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    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System

    Cs-Cart Booking and Reservation add-on is very useful to create booking types of products on your website. It allows the creation of an event-driven site (e.g. doctor's appointment, hotel booking system, etc.).

    • It provides real-time-based service.

    • It includes the creation of multiple time slots as well as the duration of the slots.

    • The add-on can generate an invoice for any product booking.

    • Admin can change status “open” or “close“ for any weekend or holiday.

    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System CS-Cart Booking Reservation System
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    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System:CS-Cart booking add-on allows the admin to create booking types of products. Now, a customer can create a booking of the respective product. While creating a booking product, the admin can configure it as per their business requirements like a time-based or a date-based product reservation.

    CS-Cart Booking and Reservation works with both—the CS-Cart store and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor (including CS-Cart Headless Marketplace). Further, the admin can offer specific time slots or allow customers to choose the most convenient time to book the respective service/product for them.

    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System

    Highlighted Features

     Booking Management

    It allows businesses to manage bookings, appointments, and reservations in real time, including viewing, editing, and canceling bookings.

     Calendar View

    It provides a clear, easy-to-use calendar view of all bookings and reservations, making it simple to keep track of availability and manage conflicts.

     Availability Management

    It allows businesses to set specific times or dates that services or products are available, and to manage the number of bookings that can be made during each time slot.

     Customizable Forms

    It includes customizable booking forms, allowing businesses to gather customer information during the booking process.

    Why CS-Cart Booking Reservation System?

    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System is used to manage online bookings and reservations for businesses. That offer services which can be scheduled and booked in advance, such as hotel rooms, restaurant tables, rental properties, event tickets, appointments, and more.

    CS-Cart Booking and Reservation Add-On provide businesses with an easy-to-use interface to manage bookings and reservations, receive payments (such as using various CS-Cart Payment Add-Ons), and communicate with customers. And it also improves the customer experience due to time and date-based booking availability.

    Multiple Bookings in One Day

    The customer can do multiple bookings for a day by selecting different products or services. The admin can change the status to open or close, and also set the timing for open days

    For Example, Doctors have multiple appointments in one day, so customers can book multiple slots for a single day using Multiple Booking in one Day option.

    • Book time and break time slots can be added by the admin.
    • The customer can not select the days which is closed by the Admin.
    Multiple Bookings in One Day

    Single Booking for Many Days

    Customers can select a product or service from different slots and the slots are added by the admin. After that, the customer will click on “Select the date range”, to select the dates and can click on “select time slot” from different slots.

    For Example, While going on holiday customers can book 1 hotel for many days.

    • Customers can select the time of booking according to the timing set by the admin.
    • Customers can choose slots according to the date set by the admin.
    Single Booking for Many Days

    Custom Booking for Many Days

    Customers can select the slots according to the days and timing set by the admin. For Example, Like for a Swimming class you need to book for a month or week but the time will be fixed i.e. 1 hour.

    • Customers can select the time of booking according to the timing set by the admin.
    • Customers can choose slots according to the dates set by the admin.
    Custom Booking for Many Days

    CS-Cart Booking Reservation System-

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.comYou may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Extensions.


    Product Version1.5
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 9, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.11.x  4.12.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.11.x  4.12.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does the CS-Cart Booking & Reservation System support real-time booking?
    Yes, the customer who booked first definitely that booking will reserve for them.
     How many types of booking products are offered by CS-Cart Reservations and Bookings?
    CS-Cart Reservations and Bookings has three types of bookable products: Multiple bookings for One day, Single booking for Many days, and Custom booking for Many days.
     Does Admin can excess the multistore option?
    Yes, the admin can change and update the setting for multistore individually.
     Does the admin can close or open any day in CS-Cart Reservations and Booking?
    Yes, in “Multiple Bookings in One Day” the Admin can open or close any day according to their availability.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 1.5
    • - Add a filter to find orders and product's that contain booking.
    • - Now Booking data also show when the customer print the invoice.
    • - And now booking add-on is support multistore aslo.
    • - Now booking text color can set By the admin end.
    • - Fixed order shorting issue.
    Version 1.4
    • - Fixed Git issue.
    • - Compatible with version 4.15.x.
    Version 1.3
    • - Git issues Fixed.
    • - Compatible with version 4.12.x.
    • - Added functionality of quantity selector in product detail page.
    • - Compatible with Cscart 4.14.1
    • - Change of order status to Failed when booking status gets canceled manually.
    Version 1.2
    • - Resolved view related issues.
    • - Resolved with Group Permissions.
    • - Resolved issues with adding new products to the cart.
    • - Resolved issues with comparison list.
    • - Resolves issues with vivashop view.
    • - Resolved issues with Admin Privileges. 
    • - Added the compatibility for vendor Privileges. 
    • - Added pagination and sidebar search in all manage views. 
    • - Resolved view and language related issues. 
    • - Resolved issue with quick view navigation. 
    • - Removed booking from quick view only from bright_theme & responsive theme. 
    • - Made compatible with Common product addon. 
    • - Resolved issue with calendar when region is changed from US to other. 
    • - Made the booking product shipping free 
    • - Resolved language issues. 
    • - Add option to disable shipping for booking product in addon settings.
    • - Add booking and reservation tab for products created by variation as one product.
    Version 1.1
    • - Added a new option for setting the order status which will decline booking. 
    • - Disabled editing a booked order and creating a new booked order from backend. 
    • - Made the add-on 4.7.4 compatible. 
    • - Resolved issue with calendar popup in **Multiple Booking in One Day** option. 
    • - Resolved language issues. 
    • - Made compatible with the viva shop.
    • - Resolved issues on git.
    Version 1.0
    • - Added backend vendor view for booked history - version-1.0
    • - Added custom booking for customers v-0.0.4
    • - vivashop compatibility fixed
    • - cs cart booking and reservation V-0.0.3 updated
    • - updated and fixed issues