a faster speed.

Push Notifications

The store owner can connect with the customers using this feature. These notifications are much effective than messages, or mails as they can force a user to open up the closed application.

  • The Store Owners get benefited by this as they can send push notifications like- Product, category, discount, new arrivals, and many more.
  • The customer remains notified with information like the launch of new products, deals & sale, festive offers, and any other notification send by admin.

Marketplace Vendor List

The customer can see all the vendors of the store with this feature. By clicking on a particular vendor the customer can see the product of that particular vendor.

The customer can apply the filter as per the brand being sold by the vendor to optimize the result and can even sort the list of products.

  • A collective list of vendors in one place.
  • Easily find the favorite vendor from the list.
  • Convenient purchase of products of a particular vendor.

My Wishlist

The customer can get an exclusive WishList section in the app wherein the products can be added for future purchases. Through wishlist, customer itemizes a product or service which they desire.

  • Increase the possibilities for sales.
  • Easy management of the products in the list.
  • Enhances user engagement.

Flutter Native Solution on Dart

This CS Cart Multi Vendor Mobile App is developed using the Flutter technology framework. It renders the best performance to the user. The app is coded on Dart language.

  • Great UI with device-based solutions
  • Better implementation of the response of device-based features.
  • Supports more Graphics.

CS-Cart Multi vendor Mobile App Features:

  • Well integrated with the CS-Cart Multi vendor store.
  • The functionality of multiple profile creation is available and can be availed once enabled at the admin end.
  • Display of vendor list at the frontend.
  • Option to view the vendor's profile information and corresponding reviews of the vendor at the user/customer end.
  • The functionality of displaying individual vendor products collection at the frontend is available.
  • Option to select the shipping method according to the vendor at the user/customer end is available.
  • Informative and interacting shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
  • Supports default CS-Cart shipping methods.
  • Supports phone order, cash on delivery, fax ordering, money order, and personal cheque as payment methods.
  • The option of the gift voucher, promotional and coupon code has been provided.
  • A feature of push notification over the devices has been provided.
  • Well configured and easy to use at the admin end.
  • Functionality to support multiple currencies.
  • Functionality to support multiple languages.

Kablewala – How Banglamark Group Embarked its E-commerce Journey

Kablewala by Banglamark Group conglomerate is a popular online marketplace in Bangladesh. It has over 2 million registered users and over 100,000 orders placed every month. Kablewala is also one of the most trusted online marketplaces in Bangladesh.

But in order to expand further, they adopted the mobile commerce strategy and developed mobile apps for their business. Moreover, Webkul assisted the client to add more custom features to their marketplace website.

  • Fully flutter native Android and iOS mobile app development.
  • Dedicated mobile applications for shoppers, vendors, and delivery staff.
  • Web and mobile wallet system integration for faster checkout payments.
  • Deployed multiple CS-Cart add-ons and customizations for both web and mobile platforms.
  • Read the Kablewala case study to learn more about the client.

CS-Cart Multi vendor Mobile App Support-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 44 reviews
DigitalizaEc Team
Posted On - April 13, 2023
Excellent support and services
Super nice service and apps!
Posted On - March 20, 2023
Good Service with complete solution
Great support. I always get answers to all questions very quickly
Jadeed Kuwait
Posted On - February 3, 2023
Excellent service with proper assistance
I have worked with webkul for last 1 month and they provided good service to customize the App for both Android and iOS versions for my company. I want to work with them in future as well.
Ahmad Al-Sheikh
Posted On - January 5, 2023
Excellent Support - cs cart
Excellent support,
Webkul Team is very responsive and reliable.
I strongly recommend them
Mahmoud Gawad
vedross.com/ (EG)
Posted On - December 20, 2022
Professional developers and amazing sales team
Webku is the company make the world easier, They customized our App and e-commerce platform as per the requirements. very helpful sales team specially Ranjana and professional developers.
Marc w
Posted On - January 27, 2022
Fantastic Support Team
Fantastic support...quick answers and easy to use.
Aymin Matri
Posted On - December 15, 2021
Professional Team with Great Work
Webkul integrated and customized an eCommerce app to our cs-cart marketplace platform, their support team was extremely professional and sorted all the issues in a timely fashion. I would definitely work with them again should a need arises.
Figure Soft
Posted On - December 10, 2021
Feedback after 2 full App developments
Engaged Webkul to develop companion Apps for my CS-Cart Marketplace development clients. They were wonderfully responsive and the fact that they offered functionality in their stock App package that was not available anywhere else (Stripe Payment Method) was a definite winner. I do have one area that I hope will be constructive criticism. The app functionality is great, but App graphics and presentation do have room for improvement. Small touches like an update/upgrade in the overall graphic presentation would make my rating a 5-star. It is also something I would happily pay more for. The only options right now are the base package, base package with functional customizations, and base package with source code. The price difference between the base package and the package with the source code is quite large. I would like to see something in the middle where you really focus on the App graphic presentation...either build it into your package and charge more or offer it as an optional upcharge.
Valuesbig Marketplace
Posted On - December 9, 2021
Great Work Team Webkul
Great Add-ons by Webkul Team.

Push notifications is another wonderful add-on

These addons are really easy to use and have great features

Thanks Webkul Support Team as well
Ahmad Al Sheikh
Posted On - December 8, 2021
Excellent Work
Excellent, Nice team, good work
Andrius R
Posted On - November 26, 2021
Best Support Service
Great help team Webkul. Thank you!
Posted On - November 3, 2021
Best Team with Amazing Talents
Best team and Amazing talents especially the iOS team.
This is our second project with them updating and fixing bugs.
Thank you Webkul
Noor Hafiz Kamaruddin
Posted On - October 4, 2021
Excellent App & Support Team
They are experts in their field. Excellent service and very good quality of work.
Support Support
classyym.com/ (AE)
Posted On - August 10, 2021
Very good
Webkul team is supportive and dedicated to the job. always meeting the deadline with the high quality of products.
www.kablewala.com.bd/ (BD)
Posted On - August 10, 2021
Experienced with CS-Cart customization and add-ons
We Kablewala is very happy to work with Webkul. They are pioneer in CS-Cart, and they know very well what they are doing. Got exactly same as per my requirement. Highly recommended. Very energetic team.
Thank you.
Hossein Tavakolian
Posted On - June 11, 2020
Amazing and fast Support
They are amazing and fast at what you want. Sure I will do with them my other projects.

Elias Srour
levantmall.com/ (SY)
Posted On - May 15, 2020
Brilliant support service
Brilliant support service, very cooperative team

Posted On - January 12, 2020
Excellent service and support
Excellent support team, prompt responses, willingness to accommodate client's wishes, assured delivery of service (even if the process becomes protracted which is what happened with me, they've continued to deliver and finish the project even though the set support period has elapsed). On top of that, their receptiveness to client's demands makes them an almost comprehensive solutions development team, as they will always consider what it would take to implement your particular request. And the amazing thing in all of this is, I never ever contacted them by phone or in person, it's all through their helpdesk tickets that I got my entire project sorted!

I highly recommend them and will probably work with them again in future projects.
Posted On - December 9, 2019
Fast response
Flexible reliable and fast response, a team that will have you covered in every step of the way.
Posted On - October 21, 2019
Most Reliable Service
Nice to work with the webkul team. You are really dedicated to your services. I am really a happy and satisfied customer of your. Thanks for your service on us. I wish you the best success in your service too.
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