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    CS-Cart Warehouse Management System

    CS-Cart Warehouse Management System allows the admin and vendor to add and manage multiple warehouses and their inventory as well.

    • The Admin and vendors can manage the number of warehouses and their inventory as well.

    • Separate pages for listing products, managing quantity, and bulk barcode generation.

    • The admin and vendor can assign products to specific staff.

    • Generate unique barcodes for every product.


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    CS-Cart WMS helps the admin and vendor to manage product availability. It includes tracking inventory levels and stock locations. CS-Cart WMS uses Google APIs for assigning the nearby warehouses for quick delivery. The admin and vendor can also assign the warehouses manually.

    This module is integrated with CS-Cart multi-vendor. The generation of the barcode for the product will be automatic and manual. With the help of warehouse management, online merchants will be able to dropship in CS-Cart stores easily. The admin can allocate the orders to any specific warehouse.

    This module allows the export/import functionality of products to the warehouse. The admin and vendors can assign the manager to a particular warehouse.

    CS-Cart Warehouse Management System

    Highlighted Features

     Manage Warehouses

    CS-Cart WMS provides some privileges to warehouse managers. This includes quantity updation, and changing the warehouse order status.

     Email Notification

    Sent an email notification to the concerned warehouse on successful order creation.

     Separate view

    This module provides a separate view of warehouse orders and normal orders.

     Assign the staff product wise

    The Admin and vendor can assign the staff or manager for a specific product.

    Why do we use CS-Cart Warehouse Management System?

    The CS-Cart WMS allows extra features for the multi-vendor marketplace, where the admin and vendor can handle multiple warehouses, staff, managers, and stock as well. CS-Cart WMS provides the warehouse status of the order started, picked, packed, and done. It allows the generation of the barcode for each product manually or automatically.

    Creating multiple warehouses

    The admin and vendor can create and manage multiple warehouses as needed.

    • After the installation of the module, the admin and vendor can create new warehouses.
    • The Admin can make the warehouses enable and disable them.
    • The admin can also add the shipping method to the warehouse.
    Creating multiple warehouses

    Assign a staff manager

    The admin can assign the managers to specific or every warehouse.

    • When the admin assigns any manager to the warehouse then he will be responsible for that specific warehouse.
    • The manager has to change the status of warehouse orders i.e. started, accepted, packed, and done.
    • Managers can also manage the quantity.
    Assign a staff manager

    Bulk Barcode Generation

    The admin and vendor can generate the barcode separately or in bulk.

    • Selecting multiple products and clicking the print barcode option will generate the barcode in bulk.
    • When the order is received in the warehouse, the system will auto-generate the barcode for that product.
    • The admin and the vendor can generate the barcode manually.
    Bulk Barcode Generation

    Assigning orders to the warehouse

    Admin and the vendor have the functionality to assign the order as per their respective warehouse.

    • The admin and vendor can manually assign the order to a specific warehouse.
    • Selected orders from the order view can be allocated to any specific warehouse.
    • It will help in the fulfillment of the product.
    Assigning orders to the warehouse

     CS-Cart Warehouse Management System Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.3
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 9, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.11.x  4.12.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.11.x  4.12.x  4.13.x  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How does the CS-Cart WMS help the admin and the vendor manage the stock?
    In this, the admin and vendors can create multiple warehouses as per the need for managing the stock for different locations.
     Can admin and vendor assign multiple products to one staff manager?
    Yes, in this module the admin and the vendor can assign multiple products or single product to one staff.
     Is CS-Cart WMS compatible with multiple sales channels?
    Yes, CS-Cart WMS is compatible with many sales channels like Amazon,eBay etc.
     What features should I look for in the CS-Cart WMS?
    Not just can a proper warehouse management system assist you in selling more, but it can also help you sell to happier buyers with greater speed and precision.

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    Version 1.3
    • + Separate Page to list products for warehouse, and manage quantity.
    • + Bulk product barcode generation.
    • + Product-wise staff assignment in an order