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    CS-Cart Auto Login

    CS-Cart Auto-Login allows you to skip entering your password by saving your account credentials for quick and easy access.

    • Smooth integration with CS-Cart/Multivendor and simple setup.

    • Enable one-click, smart customer auto-login on your website.

    • Customers can store login information for several accounts.

    • Compatible and optimized for Google Chrome (version 72.0+).

    • Save user credentials on registration/login with password-saving consent.

    • Admin can easily activate/deactivate the module.

    • It provides support for languages such as English and Russian.

    Note: Auto-Login is only available on websites with HTTPS (SSL) enabled. It works only on Chrome Browser and the users have to make sure that in Chrome settings of password Auto Sign-in and Offer to Save passwords will always be enabled.

    CS-Cart Auto Login CS-Cart Auto Login CS-Cart Auto Login CS-Cart Auto Login CS-Cart Auto Login CS-Cart Auto Login
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    CS-Cart Auto Login is a handy feature in CS-Cart Multivendor that makes logging in easier. With this feature, you can choose to have your login details saved when you sign up or log in. It means you don't have to type in your username and password every time you want to access your account.

    This add-on asks for your permission before saving the password so your data stays safe. Admin can turn this feature on or off whenever needed. CS-Cart Auto Login is all about making things quicker and easier for users while keeping their information secure.

    CS-Cart Auto Login

    Highlighted Features of CS-Cart Auto Login

     User Convenience

    Makes logging in easier by allowing users to save their login details for quick and hassle-free access.


    Prioritizes security by requesting user consent before saving passwords, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

     Flexible Activation

    Administrators can easily activate or deactivate the feature, giving them control over its use.


    Smoothly integrates with CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multivendor platforms, ensuring a smooth user experience.

     Time Saver

    Saves users time and effort by eliminating the need to enter login details repeatedly, improving efficiency.

     Enhanced User Experience

    Improves the overall user experience, making customers happier and potentially more loyal.

    Why do we need CS-Cart Auto Login?

    CS-Cart Auto Login is a valuable feature that significantly improves the user experience on e-commerce websites. For instance, consider a frequent shopper who uses CS-Cart to purchase their favourite products. With CS-Cart Auto Login, she can save her login details securely.

    This means that every time a Shopper returns to the website, they don’t have to enter their username and password repeatedly, making their shopping process more efficient and enjoyable.

    It's a time-saver for every user, reducing friction in the online shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of her returning for future purchases. Add CS-Cart WhatsApp Login, which will help the customer to login using WhatsApp.

    Add-On Information

    Here the admin can check the information of the add-on, after activating the add-on. After the installation admin has to activate the add-on.

    • Check the name of the add-on.
    • Developer details are mentioned.
    • Compatibility of the add-on with other platforms.
    • Languages and Add-on Id.
    Add-On Information

    Benefits of Auto-login

    Auto-Login can provide many benefits for users and website owners when implemented properly.

    • It makes logging in easier for users.
    • No need to remember login details during each visit.
    • It saves users time.
    • Provide a more customized experience.
    Benefits of Auto-login

    Registration Page

    From here the customer can log in or register into the storefront. Once clicking on the registration the customer can enter the details like:

    • First name Last name
    • Phone number Email ID and Password
    • Verify and then click on register.
    Registration Page

    CS-Cart Auto Login Features -

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart/Multivendor.
    • Easy to install and configure.
    • Allow one-click customer smart auto-login to your website.
    • Customers can save the credentials of multiple accounts.
    • Support and works well with the Google Chrome web browser (version 72.0+).
    • User Credentials can be saved on Registration and Login.
    • Ask for the customer's permission before saving the passwords.
    • Admin can easily activate/deactivate the module.
    • Supports English and Russian language.

     CS-Cart Auto Login- Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Modules.


    Product Version1.0
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 3, 2024 (15 days ago)
    Supported Versions4.12.x  CS-Cart  4.11.x  4.12.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.11.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is CS-Cart Auto Login?
    CS-Cart Auto Login is a feature that lets users save their login details securely, so they don't have to keep typing them in.
     How does it work?
    Users can choose to save their login info when they sign up or log in. Then, when they come back to the site, it fills in their login for them.
     Is it safe to save passwords with CS-Cart Auto Login?
    Yes, it's safe. It always asks for your permission before saving passwords, so your data stays private and secure.
     Can admin control this feature?
    Yes, admins can easily turn CS-Cart Auto Login on or off, so they have control over how it's used on the platform.
     Does CS-Cart Auto Login work with different web browsers?
    Yes, it works well with various web browsers, including Google Chrome (version 72.0+), so you'll have a smooth experience.
     Can I turn off CS-Cart Auto Login if I change my mind?
    Absolutely, admins can easily turn off the feature if they decide they don't want it anymore or have concerns about security.

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