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    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping

    CS-Cart store pickup shipping allows customers to pick up the product from the nearest store assigned by the seller/admin. The product is not compatible with Common Vendor Products.

    • User-friendly admin and seller interface for easy management.

    • Many store pickup points get added by the admin/seller.

    • Option to limit specific products to store pickup only.

    • Bulk product addition to store pickup points is supported.

    • Customers can change the address to meet their pickup needs.

    • Admin/Seller can define the pickup store radius range.

    • Provide clients with distance and timing information for shop pickup.

    • The admin can limit customers to local store pickup only.

    • Check the CS-Cart Pre-Order for pre-order booking of the products which are not available.

    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping
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    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping is a robust solution to enhance the online shopping experience. With this feature, customers conveniently select a local store as their pickup point for purchased items. It offers an intuitive interface for administrators and sellers. It allows the managing of multiple pickup locations effortlessly.

    Additionally, it allows the restriction of a few products or customers for pickup. Also, provide the flexibility to set radius ranges for pickup availability. It enhances customer satisfaction. CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping provides accurate distance and time duration information. It enables customers to plan their pickups effectively. With its user-friendly functionality, this feature streamlines the order fulfillment process.

    It provides a seamless and convenient store pickup experience for customers and businesses. Also, if you want to expedite the shipment tracking flow and delight your customers, for the same, check our CS-Cart Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking extension.

    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping

    Highlighted Features

     Store Pickup Option

    Customers can choose a local store as their pickup point during online shopping.

     Multiple Pickup Locations

    Administrators and sellers can manage and offer multiple pickup locations to customers.

     Product and Customer Restrictions

    Control your inventory by having the capability to restrict which customers or products are available for pickup in-store.

     Radius Range Settings

    Flexible options to set radius ranges for store pickup allowing customization based on geographical preferences.

     Distance and Time Information

    Accurate details about the distance and estimated time duration for store pickup get displayed to the customers.

     Seamless Integration

    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping seamlessly integrates with the CS-Cart platform. It ensures a smooth implementation process.

    Why do we need CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping?

    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping is crucial because it offers convenience for customers. Also, allow them to choose a nearby store as their pickup location. It saves time, provides cost savings by avoiding shipping fees, and ensures faster access to their purchases. Customers can view the store location with the help of CS-Cart Extended Store Locator directly via Google Maps.

    Store pickup reduces the risk of items being lost or damaged during shipping. It also enhances the overall customer experience. Additionally, CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping can increase foot traffic to physical stores and give opportunities for adding sales and engagement. Let us consider an example of a customer named John who urgently needs a birthday gift for his friend.

    He finds a perfect item on an online marketplace that offers CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping. Here is why CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping is beneficial: By choosing CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping, John can select a nearby store as the pickup location. Avoid waiting for the gift to be shipped and delay risk. He can visit the store, pick up a gift, and ensures it reaches his friend on time for the birthday celebration.

    This suitable option saves John's time and shipping costs and provides him immediate access to the gift he needs. Now, allow merchants to view all the order details on a single page admin can provide CS-Cart ShippingEasy Connector. It will save time and make work easy.

    Store Pickup Available

    The admin can efficiently handle and monitor store pickups, orders, and products. By opting for any of the options, the admin can enter the various fields of the store pickup.

    • Creating a new store pickup point for the customer, click on store pickup options and enter the relevant details.
    • Add the product to the store pickup point from the store pickup product.
    • Easily add products in bulk through CSV files.
    • Admin can update the status of any order from Store pickup order.
    Store Pickup Available

    Configure Store Pickup Shipping

    Easily customize the add-on preferences by adjusting the settings and filling in the required fields.

    • Show real-time store inventory for any product on the select store page for customers.
    • Add Google Map API for displaying the exact pickup location.
    • Display live store inventory for selected products on the customer's store page.
    • Enable customers to search store pickup points within a specified radius.
    • Set the search radius unit accordingly.
    Configure Store Pickup Shipping

    Quick Direction to Store Pickup

    After placing the order for store pick up, customers can find store pickup directions on their order detail page.

    • A store pickup order gets placed.
    • Directions are available on the order detail page.
    • Customers can find pickup directions with their store name.
    • Complete information on store availability and contact numbers is accessible.
    Quick Direction to Store Pickup

    Customer End Options

    Customers can search nearby stores by filtering radius. It will display the stores available according to the radius set by the customers from the storefront.

    • View the address of the store on the map.
    • Display available stores within a set radius on the storefront.
    • Get the direction to the sellers' store.
    • Customers can search the nearby stores.
    • Show the distance and time duration of the available store.
    Customer End Options

     CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping- Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Modules.


    Product Version1.1
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedJuly 4, 2024 (11 days ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  4.17.x  4.18.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  4.17.x  4.18.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping feature work?

    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping allows customers to select a local store as their pickup point during online shopping. Admin and sellers can manage multiple pickup locations and set radius ranges. And also provide distance and time duration information to customers for effective planning.

     Can I restrict certain products for store pickup only?

    Yes, you can limit some products to store pickup with CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping. You can decide which things are eligible for pickup and which ones are not.

     Can I limit store pickup to some customers or user groups?

    Yes, CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping enables you to restrict store pickup to specific customers or user groups. It allows you to offer pickup options to select customers based on your business requirements.

     How exact are the distance and time duration details provided to customers?

    Based on the accurate calculations, CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping provides distance and timing information. Customers can arrange their pickups with the use of estimates that take into account the pickup store's location.

     Can I manage multiple pickup locations with CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping?

    Yes, the CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping method allows the admin and sellers to manage multiple pickup locations. You can edit, add, and remove pickup points to cater to different areas or branches.

     Is CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping compatible with the CS-Cart platform?

    Yes, the CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping is specifically designed to work with the CS-Cart platform without any issues. It guarantees a seamless integration process and compatibility with other CS-Cart features and functionalities.

     How does store pickup benefit my business?

    Store pickup offers numerous benefits to your business. It improves customer convenience and satisfaction by providing an easy pickup option. It also streamlines the order fulfillment process and helps optimize operational efficiency by managing store pickup orders.

     Can customers change their pickup address if needed?

    Yes, customers using CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping can modify the pickup address to meet their exact requirements. It allows them to choose a more convenient pickup location if necessary.

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