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Shipping Availability Check For Magento 2
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Shipping Availability Check For Magento 2: Shipping Availability Check Module helps the user to check that the product they are about to order will be available in their region or not. This is possible by the area zip code of the user. The zip codes can be entered on the product page itself, the users don’t require to do the checkout process to check the shipping availability. The admin can add multiple regions and assign these regions to a product from the backend very easily. The saved address details automatically appear in the zip code field for the Logged In Users. The users can also view the recent history of the zip code search for a product.

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Highlighted Features

 Availability Check

This module allows users to check the availability of the shipping of any product.


It allows the admin to select multiple regions, by which customers can check the availability of products in their respective locations.

 Multiple Languages and Translations.

With this, Users can change the language as their desired preference.

 Zip Codes

Customers can check the availability by entering a zip code, Users can also check the availability before checkout.

 Supports GraphQL APIs

Use the GraphQL queries to fetch the respective data for validation as you require.

 Supports Hyva theme

Shipping Availability Check For Magento 2 is compatible with the Hyva theme.

 What is the use of Shipping Availability Check For Magento 2?

Now all the users can check the shipping availability for any region, Customers can see whether the particular product is available for their address or not. Shipping Availability Module allows users to enter their zip code and get all the details regarding the shipment of the product.

Shipping Availability Check At Product Page

A customer generally likes to experience a quick shopping when doing via online stores, That's why, in this module user gets to know the availability on the product page, so that the customers don't need to go through the long checkout process.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment.
  • Enrich User Experience for the buyer.
  • Availability to check if the product is available or not under that postal pin/ zip code.
  • Customers are more satisfied by getting all the details at the start.
  • Increase in sales conversion.

 Manage Regions and Zip Codes

The admin can create different regions according to its requirements. A CSV file containing the zip codes can be uploaded for each separate region. Information about all the regions created for the store such as – region Id, region name, status, and region zip codes can be seen.

  • Any region status can be changed to either enabled or disabled.
  • CSV zip code file can be updated or replaced with another one.
  • Filter option can be used for finding any specific region or a zip code.
  • The admin can also delete and view all the zip codes of a region.
  • A unique Id is assigned to every region & zip code for better management.
  • Checkbox option can be used for selecting multiple regions or zip codes.

 Assign Regions To A Product

After creating the regions, the admin can simply go to the product settings page and select available regions for that product. The admin can use the multi-select menu option to configure the available regions for a product.

  • Multiple regions can be selected for a product.
  • Available regions can be selected for new and existing products.
  • The can be availed for all the regions too, by No Validation.
  • Every product can be restricted to some specific regions.
  • Admin can create the region and upload the zip code CSV file.

 Display Shipping Availability Check on Product Page

The users can enter their delivery zip code on the product page for checking product availability. After entering the zip code, a small message will appear as Product is available/not available at (entered zip code).

If a product is available for the entered zip code, the user can go ahead and buy the product. But, if the product is not available for the entered zip code, the user can then look for another product from the marketplace which is available for the same zip code.

  • Saved address automatically appear in the text box for a Logged In user.
  • The users can see the recent history of the zip code search for a product.
  • Users will get an error message for the zip code that is not valid.
  • User will get the message if the product is available.
  • Another product can be searched if the previous one is unavailable.

GraphQL Implemented

GraphQL enables declarative data fetching where a client can specify exactly what data it needs from an API. The admin via Posman can use the GraphQL query to fetch the data for the validation of the product availability on a particular zip code as required.

  • The admin can validate data through QraphQL.
  • View the results of the requested data.
  • Admin can get the data via QraphQL.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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