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    CS-Cart OTP Verification

    CS-Cart OTP Verification :This impressive add-on provides the feature to log in the store via contact number and e-mail both.


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    CS-Cart OTP Verification: During the registration and checkout procedure for new customers, OTP verifications will be done by sending a code to the customer's contact number. This also allows the customers to log in with an OTP and reset their password with an OTP.

    This ensures that the returning customer is genuine and that the order was placed by a genuine client without the need for a human examination of the shop.

    CS-Cart OTP Verification

    Highlighted Features

     Transactions are safe and secure

    This module ensures that online purchases are secure and safe by requiring OTP validation (by SMS or email) at the moment of checkout.

     Validate your registration

    This module allows customers to register with a valid email address or phone number.

     Multiple accounts should be avoided

    This module prevents repeated account registrations using the same email or cellphone number.

     Accepts Multiple Payments

    OTP may be enabled for numerous payment methods using this module.

    What is the use of the CS-Cart OTP Verification module?

    The shop owner may add the OTP functionality on the store to authenticate customers using the One time password. The admin may use this module to authenticate clients using the OTP function (by mobile SMS or email) for new customer registration, customer login, password reset, checkout page validation, and payment option validation.

    Implementing OTP for a Variety of Customer Actions

    The admin can activate the OTP for a variety of client actions, including customer login, account creation, password reset, and more. A one-time password (OTP) can be provided through email or SMS.

    • The module can be configured in a variety of ways by the administrator.
    • Validation on initial client registration, when the customer forgets their password, during the checkout, and on the selected payment method are all options available to the admin.
    • Furthermore, the administrator has control over when the OTP expires.
    • The admin can also choose the email notification template.
    Implementing OTP for a Variety of Customer Actions

    During Registration, an OTP is Generated

    Assists the business owner by supplying a unique one-time password at the time of new user registration in order to retain the user's authentication.

    • During registration, the OTP may be used to authenticate the customer's identity.
    • During the registration procedure, the consumer might request OTP again.
    • After creating a new OTP, the consumer is unable to utilize the prior one.
    • Every registration request will produce a unique OTP.
    During Registration, an OTP is generated

    Generating OTPs (During Sign-in)

    Customers may now only log in after completing the authentication procedure by entering the OTP One Time Password (received through SMS to their mobile or through email).

    • By authenticating clients, you may reduce fraud at the moment of sign-in.
    • It uses dual authentication to identify clients who have already registered.
    • Only the customer's registered email address and cellphone number get OTP.
    • At the moment of sign-in, the generated OTP will be unique.
    Generating OTPs (During Sign-in)

    Generating an OTP (If-Forget the Password)

    Customers may now reset their passwords by entering the OTP used to validate and get the link to change their password.

    • Customers require this capability in order to effortlessly log in to their account page.
    • Along with the URL, an OTP is delivered to the consumer throughout the verification procedure.
    • The customer will receive two links: one to validate and one to reset the password.
    • Customers may quickly reset their passwords as a result of this.
    Generating an OTP (If-Forget the Password)

    CS-Cart OTP Verification Latest Features:

    • This add-on will work on the live site as well as the test mode.

    CS-Cart OTP Verification Features:

    • Supports SMS verification type using Twilio APIs.
    • Provides the functionality to log into the store via Phone Number and Email.
    • Uses Twilio as the communication platform.
    • Easy auto-phone masking for users.
    • Supports and implemented payment option validation for non-verified users.
    • Functionality to enable OTP during registration.
    • Option to login via OTP, you can get OTP on mobile number as well as on email entered.
    • Functionality to reset the password via OTP.
    • Functionality to enable checkout for nonverified users.
    • Provided with a field, requesting for customer's contact number to verify.
    • Add-on works with the live site as well as in the test mode.
    • Easy to configure and manage at the backend.

    CS-Cart OTP Verification Support-

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Rating 5.0
    based on 4 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Quality Add-on with Impressive Support

    Posted On - April 1, 2021

    It was our first engagement with Webkul, and was really impressed with their support. The add-on purchased is working like a charm, exactly as mentioned in the description. We wanted a slight customization which was also provided by their professional team. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to work again with Webkul

    Good Support!

    Posted On - March 8, 2019

    The addon works well on CS-Cart and Multivendor. I requested some customization for performance improvements, the developer did it like perfectly.

    Work Perfectly

    Posted On - March 8, 2019

    Works perfectly with CS Cart Multivendor and Twilio. Support is superb and fast response. The add on is easy to use and quite powerful. Highly recommended to be used in online store.

    Great Addon

    Posted On - March 8, 2019

    Another great addon from "WebKul" with very easy implementation. Very glad to use it. Thank you

    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the OTP validation period?
     The admin can set the OTP validation time period.
     In the OTP, what kind of string is generated?
     The admin can set OTP string as digits, Alphabets lowercase, Alphabets uppercase, and Special Characters.
     Which client actions may the admin use OTP validation for?
     The admin can apply OTP validation on new customer registration, customer login, when the client forgets his or her password, throughout the checkout process, and on the payment method selected.
     How does the customer receive the OTP notification?
     The customer receives the OTP notification on a registered email or contact number.
     Can an OTP generated by one customer be used by another customer at the same product's checkout?
     No, the OTP produced by one client cannot be used by another customer during the same product checkout.

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