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      BigCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

      BigCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace: Now you can convert your BigCommerce store to a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace, we has developed “BigCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace” application to convert single admin online store to Multi-seller Marketplace.

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      BigCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace -Introducing BigCommerce multi-vendor marketplace app. As, BigCommerce, is a hosted shopping cart software or basically an online store builder used to build an eCommerce store.

      Now you can convert your BigCommerce store to a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace, we have developed “BigCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace” application to convert single admin online store to Multi-seller Marketplace.

      This is basically a software application that would convert your normal BigCommerce store into a marketplace within BigCommerce so that not only store admin but sellers can associate with your eCommerce store and sell their products. As a store admin, you have the backend access and control on products, sellers, seller’s products and payment.

      Latest Features _V_2.0-

      • Functionality of "Domain Mapping" is provided to admin as per the plan opted.
      • Advanced way of creating product's option.
      • Automatically create product's SKU based on product's option created.
      • Admin can set customized identifier (seller ID, name) to the seller's product name and SKU.

      Updated Features of BigCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace_V_1.0-

      • Functionality to Import/Export products is provided.
      • A seller can add custom fields to the products.
      • Functionality to make any image as default from various product's image.

      Admin's End- Features -

      • An admin has complete access to sellers profile, seller's products, orders.
      • Functionality to approve the seller's products.
      • The functionality to assign a product to any seller.
      • Synchronize the products and categories available from BigCommerce store.
      • Functionality to create seller's admin.
      • A seller's admin can be "Active" or "Disable" by admin.
      • An admin can create the number of sellers based on the subscription plan.
      • Admin can create the seller's membership plan to get the commission.
      • Once an order is completed, an admin can create a "Payout" for the seller.
      • Ability to Approve or Disapprove the status of any transaction.
      • Proper setup instruction is provided to add the seller's login page at the storefront.

      Seller's End- Features -

      • A separate seller's control panel is provided.
      • A seller can view his order and can change the order's status.
      • The seller can add products from his panel.
      • Functionality to add the seller's admin.
      • Option to activate or disable a seller's admin at any time.
      • Once an order is completed a seller can request a "Withdraw" from an admin.

       BigCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace-Support

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 9 reviews

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      Best Marketplace Application

      Posted On - March 9, 2021

      This company is simply THE Best company I've experienced thus far on Bigcommerce. They are quick to respond and they stay on top of ALL their work. This marketplace app is a MUST HAVE for selling products of your vendors on your website. I truly do appreciate Aishwarya, she always responds to my calls as quickly as possible, and always resolves my queries, I'll give her a 10. This app is awesome and easy to use and comprises all the features a marketplace should contain.


      Posted On - October 22, 2020

      Best application amazing support by Aishwarya for bigcommerce multivendor marketplace application.

      Great support team and product

      Posted On - March 24, 2020

      Webkul has been very helpful with some of the more technical aspects of my MVP. Much appreciated.


      Posted On - March 3, 2020

      Great customer service by Aishwarya !!! Great development team.

      Great support and respond to all questions

      Posted On - February 14, 2020

      I had the pleasure of speaking with Aishwarya from Webkul. First we communicated over email and moved over to Skype which was so much easier and faster. She answered all my questions. I heard back within 24h, the time difference between US and India is possible to manage, if you are up early use the time tp speak to them. They even gave me a call once. Very, very helpful. The marketplace is great and Webkul can offer you additional services if they are needed.

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