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    CS-Cart ChatBot

    CS-Cart ChatBot -A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation. It is an assistant that communicates through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps entrepreneurs to get closer to customers.


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    CS-Cart ChatBot- If a customer asks a query and is answered by a machine with precision. This helps store owner to interact with their customers which build trust between both of them. Every customer wants to enquire about the product and then purchase it chatbot gives this option to them.

    CS-Cart ChatBot helps store owners to set up it for customers' queries and answer them with a text message. Customer can find their order status, products, and support. A chatBot is an intelligence system that simplifies store owners’ work to handle customers' queries.

    Highlighted Features

     General Settings

    The admin will set the general settings for the chatbot.

     Theme settings

    Theme settings created for how chatbot will look like for users.

      Message flow

    Message flow based on admin settings which are set according to customer requirements.

     Multi-language support

    The CS-Cart Chatbot supports the English and Russian languages.

    Why do we need CS-Cart ChatBot?

    Queries and replies both are interrelated with each other so when a machine replies with accuracy and precision it enhances the customer experience. In an online store, customer has multiple queries related to the product, services, and support. Enabling a chatbot in the store gives the benefit to the admin by answering the customer's queries.

    CS-Cart Chatbot add-on allows businesses to do automated communication with their customers. The chatbot can send and receive messages from the users. Customers can search for the products, hot deals and can track their orders from the Chat area. You can ask whatever you want at any time, and a customer will get an immediate reply. Therefore it results in an excellent Customer services Experience and hence profits the business.

    Track orders

    Chatbot provides the options to track the order via chatbot.

    • Customers need to choose the option track order and put the email ID.
    • Customers can enter the details of the order and find the relevant details.
    • With order ID users can track their order as well.

    Search product

    Customers can find the desired product by search

    • By entering the product name user can find the desired product.
    • Users can find the product by category.
    • Users can also check hot deals for any product.

    Manage chat queries

    Chat queries can be order-related, product-related, or related to hot deals on store.

    • All queries received on admin panel.
    • Admin can check the queries and answer them accordingly.
    • To place queries user will enter their mail id and query (Message).

    CS-Cart ChatBot Features -

    • Admin can manage the services like “Hot Deals”, ”Product Search” & “Track Order” from the backend.
    • Admin can select the User icon and Chatbot icon.
    • Option to customize the chatbot header background color and icon color.
    • Option to customize the fallback message to be displayed to the customer.
    • Customers can search for products and hot deals.
    • The customer can track his order from the Chat area.
    • Option to ask query to the admin via Chatbox.
    • Functionality to clear the chat is provided to the user.
    • Supports English and Russian language.

     CS-Cart ChatBot- Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Chat bot support appreciation

    Posted On - August 12, 2021

    Am really excited with Webkul. This is a really a reliable supportive team that helped at every stage during the set up of the chatbot system, really looking forward to working with them again. The chat bot itself works like magic HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How many languages are supported by the chatbot?
    Two languages supported by the chatbot are English and Russian.
      How does the chatbot reply?
    The admin needs a Dialogflow account which needs to integrate with the chatbot settings.
     What kind of services can be managed by Chatbot?
    The admin can manage the services like Hot Deals, Product Search & Track Order from the backend.
     Will the admin set the theme for the chatbot?
    Yes, the admin can set the theme from the backend panel.
     Can the customer clear the chat?
    Yes, customers can clear the chat.

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