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      CS-Cart Multivendor, 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x

      CS-Cart Multi Vendor Mobikul Mobile App

      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App: In today's expectancy having a native mobile app is essential for every e-commerce business. But developing an application which supports mobile is expensive and time taking. The CS-Cart Multivendor Mobile App builder solves the needs of users by providing an appealing, complete mobile application at an affordable price. This splendid application will allow every size of business to flourish and expand into the mobile world. Currently, all the products, customer, category, etc (including all the data visible on mobile) are synced with this demo. You can log in here to see the admin panel.

      Note:- Cs-Cart Multi vendor app is built on the Cs cart multivendor solution which provides customer functionalities. However, if you wish to achieve seller centric functionalities you can get the mobikul Cs cart vendor app.

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      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App: In today's expectancy having a native mobile app is essential for every e-commerce business. But developing an application which supports mobile is expensive and time taking. The CS-Cart Multivendor Mobile App builder solves the needs of users by providing a appealing,complete mobile application at an affordable price. This splendid application will allow every size of business to flourish and expand in to mobile world.

      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App

      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App Features:

      • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor store.
      • Functionality of multiple profile creation is available and can be availed once enabled at admin end.
      • Display of vendor list at frontend.
      • Option to view vendor's profile information and corresponding reviews of the vendor at user/customer end.
      • Functionality of displaying individual vendor products collection at frontend is available.
      • Option to select shipping method according to vendor at user/customer end is available.
      • Informative and interacting shopping app with fast and intuitive response.
      • Supports default CS-Cart shipping methods.
      • Supports phone ordering, cash on delivery, fax ordering, money order and personal cheque as payment methods.
      • Option of gift voucher, promotional and coupon code have been provided.
      • Feature of push notification over the devices has been provided.
      • Well configured and easy to use at admin end.

      Features added in CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App version 2.0 :

      • Functionality to support multiple currencies.
      • Functionality to support multiple languages.

       Push Notifications

      This feature facilitates both the customer and the admin.

      • The Store Owners get benefited by this as they can send push notifications like- Product, category, discount, new arrivals, and many more.
      • The customer remains notified with information like the launch of new products, deals & sale, festive offers, and any other notification send by admin.
       Push Notifications

       View All Vendor

      The customer can see all the vendors of the store with this feature. By clicking on particular vendor the customer can see the product of that particular vendor.The customer can apply the filter as per the brand being sold by the vendor to optimize the result and can even sort the list of product.

       View All Vendor

       Multiple Payment Gateway

      The application provides support to multiple payment gateways.Through this feature, the customer receives an implacable payment experience.The store owner to manage orders in a centralized format.

      • Fast and easy transaction.
      • Secure and reliable real-time exchange of payment.
      • The transaction can be processed across the corners of the world.

      Note: We do provide FREE INTEGRATION with one payment gateway as per your requirement. If you want to add some additional payments gateways then it will come under customization (paid service).

       Multiple Payment Gateway

       Layered Navigation

      The layered navigation helps the customer to search any product via attribute which can be assigned by admin to be displayed in filter option. This reduces the search time of the customer as customer have an optimized result for them.

      • Product search speeds up
      • Time-saving
      • Flexible search process.
       Layered Navigation

       My Wishlist

      This feature benefits the customer to add the product in a particular place called Wishlist which they wish to buy in near future. Through wishlist, customer itemizes a product or service which we desire. The wishlist shows product with the

      • Product name
      • Product price,
      • Along with the option of removal from wishlist.
       My Wishlist

       Shopping cart

      The shopping cart page contains that product, with the product details like product name, price vendor name, quantity, etc.It also provides options to apply discount coupons (if any). Customers have options-

      • Update cart.
      • Proceed to Checkout.
      • Empty Cart
      • Add More Product
       Shopping cart

      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App Support-

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 26 reviews

      Recent Reviews

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      Excellent service and support

      Posted On - January 12, 2020

      Excellent support team, prompt responses, willingness to accommodate client's wishes, assured delivery of service (even if the process becomes protracted which is what happened with me, they've continued to deliver and finish the project even though the set support period has elapsed). On top of that, their receptiveness to client's demands makes them an almost comprehensive solutions development team, as they will always consider what it would take to implement your particular request. And the amazing thing in all of this is, I never ever contacted them by phone or in person, it's all through their helpdesk tickets that I got my entire project sorted!

      I highly recommend them and will probably work with them again in future projects.

      Fast response

      Posted On - December 9, 2019

      Flexible reliable and fast response, a team that will have you covered in every step of the way.

      Most Reliable Service

      Posted On - October 21, 2019

      Nice to work with the webkul team. You are really dedicated to your services. I am really a happy and satisfied customer of your. Thanks for your service on us. I wish you the best success in your service too.

      A Team You Can Rely On

      Posted On - October 9, 2019

      My company needed ios and android mobile apps to supplement our existing web app. We needed fully functional and professionally designed apps that would be consistent with our brand and decided to give webkul a try. As Founder of Tididaa Online, my encounter and experience with the entire team has been a very positive one. The team is very professional and did a great job at communicating and keeping me informed throughout the project. I was also impressed with the support I received from Webkul to integrate our chosen payment gateway with the mobile apps. They are a team that is reliable and will get your job done professionally. I highly recommend Webkul to anyone needing the services they provide. Kudos team Webkul.

      Best supporting and developing teams

      Posted On - May 3, 2019

      It has been a wonderful experience for me to apply and develop my business Apps with the Webkul team, which has the best developers, supporters and sale's members.
      Thank you so much for your great and professional work. You deserve to have the full five stars indeed.

      Best wishes to you guys, you are the best.

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      CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App FAQs :

      Will I get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with this Mobikul extension?
      Yes, you will get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with the Mobikul Mobile App builder for CS-Kart.
      Will I get the mobile apps with the source code?
      Yes, you will get the mobile apps with the source code. You need to select the option"Mobile App with Source code" during Add to Cart.
      Where can I send my order details to get my application?
      You can send us your order details on our ticket system by creating the ticket on Mobikul Support
      What will I do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile Application?
      You will get a prerequisite pdf file on Webkul store account then you need to provide us all the required details. To know more please follow the link -
      How will I get the source code after purchasing the app?
      We will provide you the source code on your respective email ID. Please follow the point no. 4 of the following link -
      Why is there only "Publish through Webkul Google Play Store Account" not iTunes Store account?
      Yes, we will publish both the Android app and iOS App. If you have chosen the Publishing Information - "Publish Through Webkul Google Play Account" then we will publish iOS App as well. But you need to follow the updated Program License Agreement (PLA) of iTunes Store. You can get the complete details by clicking here
       Does Mobikul provides white Labeling (labelled) Mobile Apps for eCommerce Store?
      Yes, Mobikul provides white label and fully customizable native Apps for your eCommerce Store. You can get the complete details by clicking here
        Is this mobile application a purely native app, if yes then what's it based on(Programming language)?
      Yes, the Multi-Vendor marketplace mobile is a purely native application that is based on the programming languages - Java for Android and Swift for the iOS platforms.

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      In our default configuration we will provide tremendous configuration for your eCommerce Website which is fast to load and response.

      Default Configuration Details of Server

      • 1 GB RAM
      • 1 Core Processor
      • 30 GB Hard Disk
      • DB with 1 GB RAM and 1 Core Processor

      * Server Configuration may vary as per application requirements.

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