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This CS-Cart Vendor Invoice add-on lets the website's admin and sellers attach invoices for the orders they have. Customers can easily download these attached invoices. This makes customers happy and also makes them trust the website even more. Imagine customers shopping online for clothes, gadgets, or other items. Sometimes, after a customer made a buy, they might want to have a record of their order – something like a receipt – to keep track of what they have bought and how much they have spent.

Highlighted Features

 Seller Invoice Tab

A separate seller invoice tab is available for the admin and seller where both can upload, download and delete the invoice.

 Support Various Files Types

Both the admin and the seller can upload invoices in formats such as PNGs, PDFs, TXTs, and Docs.

 Download Invoice

The customer has also a separate seller invoice tab where they can only download invoices.

 View and Upload the New Invoice

Both the admin and the seller can view and upload a new invoice for a specific order from their respective interfaces.

Why Need CS-Cart Seller Invoice?

CS-Cart Seller Invoices are vital for legal transactions, providing proof of sale, tracking payments, aiding inventory managing, and enabling real accounting.It improves customer communication, conveys shipping methods in CS-Cart, and assists with tax debts. CS-Cart Vendor Invoice ensures smooth, documented, and compliant e-commerce functions for both sellers and buyers.

Admin End Management

The admin can manage the invoice attachment feature, from checking the order history to uploading, downloading and deleting invoices. If you are looking for an order attachment check our CS-Cart Order Attachment. (Need to purchase separately)

  • The admin needs to enter the invoice name.
  • After the admin needs to browse the file to upload the invoice.
  • After uploading the invoice, the admin can verify by downloading the same.

Vendor End Management

The vendor can oversee the functionality related to invoice attachments. This includes tasks such as reviewing order history, as well as uploading, downloading, and deleting invoices.

  • The vendor can decide invoice name.
  • The vendor navigates through the files to upload the invoice.
  • Once the invoice is uploaded, the vendor has the option to verify it by downloading it.

Customer End Management

The customer has a separate tab for seller invoices, where they can download invoices for their future reference.

  • Easily accessible tab within the customer's account.
  • Customers can conveniently download digital copies of their seller invoices.
  • Customers can view the history of all past seller invoices.

CS-Cart Seller Invoice Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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